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Elevator control system for hotel security

Elevator control system for hotel security is a kind of hotel elevator, guest, and room door control technology that used for some hotels and resorts. It Installs a set of system device similar to “access control” on the original hotel elevator.

Elevator control system for hotel security products

RFID Hotel Door Locks—-

An RFID lock also called the electronic hotel lock or smart card lock, A, is the digital lock taking on the radio frequency card as the key. With the RFID modern technology, the RFID card can be contactless to open the lock while the old-style contactable card requires physical contact with a visitor. It is such a technology that the use of the hotel key card lock is convenient as well as risk-free. With the technological development in the area of electron tools, the RF card can open the lock without batteries or get in touch.

Elevator control panel and card reader module—-

It is the primary and core control module of a hotel elevator and door control system. It is installed on the top of the lift with power supply box and is used to receive, identify, and process the IC card information transmitted by the card reader, and control the elevator call button.

Card writer and issuing device:—-

It needs to connect with computer by a USB interface, and the management software writes information such as the authority of the card to the IC card.

Hotel elevator and door control system management software:—-

install system management software, is the center of system management and information processing. The system management software has powerful data manipulation functions for card issuing, writing, initializing, modifying, updating, viewing, and printing.

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