Elevator control system for hotel security

Elevator control system for hotel security is a kind of hotel elevator, guest, and room door control technology that used for some hotels and resorts. It Installs a set of system device similar to “access control” on the original hotel elevator.

Elevator Control System For Hotel Security Products

RFID Hotel Door Locks—-

An RFID lock also called the electronic hotel lock or smart card lock, A, is the digital lock taking on the radio frequency card as the key. With the RFID modern technology, the RFID card can be contactless to open the lock while the old-style contactable card requires physical contact with a visitor. It is such a technology that the use of the hotel key card lock is convenient as well as risk-free. With the technological development in the area of electron tools, the RF card can open the lock without batteries or get in touch.

Elevator control panel and card reader module—-

It is the primary and core control module of a hotel elevator and door control system. It is installed on the top of the lift with power supply box and is used to receive, identify, and process the IC card information transmitted by the card reader, and control the elevator call button.

Card writer and issuing device:—-

It is mainly used for issuing guest door open cards. It adopts logical, intelligent control to ensure that the smart card read and write prescribed procedures complete operations. It releases and cancels all cards, and has an automatic identification function, which plays a dual role of confidentiality and system software.

It needs to connect with computer by a USB interface, and the management software writes information such as the authority of the card to the IC card.

Temic Energy Saving Switch —-

The power switch, also called the energy-saving switch, is entirely controlled by him.
The power switch is an energy-saving product specially designed for hotel rooms. When a hotel guest enters the room, insert the door card into the select card power switch to use the lighting, TV, air conditioning, and other equipment in the place.

Hotel elevator and door control system management software:—-

Installing system management software, is the center of system management and information processing. The system management software has powerful data manipulation functions for card issuing, writing, initializing, modifying, updating, viewing, and printing.

The hotel lock management system consists of a computer, a smart card reader, and management software. Responsible for issuing various functions IC card, hotel room management, check-in guest information management, and above information query statistics.

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Why does the resort and hotels need all in one elevator elevator system?

1, The front desk solution employees encounter bulky passenger service. If the Elevator control system was making use of two sets of systems respectively. The door lock system and also the elevator control card is completed, which unavoidably adds hefty work to the service personnel.

2. It is cumbersome for the visitors. Guests require to take two cards, brush the elevator, and also unlock individually, which is simple to be puzzled and also bring poor experience to the guests! How to decrease the stress on solution workers as well as boost work efficiency. Directly utilize the elevator control sorts of devices offered by the resort door lock maker. So that when the guest room card is provided, the space card can be directly sent out to the designated floor, and the front desk solution workers can reduce the workload.

3, If you use the different Elevator control system devices on the market, also the hotel door lock maker to match, by force make use of a card, brush lift control as well as open the door. As a result of the barriers of numerous software application, it is challenging to recognize the real lift control and also door lock card resort. The elevator needs to be swiped to decrease the number of non-residential visitors and also other idlers entering the room area to guarantee the safety of the guests.

4. A growing number of resort lifts need to be swiped to enter the area. In this manner can obstruct the entry of a considerable amount of non-resident visitors, minimizing the possibility of unassociated individuals and criminal aspects troubling and also harming shop guests. It protects the personal as well as building safety and security of the internal visitors as well as additionally shields the safety of the hotel facilities in particular aspects.

5, The resort’s lift needs to be swiped card, as well as it also offers the store guests a certain complacency. Currently, this procedure has been embraced by an increasing number of resorts.

In some high-standard hotel elevators, the lift not only requires a room card to run. But also visitors who have an area card can choose to go to their room floor. This is one more upgrade procedure for the elevator card swiping approach, which can much better protect the store visitors. The safety likewise decreases the access of individuals unconnected to the guest space floor to a specific degree, decreasing sound and bringing a peaceful setting to the visiting room area. If the in-house guest fails to remember to bring the space card, he can ask the resort staff to establish another area card or swipe the card.

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