TTHotel-Mobile Contactless Check in Hotel Door Lock System

TThotel is a contactless check-in and room entry hotel door lock system solution for hotels, apartments, and Airbnb.

TThotel- The ultimate hotel lock solution for mobile contactless check-in

TThotel door lock system is quick, easy, and convenient for your guests, making them feel welcome immediately upon arrival.

  • Multiple unlocking methods: With TThotel, you can issue cards, passcodes, and ekeys to your guests with your phone. Guests can check in and enter their rooms with their phones immediately upon arrival at the hotel.
  • Bluetooth and Wifi compatible: TThotel uses Bluetooth or WIFI technology to communicate with the ttlock smart lock installed inside each room or house.
  • Contactless Check-in and check-out: Your guest can check in and unlock the hotel room with an app on their phone.
  • No need to wait at reception: With the TThotel check-in hotel lock system, there’s no need to wait at reception and no need for any key card or smart card either – everything is done through our mobile app!
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A real-time monitor hotel room with a Mobile app

With TThotel Contactless Check-in Hotel Lock System, you can monitor the status of each room. The TThotel app will record unlocking records and look up whether a guest already checks in.

Peace of mind with no key

You can use your phone as the key without needing a smart card.

You no longer need to worry about forgetting your key card or stealing it because you don’t have a physical card anymore. No more cards mean no more worries!

You can also set up a password combination or use a combination of password and fingerprint to open doors.

A cost-effective solution for hoteliers

TThotel contactless check-in hotel lock system is a cost-effective solution for hoteliers:

  • No need to buy more key cards.
  • No need to pay for high maintenance of the system.
  • No need to pay for high staff time to manage the system.

The hoteliers can save a lot on card printing and management costs with TThotel contactless check-in system, which is more than 50% cheaper than traditional locks!

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For a complete TThotel Lock System, you will need

The TThotel lock system includes several elements that work together to provide you and your guests with an excellent experience.

TTlock Smart Lock

A Bluetooth smart door lock that can be controlled remotely from your smartphone and tablet with a TThotel app.

  • Easy to use: The TTlock smart lock has been designed for hotels, making it easy to install. Whether upgrading your existing door locks or installing new ones, our system makes installation as simple as possible.
  • Multipurpose: The TTlock smart lock is not just a standard hotel smart door lock. It’s much more than that. Its modular design to integrate with other systems can be used for several purposes, whether you want to use it for your hotels or apartments.
  • Multiple optional styles: You can choose it according to your needs and requirements. We have multiple optional styles, functions, and custom prototypes according to customer needs.
TTHotel 8

TThotel PC software for hotel staff

A Windows desktop software is For hotel staff use and is used to issue hotel key cards with the TThotel key card encoder from a PC

Check our TThotel software

TTHotel 9

TThotel APP for hotel staff 

The TThotel APP is a free mobile app for IOS/Android devices that is used to manage all hotel locks, check-in, and unlock the hotel door with mobile phones.

Scan the QR code to install TThotel APP

TTHotel 10

TTlock Gateway

It will connect the TThotel lock with a Wi-Fi network, then manage and remote control all hotel rooms and guests through your phone from anywhere.

Check our TTlock Gateway 

TTHotel 11

TThotel Card Encoder

The TThotel card encoder encodes hotel key cards from your hotel reception if you want to issue key cards for your hotel guests.

Check our TThotel key card encoder. 

TThotel Support

TThotel Door Lock Installation

TThotel lock system operation

TThotel PC software for hotel staff

TTlock Troubleshooting

If you’re having any trouble or problems with your TThotel lock system, please check the following TTock troubleshooting guide:

TThotel User Manual

The TThotel Hotel User Manual was written to help you get the most out of your hotel. From installation, operation, and troubleshooting. This manual will guide you through some of the important aspects of staying at a hotel:

TThotel Frequently Asked Questions

TThotel is a mobile contactless check-in hotel lock system that can be used in hotels, motels, apartments, and more. With TThotel, you can issue cards, passcodes, and ekeys to your guests from your phone or tablet.

