Top 10 Best Hotel Door Locks For Morden Hotels In 2023

Top 10 Best Hotel Door Locks For Morden Hotels In 2023

This article will summarize the top 10 best hotel door locks used in modern hotels and tell you how to choose the best door locks for your new hotel.

Last Updated on October 19, 2023 by Vincent Zhu

Electronic hotel door locks are an essential part of a hotel security system. Hotel door locks are used at the entrance, exit, and in rooms of hotels to control access to the building.

A keypad or card reader can operate hotel door locks. They allow you to enter your room with a single card or key. So, what is the best hotel door lock?

In this article, we will summarize all the best hotel door locks and tell you how to choose them!

SALTO XS4(By Salto System)


The Salto XS4 is one of the best hotel door locks. It has many features that make it an excellent choice for your hotel.

Price: The price range of this lock is $400 to $900, which makes it affordable for most hotels on a budget.

Unique Features: The Salto XS4 series is universally compatible; they can replace your existing hotel door lock and fit any door with unlimited model options. The SALTO XS4 Original works with ANSI, Euro, DIN, and Scandinavian lock mortise to cover all needs of any building. He is fully compatible with the rest of the SALTO’s innovative electronic hardware locking platform.


  • Multiple optional functions: The Salto XS4 series locks contain many different lock bodies and standards to suit the needs of other countries; you can choose RFID, Bluetooth, and with or without a PIN pad to fit your door needs.
  • Fashion and Slim Design:  Slim design for narrower door frames. Easy to install on any door. Always be able to open from the inside for added peace of mind.
  • Anti-passback support: It features an anti-passback feature that prevents someone from getting locked in or out of your hotel room by accident. In many cases, this prevents the need for emergency exits and makes it easier for staff to resolve problems when they arise quickly.
  • Long-lasting: The Salto XS4 lock uses 2 AA batteries that can last up to 2 years before needing replacement (depending on usage). It also comes with a keypad option, so if you don’t want to use your smartphone as your key or need something more secure than what’s offered by most smart locks today, this could be the option!
  • Easy to use and install: This lock is easy to install and replaces existing hardware with no tools required. Guests can still open outside doors without needing special codes or keys if there’s an emergency in one of your rooms.
  • Easy to configure: The system can be configured for internet access so staff can check guests’ status remotely by logging into their accounts online. You’ll always know who’s checked into which rooms at all times—and how much time has elapsed since they checked out!

If you use Salto locks for your hotel and face some problems, check this article: Salto Lock Troubleshooting.

VingCard Essence(by ASSA ABLOY)

VingCard Essence

If you are looking for a hotel door lock that can be easily installed and used, VingCard Essence is one of the best choices. This high-security hotel door lock has an RFID reader that reads your key cards and unlocks the door. Many top hotels worldwide use the VingCard Essence because of its superior quality and advanced features, making it stand out from others like it on the market today.


  • RFID compatibility: The VingCard Essence is also compatible with many RFID credentials, including those used for hotel check-in desks. More importantly, it can be programmed in less than five minutes, allowing you to set your system preferences, such as how many times someone needs to swipe their key before accessing your room (great for Security).
  • Mobile Access: The VingCard Essence can also support Bluetooth to unlock the hotel door with your phone after downloading and installing its mobile app.
  • Multiple custom handle designs: The VingCard Essence offers many hotel door lock handles in different designs; make the lock fit your hotel door design
  • Cloud-based Access Management System support: not only PC hotel lock system software, but VingCard Essence also has a Cloud-based Access Management System that helps you manage your hotel efficiently.
  • Affordable price: the Vingcard Classic RFID hotel lock is an excellent option for hotels with a smaller budget. It’s got many of the same features as other locks in this list but at a lower price. The manufacturer claims it can handle up to 3,000 card swipes daily and will work with any access cards you have.
  • Easy installation and configuration: This lock is easy to install and comes with a few accessories to mount it wherever you need it most. For example, they provide a slide-mount kit that lets you attach their locking system directly onto your door without drilling holes or making any permanent alterations.

For more information about Vingcard Door Lock, check this article: Vingcard Door Lock Manual Troubleshooting.

