TTHotel-Mobile Contactless Check in Hotel Door Lock System

TTHotel Door Locks

A Bluetooth smart door lock that can be controlled remotely from your smartphone and tablet with a TThotel app.

  • Easy to use: The TTlock hotel lock has been designed for hotels, making it easy to install. Whether upgrading your existing door locks or installing new ones, our system makes installation as simple as possible.
  • Multipurpose: The TTHotel Door Locks is not just a smart hotel lock. It’s much more than that. Its modular design allows it to integrate with other systems and serve several purposes.
  • Multiple optional styles: We have multiple styles, functions, and custom prototypes according to customer needs.
  • Wholesale TThotel door lock price: ShineACS Locks offers wholesale TThotel door locks price to make your win customers.
  • Two years Warranty: To keep you using our TThotel door locks in peace of mind, We guarantee a 2-year warranty so you can use it with confidence
TTHotel 5

TThotel PC Software

A Windows desktop software is For hotel staff use and is used to issue hotel key cards with the TThotel key card encoder from a PC

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TTHotel 6

TThotel APP 

The TThotel APP is a free mobile app for IOS/Android devices that is used to manage all hotel locks, check-in, and unlock the hotel door with mobile phones.

Scan the QR code to install TThotel APP

TTHotel 7

TTlock Gateway

It will connect the TThotel lock with a Wi-Fi network, then manage and remote control all hotel rooms and guests through your phone from anywhere.

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TTHotel 8

TThotel Card Encoder

If you want to issue key cards for your hotel guests, the TThotel card encoder can issue hotel key cards from your hotel reception.

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TTHotel- Contactless Check-in Hotel Door Lock System

TThotel door lock system is quick, easy, and convenient for your guests, making them feel welcome immediately upon arrival.

For Hotel Staff

  • Issue RFID key cards, passcodes, and ekeys with TThotel Windows software and Mobile app.
  • Monitor the status of each room, floor, building, staff, and guest at any time and anywhere.
  • No need to buy more key cards, pay for high maintenance costs and pay for high staff time to manage the system.

For Hotel Guest

  • Contactless Check-in and check-out with the TThotel app.
  • No need to wait at reception and no need for any key card – use your phone.
  • No worry about forgetting or stealing your key card.
  • Unlock the hotel room door with your mobile phone.

TTHotel Support

TThotel PC Software 

TThotel User Manual

The TThotel Hotel User Manual was written to help you get the most out of your hotel. From installation, operation, and troubleshooting. This manual will guide you through some of the important aspects of staying at a hotel: