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Your Reliable Smart RFID hotel lock manufacturers and suppliers in China

ACSLocks offers full RFID hotel lock systems products like RFID hotel locks, card encoders, room cards, hotel lock system software, hotel elevator control panels, and hotel energy-saving switches.

Your Reliable RFID Hotel Lock Supplier in China

If you are looking for RFID hotel locks for your hotel door, ACSLocks will be one of your most reliable RFID hotel lock system companies in China.

Whether you want to replace your old hotel lock with new RFID hotel locks, buy RFID hotel door locks for your new hotel, or custom hotel lock RFID cards, ACSLocks can always provide the most suitable solution.

Just send us your detailed requirements and get an instant quote.

ACSLocks RFID Hotel Locks

ACSLocks offers different types of cheap RFID hotel locks to meet your custom and different hotel lock projects. You can get Mifare RFID hotel locks, Temic RFID hotel locks, and more.

ACSlocks can also offer RFID hotel locks in different materials, such as SUS 304 Stainless Steel RFID hotel locks and Zinc Alloy RFID hotel locks.

ACSlocks offer a Mifare RFID hotel lock system for mid-to-high-end hotels or large-scale intelligent hotels.

Electronic Commercial Key Card Door Lock for Hotels Room SL-HA5

ACSLocks offer Temic RFID hotel door lock system for economy hotels and other small hotels

Electronic 1623656726-Electronic RFID Entry Key Card Lock for Hotel Doors Security SL-HA2 (3)RFID Entry Key Card Lock for Hotel Doors Security SL-HA2 (3)

You can choose Titanium-aluminium alloy or Zinc Alloy RFID hotel locks for your ordinary indoor hotels.

RFID Hotel Door Locks System | Smart RFID Hotel Lock 2023 1

You can choose SUS 304 Stainless Steel RFID hotel locks for hotels in harsh environments like seasides, islands, etc.

RFID Hotel Door Locks System | Smart RFID Hotel Lock 2023 2

ACSLocks RFID Hotel Lock Video

ShineACS Locks Hotel Lock System Software Operation Guide

ShineACS Bluetooth Hotel Door Lock APP Operation Video

ShineACS Locks RFID Hotel Door Lock Installation Video

SUS 304 Stainless Steel RFID Hotel Door Lock SL-HD2 Video

RFID Hotel Room Lock System SL HA3 Product Video

Key Card Lock for Hotel Doors SL- HA2 Product Video

Why Choose ACSLocks?

RFID Hotel Lock System Software

ACSlocks offer free RFID hotel lock system software with a free registration code, configuration, and operation guide video. Make sure you can configure and operate software well.

Free RFID Hotel Lock Sample

ACSLcoks would love to offer free RFID hotel lock samples for your test. You can install our RFID hotel locks well to ensure our hotel locks are suitable for your hotel doors.

Customized Service

No matter whether you want to add your logo on the hotel lock or add company information in the hotel lock system software. ACSLocks will Help you do and expand your business!

Preferential Treatment Policy

Become our installer partners and provide smart door lock installation services. As our potential partners with reasonable prices to let target customers can purchase them locally.

FAQs About Our RFID Hotel Locks

Yes, of course, we will offer hotel lock system management software.

You can use our hotel lock system software for free!

Yes, ShineACS Locks will offer a registration code for each of our key card encoders to make it work with hotel lock system management software.

Most importantly, our registration code is free for life; you will need to worry about the expired registration code.

Yes, if you have any customization requirements about hotel locks, please let us know earlier.

Customization service will include printing the logo on the hotel lock surface, lock handle direction, packing box customization, hotel key card design/printing, and hotel lock system management software customization.

The customization cost will depend on what you need exactly. For more information, please get in touch with us directly.