Vingcard Classic RFID(by ASSA ABLOY)

Vingcard Classic RFID

If you’re looking for a high-quality, low-cost door lock, the Vingcard Classic RFID is one of the best options. This smart lock is easy to install and works with every primary access control system today.

What’s more, this product comes with an impressive list of features that set it apart from other hotel locks on our list:

  • The wireless design makes it ideal for hotels where guests need access at all hours while protecting your property from unauthorized entry.
  • Stylish design: The elegant design will blend seamlessly into any building’s décor while keeping people out who aren’t supposed to be there!
  • Mobile Access (BLE) functionality optional: You can choose Bluetooth Vingcard Classic RFID and unlock the hotel room with your phone.
  • Multiple lock mortise optional: Vingcard Classic RFID has many High-security mortise locks available in ANSI, JPN, AUS, and EURO versions.
  • Long life-lasting: Vingcard Classic RFID is Powered by three AA batteries that provide up to 2 years of everyday life.
  • Easy to upgrade: If your hotel has bought a Vingcard magnetic hotel lock, you can Upgrade it to Vingcard Classic RFID. You only need to add the RFID reader by replacing the top-end plug. It takes a few minutes of operation, and no need to replace the lock case or handles.

Kaba 790 RT(by Dormakaba)

Kaba 790 RT

If you’re looking for a door lock that’s easy to install and incredibly affordable, the Kaba 790 RT is a great choice. This lock features a standard keyway and uses only one cylinder, making it simple to install in most doors. The lock is also highly durable, so you won’t need to worry about getting damaged while used at your hotel.

Price: $230.00

Features: Key-in/key-out function, time delay function, user code function, keypad lock with emergency override key, and flexible code programming. This lock is certified by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). It is also listed as Best in Class on the National Institute of Justice’s (NIJ) testing program.


  • The Kaba 790 RT has a solid reputation as a high-quality lock with many advanced features that make it ideal for hotel rooms or other establishments where you need to keep track of who’s coming and going at all times but don’t want your guests to feel like they’re being watched over every second of every day.
  • Tamper-proof construction: Kaba 790 RT features tamper-proof construction, so anyone trying to break into your room will have difficulty without being detected immediately — though we would advise against testing this feature yourself just in case!
  • Solid and sturdy: The 790/RT RFID is a rugged full-body electronic lock that offers contactless technology to enhance guest convenience and improve operational efficiency. This durable lock is easy to use and works with Dormakaba hotel access management systems.
  • Mobile Access: Kaba 790 RT also supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The Kaba 790 RT lock can operate using the Dormakaba Mobile Access app, allowing hotel guests to use their mobile devices as room keys to unlock the hotel door.
  • Emergency access: Kaba 790 RT comes with an Emergency keycard, mechanical key, and electronic override to help the hotel open the door quickly in an emergency, even if you lose the room keys.
  • Low Maintenance: The batteries of Kaba 790 RT will last up to 3 years. At the same time, when the hotel lock battery power is low, the Kaba 790 RT indicator will alert staff.

Please note: The Kaba 790 series includes the Kaba 790 and Kaba 790RT. Kaba 790 is an old version that has to work with the Ilco Front Desk Unit (FDU).

But the Kaba 790 RT is a newer version that will work with Saflok System 6000. Hoteliers looking for additional control and monitoring will select the RT model that works with the Windows-based Saflok System 6000™ and Saflok Messenger LENS online wireless system.

So when you choose the Kaba 790 series lock, please note what version you need.

For more information about Kaba door locks, please check this article: Kaba Door Lock Troubleshooting: Expert Step by Step Guide.

Saflok MT RFID(by Dormakaba)

Dormakaba Saflok MT RFID

The MT RFID is a full-body electronic lock offering contactless and mobile access technology to enhance guest convenience and operational efficiency. Ideal for retrofits, this lock works with the Windows-based System 6000™, Messenger LENS™ online wireless system for superior control and monitoring.

