What to Consider when Choosing a Hotel Door Lock System

Security has always played a major role in the hospitality industry, as dealing with new clients on a daily basis requires a flexible access control system. Ensuring that your doors are efficiently secured against potential break-ins requires a reliable hotel door lock system. There are a variety of alternatives available in the market, and choosing one needs you to consider a variety of factors.

ACSLocks Hotel Door Lock System - What to Consider when Choosing a Hotel Door Lock System

ACSLocks hotel door lock system

If you’re looking for an adequate locking system for your hotel then opting for an access control system is your best shot at satisfactory results. These systems have become a popular feature of many hotels as traditional keys have slowly become obsolete due to the inefficient protection available. Anyone can pick a lock nowadays, and handling a bunch of keys for different doors can get confusing when dealing with large numbers. The hotel door lock system you choose can also enhance the level of privacy enjoyed by your clients.

Identifying a reliable access control system is not always an easy task when looking for the best solution in the market. You will need to know what you’re looking for in relation to your particular needs. Some of the things you should consider when looking through the different options available include:

The Type of Credentials for hotel door lock system

The first issue that should come to mind is the kind of credentials you will use with a system. Credentials refer to the kind of “key” in use, such as key cards or a number code. Implementing a key card is the best solution for anyone considering a hotel door lock system. The use of codes for every door will provide a number of complications, including having to frequently change the numbers so as to maintain security. It also takes longer to gain entrance when using such a system, and it’s easy for people to forget their allotted codes as well.

Key cards, on the other hand, can be easily stored by the administration and are simple to use. They allow an individual to use the card during their stay and return it once they are done. This is better than having to change the codes to a hotel door lock system every time a patron leaves the room.

The Type of Key Card in Use

Once you have settled on key cards as the primary type of credentials in use for your hotel door lock system, the next decision is based on the type of key card available. There are a variety of alternatives that you can choose from when it comes to these credentials. Wiegand cards are the oldest options available, having been in play for almost 50 years.

They are one of the more durable options available in the market, as they do not contain sensitive elements such as microchips and the like. Swipe cards are similar to Wiegand cards, but they contain a much larger data set and can be rewritten as they have not been permanently encoded.

Normal Resort Card Types - What to Consider when Choosing a Hotel Door Lock System

RFID cards are another popular option when looking for reliable credentials for your hotel door lock system. RFID stands for radio frequency identification. They function by transmitting data that is stored on a microchip on the card. Smart cards, on the other hand, can be described as high-frequency versions of RFID cards. The main difference between smart cards and normal RFID alternatives is that they have larger storage capacity. This ability allows them to encrypt the data stored in their chips.

RFID cards are the more popular alternatives when it comes to a reliable hotel door lock system. Contacting a trustworthy provider of access control systems is a good way to set up a stable supply for your future access card needs.

The Type of Access Control System

Though the technology might be designed to perform a singular task, not every hotel door lock system is the same. The kind of access control system you choose can depend on a variety of factors, such as the particular access needs you might like to have. If you would like to manage your system from any location, for example, then finding a system that offers cloud-based management might suit your needs. This could allow you to connect to the system online whenever you please.

Having a locally-based system with an onsite server can also offer a reliable solution for those who would rather not take their work home with them. However, it’s crucial that the server is kept in a secure location to avoid anyone from tampering with it.

Type of Access Control System - What to Consider when Choosing a Hotel Door Lock System

The Type of Restriction Implemented

There are two alternatives available when it comes to the kind of setup you can enjoy from a hotel door lock system. Namely, these are failsafe and fail-secure locks. In simple terms, fail-safe versions use power to lock their doors, while fail secure systems use power to unlock them. This means that a failsafe alternative will only lock when you apply power to the system, while a fail secure system will only open once you supply power to the system.

The best option, in this case, will depend on a variety of factors, such as the particular industry/premises related to the project. Hospitals in most regions, for example, require management to ensure that emergency exits and other areas have easily accessible exits to prevent any complications during emergencies.

This means that the best option available for such categories would be a failsafe system, as this would allow people to exit an area without any prior credentials. A hotel door lock system, on the other hand, would function better with a fail secure system as this will ensure that only people with access cards can enter a certain room.

In conclusion, choosing a hotel door lock system requires you to do a little research before settling on a particular alternative. Making a list of the specific requirements you need with these services can help ensure you have chosen the best choice for your premises. Taking the time to ask any questions you might have can also offer further information on the options available.


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