Replace and Upgrade Your Old Hotel Door Lock

ShineACS locks will provide a complete replacement and upgrade solution for old hotel locks, including traditional key locks, magnetic card hotel locks, password hotel locks, and other upgrades to avoid problems such as discontinuing old hotel locks and expensive replacement of hotel locks and their parts.

Why Do you Need to Replace or Upgrade Your Hotel Door locks?

When you are operating a hotel or motel, I am sure you are facing the following old hotel locks problems:

  • The old hotel door lock has been discontinued. Since the suppliers have stopped supporting and supplying these products, finding suitable replacement repair parts is difficult when something goes wrong with the lock.
  • You are still using the old mechanical key hotel lock. It has been used for too many years and is outdated. It causes problems such as complicated operations, easy damage, and an inability to manage them uniformly.
  • High maintenance cost. Old hotel locks need to be repaired and replaced frequently due to their long service life and easy damage, which will increase the maintenance cost and workload of the hotel.
  • Poor security: With the development of technology, the old hotel locks may have security loopholes, which are easily stolen and hacked, thus endangering the security of the hotel and the safety of guests’ belongings.
  • Renovate and remodel your building. You are renovating and remodeling your building for a new hotel or guest room and now want to replace the old hotel locks and upgrade the system for the current look.
  • Continuing to use it costs more. You use Temic RFID or magnetic hotel locks, but the associated key cards are too expensive, or you cannot find a replacement.

Branded Hotel Locks Replacement and Upgrading.

No matter whether you are using Onity locks, Vingcard hotel locks, Magnetic hotel locks, Saflok hotel locks, Kaba hotel locks, or even TJL locks, Ilco Unican, and Secure Lox hotel locks. You will get the most reasonable hotel lock system replacement upgrade plan with the least modification and the most competitive price from us.

Onity Hotel Locks Upgrading

If you use the Onity hotel lock, you may face the following Onity lock problems:

  • Some Onity locks have been discontinued, and it isn’t easy to find old ONITY hotel lock after-sales service and replacement parts; the cost of repair and replacement is high.
  • High failure rate: Some users report that the old Onity hotel locks fail to recognize cards, have low battery power, and have other issues.
  • Magnetic card hotel locks are outdated: Onity magnetic card swiping hotel locks cannot meet the management needs of modern hotels.
  • Compatibility issues: Some users report problems with the compatibility of Onity hotel locks when linked with other devices or software.

Consider upgrading your old Onity hotel door locks to RFID card Hotel locks or Bluetooth hotel lock systems.

Related Onity Locks models: HT22, HT24.

Old Hotel Door Lock Upgrading and Replacement Solutions 1
Old Hotel Door Lock Upgrading and Replacement Solutions 2

Vingcard Hotel Lock Replacement

Here are some issues that may be encountered when you use a Vingcard hotel lock:

  • After-sales service for old locks is difficult. Some old Vingcard hotel locks cannot be found with the corresponding after-sales service and replacement parts due to reasons such as discontinuation of production.
  • Maintenance costs are high, as are the costs of replacement parts and repairs. For example, finding a suitable magnetic card for an old Vingcard hotel lock is difficult and expensive.
  • System failure: After using it for too long, the Vingcard hotel lock may have a system failure, such as failure to recognize the card normally, failure to unlock, lock automatic locking, and other hotel problems.
  • Security issues: Although the Vingcard hotel lock has a certain degree of security, in some special cases, such as using an older version of the magnetic card lock, there may be a risk of being cracked.

Given the above reasons, you should consider replacing or upgrading the old hotel lock system to a keyless RFID or mobile TThotel lock system.

Related Vingcard Door Lock Models: Vingcard 2100 and Vingcard 2800.

Kaba Saflok Hotel Locks Upgrade

Common Kaba door lock models for hotel

If you have problems with the following Kaba door lock models, you may need to consider replacing or upgrading them.