  • Mobile Access: Saflok MT RFID supports Bluetooth technology, which means this lock allows guests to use their mobile devices as their room key with the dormakaba Mobile Access Solutions
  • Robust Management Software: Saflok MT RFID Works with Saflok System 6000 access management software and online wireless integration with Messenger LENS
  • Low Maintenance: The batteries of  Saflok MT RFID will last about two years. Also, when the battery power is down, you will get Low battery indicator alerts to remind you to replace batteries ASAP.
  • Multiple lock mortise Options: you can choose an ANSI lock case with 11/4 or 1″ lock front mortise and a European lock case mortise (20 x 165 mm) with 20 x 233 mm lock front mortise  for your different application
  • Easy Upgrade with your exiting hotel lock: The Saflok MT RFID locks are suitable for small- to large-scale hotels. They can Easily replace existing mechanical or electronic door locks.

The Saflok Quantum RFID(by Dormakaba)

The Saflok Quantum RFID

The Saflok Quantum RFID offers a unique, two-piece modular design for a sleek look and superior lock performance. The lock is easy to use and works with the Windows-based System 6000™. Optionally, choose the Saflok Messenger LENS wireless system for online access management and superior control and monitoring.

The Saflok Quantum is a hotel door lock that is easy to install and use. It is a smart lock that can be controlled using a mobile app. The keyless entry system makes it easy for guests to get in, and the easy key management allows you to manage your keys remotely.

The Saflok Quantum has various features, including:

  • Mobile app and Mifare Plus Support: The Saflok Quantum RFID comes with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Mifare Plus technology, which means your hotel guests can unlock their hotel room with their phone and offer extra Security for your hotel guest
  • Easy installation – No need to drill holes or run wires through walls
  • Keyless entry – Simple, one-handed operation with a power-saving design
  • Remote management – Control your locks from anywhere, anytime via our free mobile app
  • Morden design: The Split design Saflok Quantum RFID is more beautiful, in line with your hotel room door design
  • Robust Management Software: Saflok Quantum RFID Works with Saflok System 6000 access management software to help you manage all hotel locks easily.

For more information about Saflok hotel locks, check this article: Saflok Troubleshooting: Comprehensive and Detailed Guidance.

Onity Trillium RFID Locks(by Onity)

Onity Trillium RFID Locks

Onity Trillium RFID Locks are a good choice for hotels that want to upgrade their locks without paying too much. They’re affordable, and they have some great features. The lock also has an RFID reader built into the handle, making it easy for guests to use their key cards independently instead of relying on someone else at reception.

These locks come with everything needed to install them in your hotel: all necessary hardware is included, along with instructions on how best to place them throughout your building.

Price: $59.99 to $289.99


Designed for today’s modern aesthetics, Onity’s Trillium lock is a stylish one-piece module design with a low profile reader, RFID, and optional Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) configurations.

Trillium locks can be operated using Onity’s DirectKey™ technology, enabling guests to use an approved smartphone app to securely download their assigned key for easy access to controlled areas.


  • The Trillium can be used in hotels, offices, and other facilities where multiple users use the same space. It is compatible with most existing Onity locks, which makes installation easier.
  • Low maintenance cost: The Onity Trillium RFID Lock is Compatible with Onity OnPortal hotel lock system software and Powered by four AA batteries with a two-year everyday life
  • Mobile Check-in Optional: You can use the Onity Trillium RFID Lock with Bluetooth after you install the mobile app. Allow your hotel guest to unlock the hotel door with the phone.
  • Extra Credential Security: not only are standard Mifare RFID cards, but only Trillium RFID locks also support MIFARE Plus technology, enhanced credential Security for RFID cards.
  • Easy Upgrade Hotel Lock: Trillium locks provide an easy upgrade path where. If you use Onity HT series locks in your hotels, you don’t need to cut or drill your door when installing new Onity Trillium RFID Locks.

To learn more about Onity Locks, please read this article: Onity Locks Troubleshooting: Professional Step-by-Step Guide.

ShineACS SL-BD2 Bluetooth Hotel door lock

ShineACS SL-BD2 Bluetooth Hotel door lock

The ShineACS SL-BD2 is a Bluetooth TThotel door lock with a mobile app that provides the highest Security and convenience. It features RFID and Bluetooth with a mobile app, allowing your hotel guest to control the hotel door through an RFID key card and mobile phone.


