We Looking for Smart Door Lock Installation Service Partners

Distributors, and lock Installers from All Over the World!

SHINEACS LOCKS is a professional hotel lock and smart door locks supplier in China.

At present, hundreds of customers from different countries find us through our website every day. They try to contact us and hope to buy our hotel locks and other smart door locks from us, but now we have to face two problems:

First, most customers expect us to provide smart door lock installation services.
Second, some customers hope to buy our hotel locks and smart door locks in their country.

As a smart doo lock company in China, we cannot provide the door lock installation service near to all our customers in their country. Now, we want to find some lock installer partners who can provide smart door lock installation services in various countries from all over the world. The main cooperation methods are as follows:

1. After becoming our approved partners, we will provide the partner information to the customer after the customer purchases our hotel lock and smart lock products. You will need to give the customer the corresponding door lock installation, testing, and maintenance services.

2. For some customers who expect to buy our products at the customer's location, we can cooperate as distributors. We will provide potential partners with related products and more reasonable prices so that the target customers can purchase them locally.

Ultimately, what we expect is to be able to provide customers with perfect smart door lock products and door lock installation services, and expect our products and services to provide target customers with the value they expect. At the same time, we can also bring reasonable benefits to each other.

More information about our website and customers for your reference

Expected door lock installation services include:

  • Hotel door lock installation service
  • Keyless Smart lock installation service
  • Fingerprint and biometric lock installation service
  • Magnetic door lock installation service
  • Electric mortise lock installation service
  • Apartment installation service
  • Cabinet lock and showcase lock installation service
  • Also include the wooden door, metal door, glass door, front door, gate, and other new door installation service.

Finally, If you want to be our door lock installation service partner and meet our expectations, please leave your contact information.

So that we can better communicate and understand each other.

For more information about us, please visit our website:https://www.acslocks.com.

Thank you very much.

ShineACS Locks Team.

Because Our Partners, You Can Get:

Competitive Negotiated Price

You will get a lower dealer price from us, which is convenient for you to promote in your market and grab target customers

Rebate for Sales Amount

We will return a certain percentage of the amount based on the total sales purchased by the dealer each year as a return.

Free Samples Support

We will provide free hotel lock samples that are convenient for customers to test according to the dealer’s hotel lock project situation

Designated Regional Partners

We will display our dealer information on our official website as our designated partner in the area, so that our hotel customers can find you and consult related installation and after-sales matters

Provide Corresponding End Customers

You can get hotel lock system project customers from the area of our website from us, and you will be responsible for follow-up and processing hotel lock system project.

Personalized Customization Service

You can apply for customized hotel locks, room cards, and hotel lock system management software from us according to your company’s situation

Free Software and Registration Code

You can get free-to-use hotel lock system management software and permanent-use software registration codes from us, so you don’t have to worry about the software and card issuer not being used anymore.

Designated Regional Partners

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