TThotel allows clients to use their smartphones as keys. They can check in on their own with the TTlock app and enter their rooms with their phones immediately upon arrival at the hotel.

TThotel lock system works by using a smartphone or computer.

After you install the TThotel locks well in all your hotel rooms and add these locks to our mobile app, you can manage all hotel rooms via mobile phone or PC software. The hotel guests can also use this app to contactless check in and unlock the hotel door.

By using these features, the TThotel lock system is safe and secure. It is also easy to use!

The lock system has low-cost and high security. The average cost of each room is $100-$200, which makes it an affordable option for anyone who wants their hotel room secured.

The cost of the TThotel lock system is affordable. With the TThotel lock system, you can provide your guests with a more relaxed and secure experience.

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to replace traditional keys or card systems, then the TThotel Lock System is the right fit.

Yes, you can. TThotel lock system is designed to be operated by phone. You can use TThotel mobile app to manage all your hotel rooms and issue keys to your customers.

Yes, the TThotel lock system can be operated by computer. TThotel offers PC software to help you manage all hotel rooms and issue key cards.

You can use the same account for mobile apps and PC software to manage the same hotel. Just make sure that you are logged into your account on the app before starting the software.

To login into an existing account, choose ‘Login’ in the main menu of our app and follow the on-screen steps.

Yes, you can.

You can issue hotel key cards, passcodes, and ekeys to your customers simultaneously.

To let your hotel guest unlock the hotel door with ekey:

  1. Download and install TTHotel guest App
  2. Login with a registered email or phone number
  3. Choose the hotel room or lock that your guest will check-in
  4. Create an ekey and send it to your hotel guest phone by email or SMS
  5. Ask your hotel guest to download and install the TThotel guest app and log in with their phone number or email address.
  6. Then he will find the ekey in the app.
  7. Just click to unlock the hotel door.

To delete the access when your hotel guests check out:

  • Ekey: The ekey will be deleted automatically at check-out.
  • Hotel key Card: The card should be put on the card encoder, and cancel the key card in the TThotel PC software
  • Passcode: The passcode will be deleted automatically at check-out if there is a gateway. If not, you should delete it manually with App near the lock.

To renew your hotel guest’s access code, ekey, and key cards:

  • Ekey: The ekey will be renewed automatically when renewing the reservation.
  • Key card: Please put the key card on the TThotel card encoder and renew it from the TThotel PC software
  • Passcode: The passcode will be renewed automatically when renewing the reservation if there is a gateway. If not, you should renew it with App near the lock.

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More about TThotel You Need to Know

Choosing the right hotel lock system for your hotel is an important decision. You must ensure that the locks work with your existing infrastructure and provide you with the necessary functionality.

Nowadays, the big players in the hotel industry are all about encouraging their guests to be as comfortable as possible. One way of doing this is through contactless check-in systems.

Contactless check-in is one of the most advanced and popular technologies hotels use for guests.

What can TThotel do?

TThotel is an easy-to-use, all-inclusive hotel door lock system that allows you to:

Contactless check-in and check-out

TThotel lets the hotel manage your guest’s contactless check-in and check-out process. Also, it can manage your buildings and staff remotely with your mobile phone.

Your hotel guest doesn’t need to swipe your room key card when you want to open the door. Use your smartphone to access your room; no more keys!

Lock and unlock doors with a mobile phone.

Never worry about losing your hotel key card because there’s an app for that (a software solution). You can use this app to lock or unlock doors from your smartphone screen remotely—no need to carry another card or anything else.

Control your hotel building doors, floors, and rooms

You can use TThotel to control your hotel building doors, floors, rooms, and guests through your phone. This means you will always have access to the data and manage your business remotely, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Multiple unlocking methods

With the TThotel lock system, You can create guest, temporary, and permanent keys.