  • The most significant advantage of the intelligent Bluetooth ShineACS SL-BD2 lock is that it can perform remote management operations on the Bluetooth lock through the APP.
  • When the administrator receives the customer’s booked property information, he can send key details, hotel room information, etc., to the guests remotely through the mobile phone’s management system.
  • Hotel guests receive the electronic key or password sent by the administrator. When they arrive at the room, they can turn on the Bluetooth or password to open the door.
  • Each time they open the door, they record the opening, including the user’s nickname, key, password attributes, and door opening time. Staff, you can view the first records in real time.
  • After checking out, you can delete the authorization password remotely.
  • 304 Stainless Steel material:
  • Unlocking method: APP Ble, aging password, magnetic card, NFC card, key

ShineACS RFID BRF Hotel lock

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The ShineACS RFID BRF is a modern hotel door lock with RFID technology. This means you can use an RFID key card to use your room key to open the door. The good news is that it’s much more affordable than most other hotel locks on this list, offering some of the best security features and being easy to install if needed.

It comes with everything you’ll need: two master keys (one for each side of the door), an installation kit with screws and anchors, batteries (for both master keys), and even an adapter for old-style doors in case yours doesn’t have enough space at its hinges for these!

Miwa ALV2 hotel card lock

Miwa ALV2 hotel card lock

The Miwa ALV2 WIDE TYPE RFID hotel card lock is the most popular model. This type of lock is slightly bigger than the Slim Type and has the same shape. It’s similar to the Slim Type. This lock is designed for doors between 35 and 65mm thick.

How do you choose the best hotel door lock in the hotel?

Choosing a reliable and trustworthy system can be overwhelming. Here are some things you should keep in mind while selecting a hotel door lock:

  • Customer Support: Customer support is always helpful in getting the best experience. It’s important to know if your supplier has good customer support, and it’s also good to know their schedule.
  • Brand Reputation:  Reputed brands have an excellent track record of quality products, timely delivery, and efficient customer service. You might have to spend a little more on such systems, but it will be worth it over time as they offer better quality, reliability, and efficiency than other brands.
  • Type of hotel door lock. Many hotel door lock systems have been designed for different purposes, so you’ll want to research and ensure you’re getting the one that best fits your needs.
  • Organization. Once you’ve made your choice, take some time to consider how you’d like it arranged. Think about the room the hotel door lock will be in and how much space there is; if necessary, remove any furniture or other fixtures blocking access points.
  • Battery life. You may also want to consider whether or not your new hotel door-locking system has a battery backup (which can open doors during power outages). If so, think about where this backup power source would go and whether it’s feasible given your circumstances;
  • Cost: The cost of the hotel door lock can impact your final decision over which lock to purchase. While it is essential to consider the total project cost, we recommend not making a buying decision solely based on price, as you may end up with a low-quality or unreliable product.
  • Connectivity: Cloud-based systems allow data from multiple devices, including PMS software and mobile devices, to connect continuously and seamlessly. This allows real-time communication amongst all devices using RFID cards, Bluetooth, or Near Field Communication (NFC) for advanced access control management options in hotel operations without hardware or wiring installations required on doors.
  • Access Control: You can restrict access from unauthorized individuals with keyless locks by giving each guest a unique code that they will use to unlock their door upon arrival and again when they check out of your hotel at the end of their stay. The system can also generate reports indicating who accessed which room at what time, improving overall security measures in hotels worldwide.
  • Security:  Security is crucial in a hotel where guests carry valuable personal items. Such as cash and jewelry in their rooms during their stay – this is why anti-theft and avoid-hacking hotel key card features are highly regarded in the hospitality industry regarding hotel door locking systems choices over traditional locks and keys usage in hotels today.

We recommend implementing advanced biometric readers that provide guests with an added sense of Security via fingerprint scans or facial recognition rather than keycards or RFID cards only.

This approach also increases guest satisfaction due to its enhanced convenience, whereby guests no longer worry about losing their room keys during their stay as long as they have a fingerprint scan stored in the system for access.

Lastly, it minimizes paper waste since there is no need for printouts containing unique codes for manually entering into keypads for each door.


It is essential to choose the right hotel door locks for your business. You should use today’s best technology to keep your guests safe and secure. This article has given you some great tips to help you find exactly what kind of hotel door lock would work best in your situation. Please pick one from our list above and start protecting yourself from unwanted intruders today!


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