  • Kaba Saflok ILCO Magstripe 760,770, 710 and 700 series.
  • Kaba Saflok Quantum Mag, MT Mag series
  • Kaba Saflok System 6000, ILCO FDU G3, HH6 handheld programmer

Other Branded Hotel Locks Replacement

Old Hotel Door Lock Upgrading and Replacement Solutions 3

If you have problems with the following branded hotel lock models, you and try to replace and upgrade them:

  • Maglock Hotel Lock Upgrade: Maglock RF-C8500/M8500 RFID TEMIC Hotel lock, Maglock 6600-73MI Magnetic stripe hotel lock.
  • ILCO Hotel Locks Upgrade: Millennium 9000 Marlock Key system
  • Secure Lox Hotel Locks Upgrade: Secure Lox S717FDAZR
  • Salto Hotel Lock system upgrading:  Salto X4 series

ShineACS Hotel Locks Replacement and Upgrading Solutions

Traditional Manual Key Hotel Locks Upgrading

Old Hotel Door Lock Upgrading and Replacement Solutions 4
  • Poor safety: The key to the traditional mechanical hotel lock is easily copied or lost, and it can also be easily pried or destroyed, which creates hidden safety hazards.
  • Insufficient use: Traditional mechanical hotel locks require a physical key to unlock. If the key is lost or damaged, the lock needs to be reorganized, which takes a lot of time, financial resources, and energy.
  • High maintenance costs: Traditional mechanical key hotel locks must replace key components such as keys, lock cylinders, etc., and the maintenance cost is relatively high.
  • Unable to track records: Traditional mechanical key hotel locks cannot record the time and personnel information of unlocking. If there is a problem, it cannot be tracked and cannot provide effective management and services.

Therefore, more and more hotels have begun upgrading their old manual key hotel locks to keyless electronic ones, such as Bluetooth mobile or Mifare RFID hotel door locks with detailed management services.

Temic RFID Based Hotel locks Upgrading

Old Hotel Door Lock Upgrading and Replacement Solutions 5

Although there are many advantages of the TEMIC hotel lock, such as convenient unlocking, cheap, etc., there are still some shortcomings, mainly including:

  • Disposal: The Temic hotel lock contains many complex electronic components, compared to traditional mechanical locks, making its structure more complicated and vulnerable to damage.
  • Poor stability: The stability of the TEMIC hotel lock is poor, and it is vulnerable to external interference and failure, such as electromagnetic waves and other interference.
  • It is not suitable for harsh environments: TEMIC hotel lock electronic components are more sensitive and are easily damaged by debris such as seawater, sand, and dust. Therefore, they are not suitable for use in harsh environments such as coastal, desert, and other environments.
  • Safety hidden dangers: Although the TEMIC hotel lock is cheaper, it has certain security risks because it uses Temic RFID technology to unlock, so hackers can easily hack Temic RFID key cards.

In summary, there are some shortcomings in the TEMIC hotel lock. You can try to upgrade your Temic RFID hotel lock system to Mifare or Bluetooth hotel door lock systems.

Magnetic Stripe Card Hotel Locks Upgrading

Old Hotel Door Lock Upgrading and Replacement Solutions 6

The magnetic stripe hotel lock is a traditional hotel door lock. The disadvantages mainly include the following points:

  • Low safety: Hackers easily copy and attack magnetic stripe hotel locks, causing hidden safety hazards.
  • Complex operation: The magnetic card stripe hotel lock needs to be inserted or swipe the magnetic card. The operation is relatively cumbersome; it is easy to make an operation error, which affects the customer’s experience.
  • Low efficiency: The magnetic stripe card hotel lock requires manual replacement of magnetic cards. Management is relatively cumbersome, and work efficiency is low.
  • Maintenance: The magnetic card hotel lock must be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, it is easy to fail.
  • The cost of replacement parts is high: When the magnetic stripe key card is lost, buying a newly compatible magnetic stripe card is higher.

To overcome the shortcomings of the magnetic card hotel lock, it is an effective choice to upgrade to the RFID hotel lock or Bluetooth APP hotel lock.

Access Codes Hotel Locks Upgrading

Access Codes Hotel Locks Upgrading

The Access Codes hotel lock is not completely unsuitable for the hotel, but compared to other types of door locks, it has some limitations, such as:

  • Low Security: Compared to traditional mechanical or smart door locks, password locks are less secure. Some password locks may be at risk of being cracked.
  • Poor convenience: In the actual use process, the password lock requires guests to memorize passwords and perform input operations, which may be inconvenient for some older or physical customers.
  • Operation complexity: For guests unfamiliar with the password lock, the initial operation may take some time to be familiar with and master, affecting the guest’s experience.
  • Changing the password frequently: For guests who have left, if the password is not changed in time, then when other guests stay, other guests who have left can still use the original password to open the door.

Therefore, hotels should consider upgrading the password hotel lock to the MiFare RFID hotel lock or remotely controlling by the mobile phone at the right time.

Lets Start Hotel Door Lock Replacement and Upgrading Guide

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