Track and report on guest activity

As a hotel owner or manager, you want to know what your guests do in their rooms. Are they leaving stuff behind? Are they coming and going at odd hours?

With the TThotel lock system, You can also track when a hotel door was opened or closed, so you’ll know who has entered your hotel room or been given access to a certain area of the hotel and easily revoke their cards if needed.

It’s also important that the system allows you to track which staff member gives out which type of key in case there’s damage done inside their rooms or other problems arise from their use (e.g., theft).

Set up different access levels for different guests

It also allows your staff to set up different guest access levels. For example, one guest may have limited access to the hotel or certain parts while another has complete freedom of entry anywhere.

Works with hotel elevator control system and hotel energy-saving switch

It works with a hotel elevator control system and a hotel energy-saving switch. After the hotel guest checks in, Your hotel guest can use the hotel elevator with their phone and enter the right floor.

When the hotel guest opens the hotel room, he can use the key card or mobile app to use the energy saving to power the room.

Why do you need a TThotel lock system?

It’s time to take your hotel to the next level. Not only do you want to be able to unlock the hotel door with your smartphone, but you also want your guests to check in and out of the hotel room seamlessly—and from any location.

With the TThotel lock system, you can make your guests’ stay more enjoyable and give them a unique experience. The system provides security and convenience for staff, guests, and owners.

There are several benefits of the TThotel lock system:

Centralized guest information management.

With TThotel, your guests’ contact information—from their name and email address phone number will be stored securely on our platform. This means that when it comes time for check-in, no matter which employee is working at the hotel reception or how many guests are checking in at once, they can access all of this information instantly from one place.

Increase in the number of guests:

The TThotel lock system will make your hotel popular among tourists and locals. Its services are convenient and easy to use, attracting guests worldwide.

Guest can easily access their room using their phone or key card. This increases the number of guests who can check in quickly without waiting at the front desk.

Your guests are happier with the service you provide. If guests enjoy using the TThotel lock system, they will be more likely to recommend it to others who visit your hotel or motel in the future. This increases word-of-mouth advertising for you as well!

Reduction in costs:

Unlike many other solutions that require costly updates to existing buildings, the TThotel lock system only requires minimal changes like replacing door handles or installing new doors—these simple alterations give it an attractive price point compared to other solutions on offer today

Less time spent on checking in and out:

Smart technology means there will be no need for receptionists to check in and issue keys or cards; instead, they have more time available for customer service during their stay.

By reducing waiting times at reception desks, the TThotel lock system increases customer satisfaction while attracting more customers by offering them faster service.

Since it reduces time spent on checking in/out, hotels can allocate their resources elsewhere—such as hiring more workers or purchasing new equipment—which will help them grow their business even further!

More time to focus on your business

A traditional lock system can take up to 15 minutes to check someone in or out of your hotel. With the TThotel lock system, that process only takes seconds! This gives you more time daily for other important tasks like improving guest satisfaction or marketing your business.

Run your hotel more efficiently. The TThotel lock system is designed to help you run your hotel more efficiently. With this new technology, you can reduce the time it takes to check in and out of your hotel by up to 86%.

Offline and an online/remote system are available.

TThotel lock system offers an online and offline model depending on your hotel’s needs.

The offline version can be operated via Bluetooth or computer, while the online one requires users to install an app on their smartphone and connect internet. Both models are easy to operate, whether you’re using a phone or computer because they can be customized according to your needs!

Take control of your hotel security.

With this technology, all staff members will receive an alert when changes are made to a guest’s reservation details. This helps eliminate mistakes during check-in or check-out procedures and ensures that only authorized people can access your building or rooms after hours.

TThotel lock system is the best choice for your hotel.

TThotel lock system is a smart and secure electronic locking system for hotels. It offers an unmatched array of benefits to ensure that your property is fully optimized both from a financial and operational standpoint:

  • up to 30% reduction in operating costs;
  • up to a 15% increase in profit margins;
  • greater guest satisfaction;
  • improved employee morale;
  • better control over room utilization rates, and much more!