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Are you looking for a great smart lock that can improve safety and keyless entry with your smartphone to protect your home or office?

ShineACS TTlock smart locks will be your most suitable choice.

TTlock APP

An app for your Android and iOS phone. You use this app on your phone or tablet to remotely control the locking and unlocking of a door, receive alerts, view past activity, and create guest codes.

TTlock APP Download

Please Scan the following QR code to download the TTlock APP.

TTlock APP Download

TTlock Login

After downloading and installing the TTlock app, please register your TTlock account and log in. You can register the account by mobile phone and email.

The verification code will be sent to the user’s mobile phone or email, and the registration will be successful after the verification.

For more details about TTlock Register and Login, please check here: TTlock register. 

TTlock Gateway

The gateway connects the TTlock smart lock with an existing Wi-Fi network so that you can monitor and remote control all TTlocks through your phone from anywhere.

TTlock G2 Gateway

You must buy this device to control your TTlock smart lock remotely.

TTlock Smart Lock 4

To know how to setup the TTlock gateway, please check here: How to add the Gateway to the TTlock App?

Also, you can check this manual: TTlock Gateway Manual.

TTlock Gateway Setup

Please note: You don’t need a special TTlock Gateway APP to set it up; you need to add TTlock gateway to the TTlock APP and finish Setup.

TTlock Support

As a TTlock customer, you can count on our TTlock support team to be there for you. Our support services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

TTlock Customer Service

TTlock customer service number: 400-800-1785

TTlock developer Support: TTlock Open Platform

TTlock Problems and Troubleshooting

If your TTlock is not working or you are having any problems with your TTlock smart lock, please check the following TTock troubleshooting guide:

Other Brand TTlock troubleshooting guides:

TTlock Smart Lock Manual

If you want to know more about TTlock smart lock installation, operation, and troubleshooting, please download and check the following TTlock user manual.

It will help you learn more about its features, discover how to use them, and troubleshoot when things go wrong.

TTlock Installation and Operation

The TTlock smart lock installation process is simple and easy to follow and can installs in a few minutes. No need to hire an expert or pay for installation services

TTlock Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some problems that can not be solved, now you can try to reset your TTlock.

To reset your TTlock, please check this article: How to reset TTlock? 

TTlock smart locks are designed to be versatile. Apart from the app, they can typically be locked using:

  • A keypad: by entering a specific code or pressing a designated button.
  • A physical key: some models come with a traditional keyhole as a backup.
  • RFID or card access: if the lock supports it, swiping a card or using an RFID tag can also lock the door.

Most TTlock smart locks come with an auto-lock feature that can be set to lock automatically after a certain period once the door is closed.

Additionally, you can manually lock it outside using a physical key (if provided) or pressing a specific button or combination on the keypad.

To lock TTlock using the keypad, you can:

  • Enter a valid user code followed by a specific command (like pressing the “#” or “*” button, depending on the model).
  • Some models might have a one-touch locking feature where you simply press a designated button to lock the door.

This message typically indicates that the lock is not in the mode where it can accept new configurations or settings. To put the lock in setting mode:

  • Ensure you’re following the correct procedure as per the user manual.
  • Some locks require you to enter an admin code on the keypad or confirm your identity in the app before entering setting mode.
  • Ensure the lock’s batteries are not low, as some features might be restricted to low power.
  • Ensure you have enabled the Bluetooth and connect the TTlock smart lock with your phone.
  • If you continue to face issues, consider resetting the lock or contacting TTlock support for assistance.

If you want to ask TTlock SDK to integrate the TTlock system into your project. Such as PMS and smart home systems; please check this link:

The TTlock smart locks come with a low-battery warning. It is advisable to keep a check on it. You can always check out the manual if you notice a low battery warning.

The details for what to do with the mobile app lock with a low battery are given in the manual.

Also, you can unlock your TTlock smart lock with a backup key when the battery is dead.


TTlock smart locks are slightly more complicated than traditional locks. Therefore, it is essential to reach out to professionals.

The exact installation process will play an essential role in operating the locks properly. All details about the installation are often mentioned in the manual.

Nonetheless, some companies help you with installation and offer you constant support. ACSLocks have customized services for businesses. Apart from creating reliable solutions for hotel security, they also help in purchase guidance.

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Need More Help?

Suppose you have any customized requirements, like buying custom TTlock smart locks or want TTlock smart lock SDK to integrate our TTlock system with your security systems. Please give us a call at 86-769-82198515 to discuss your project.

What can TTlock smart lock do?

The TTlock smart lock is packed with features that will make your life easier at home or on vacation.

Remote Control

You can remotely lock, unlock, and manage your TTlock smart locks with the help of a mobile app.

Auto lock/unlock

TTlock smart lock will auto-lock after you leave and auto-unlock when approaching your door.

Guest Management:

You can set one-time use-only temporary codes for your guest from the TTlock smart lock app.

Smart Home Integration

TTlock smart lock can integrates with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, enabling voice commands!

Support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

TTlock supports Bluetooth and WIFI connections, and the lock can be managed and controlled from any location via mobile phone

Multiple unlocking ways

Support Bluetooth remote control, mobile app unlocking, fingerprint recognition, password, RFID key card, and voice recognition.

Multiple languages support

TTlock smart lock supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and traditional Chinese!

Why buy TTlock smart locks from ShineACS Locks?

ShineACS Locks are a direct ttlock smart lock factory, so it is easier for us to provide you with a high-quality product at a lower price than other suppliers.

ShineACS Locks offers fast and efficient global shipping services! We ship within five days and offer tracking information for all orders from our warehouse and door-to-door service.

You can contact our technical support team 24/7. Our professional technicians are always at your service, ready to help you with your problem.

By working with our partner with professional installation service and experience, You can rest assured that your new TTlock smart locks will be installed correctly and trouble-free!

ShineACS Locks will help you choose which type of TTlock smart lock is right for your needs. Also, our technicians will help you set up your smart locks or guide you when using them with any problems.

ShineACS provides you with a two-year warranty for our smart locks. We promise to resolve them quickly without charging any extra fee.

For accessories such as keypads and handles covered under its warranty period, ShineACS Locks will also take care of their repairs or replacements at no extra cost.

ShineACS Locks provides free samples when necessary during the negotiation stage if you want to check the quality and service of our products first before placing an order.

ShineACS’s wholesale TTlock smart lock prices offer implies that businesses or individuals can purchase these smart locks in bulk quantities at a discounted rate compared to individual retail prices.