What is Key Card Hotel Energy Saving Switch, and how does it save power for hotels?

The key card hotel energy saving switch is an important part of the hotel lock system. Its main function is to allow hotel guests to insert the room card into the power switch when entering the hotel room after obtaining the room card from the front desk. Then they can use the electrical equipment in the room.

The room card must also be taken out from the energy-saving switch when turning off all power supplies in the room to ensure safety.

The hotel energy saving switch can ensure all electrical appliances in the hotel room and save electricity for the hotel.

What is Key Card Hotel Energy Saving Switch?

Here is a complete guide article that will help you know key card hotel energy-saving switch clear. By the end of this guide, you will understand how to choose the right hotel energy-saving switch to save more power.

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What is a hotel energy-saving switch?

The smart key card hotel energy-saving switch adopts a high-frequency card (13.56Mkz, Mifare card) or low-frequency card (Temin card–E5557, E5567, EM card, etc.) to take power. Only when the hotel guests insert the corresponding room card into the key card energy-saving switch will the hotel room be powered, effectively achieving hotel energy saving.

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The key card hotel energy saving switch is installed on the doorway’s sidewall in the hotel guest room. When the guest checks in, the guest inserts the room card (door opening card) into the hotel card switch, and the total power in the room is turned on. Remove the room card; the room power will be powered off after 8-15 seconds.

But To better achieve energy efficiency in hotels, more and more dedicated RFID cards are used to get electricity from the hotel energy-saving switch. Only by inserting the dedicated card that matches the hotel room door to get electricity can the same card be realized to open the door and get electricity.

More and more card key hotel energy-saving switches are used in hotel lock systems, and they are now an essential part of all-in-one card hotel lock systems.

Why do you need hotel energy-saving switches?

The power hotel energy saving switch is an energy-saving product specially designed for various hotels, motels, apartments, and office buildings. It is mainly used to solve the problem of cutting off the power supply when there is no one in the hotel room, to achieve electrical safety and energy saving.

When a hotel guest enters the room, insert the hotel room card into the key card hotel energy saving switch to use the room’s lighting, TV, air-conditioning, and other equipment. When the guest leaves the room, take out the hotel room card (the guest must pull out the room when going out because the guest room needs a door card to open the door when returning to the guest room).

The room’s total power supply will automatically be turned off within 15 seconds, saving electricity and making the guest room safer. If you want to re-power on, insert the room card again.

More energy saving for hotels

If the hotel use key card power switches, How about energy efficiency in hotels?

According to the electrical configuration of the available standard guest room, the power of each electrical appliance in the room is about:

  • Left and right bedside lamp: 25~40W*2
  • Mirror front light: 20W
  • Floor lamp: 25~40W
  • TV: 120W
  • Table lamp: 25~40W
  • Gallery light: 25W
  • Split air conditioner: 1000W
  • The total power is about: 1300W=1.3KW.

According to this power calculation, if the hotel has 100 rooms, each electricity unit is 0.1 US dollars, and each room only needs to save 1 hour of electricity per day. After adopting the select key card light switch, the hotel will annually save electricity costs: 1.3 kilowatts × 100 rooms × 1 hour/day × 365 days × 0.1 US dollars / per kilowatt-hour = 4745 US dollars.

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ShineACS Mifare Key Card Hotel Energy Saving Switch

The hotel energy saving switch can bring electricity safety to the hotel.

If guests go out without turning off the hotel’s electrical appliances, and the hotel staff has not noticed this, it will cause the hotel’s electrical devices to work for a long time. The long-term electrical appliances operation will cause heat generation of the telephone itself, the possibility of burnout, and even fire.

The hotel energy saving solutions can not only bring direct economic benefits to the hotel (saving large amounts of electricity bills), extend the life of the room electrical appliances, improve the safety factor of the room electricity, but also achieve the hotel’s significant energy saving, with the least investment cost, and achieve the hotel’s “energy saving” The effect of reducing emissions.

What are the types of hotel energy saving switches?

According to the different card types used in hotel door locks, the power key card switch is divided into the mechanical hotel energy-saving switch, 13.56Mhz Mifare energy-saving switch, hotel magnetic card switch, and 125Khz hotel key card switch.

1), Mechanical hotel energy-saving switch:

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The early power energy saving light switches was a mechanical rocker switch. By inserting the key plate, the two contacts of the power supply were turned on. Therefore, when the guest leaves the room, the connection is disconnected, and the power supply of the room is cut off when the key plate is taken out. Hotel guests who are familiar with this principle sometimes use combs and other hard pieces like keyplates to insert switches, which can also get electricity, so the safety and energy saving of electricity cannot be fundamentally solved. It has almost been eliminated.

2), 13.56Mhz Mifare energy-saving switch:

Mifare energy saver key card switches are mainly suitable for 13.56MHz high-frequency RFID cards, such as MIFARE S70, S50, domestic Fudan cards, etc., identifying whether the ID of this type of card meets the standard to output power on and off. Currently, Mifare hotel energy-saving switches are mainly used in the market.

3), 125Khz hotel key card switch:

It is suitable for 125KHz non-contact proximity cards, such as EM, TEMIC 5557. 5567, TI, and other proximity cards. It mainly detects the card’s frequency and whether it conforms to 125KHz to output the power on and off. The current market share is relatively large.

The above three types are the more common key card power switches on the market. Also, there are identifying room numbers and identifying time types. 

4), Recognizing room number type hotel energy saving switch: It is one of the unique controls for outstanding cards. It reads the room address data in the door free card and compares whether it is the room’s card to output the power on and off. But just a small number of hotels use it. 

5), Recognizing the time type power switch: it is also one of the unique key card switches for the hotel. It outputs the power on and off by reading the room address and time data in the door opening card to compare whether it is a card within the room’s correct time. A few hotels use it. 

The composition of the Hotel energy-saving switch:

Generally, the hotel energy saving key card system comprises three parts: high and low voltage power conversion part, identification card part, and output part. There are many power conversion ways, such as switching power supply, resistance-capacitance step-down, transformer, etc.

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The high and low voltage conversion part converts the AC power to DC transient voltage power supply through rectification and stepping down. The identification part and the output part identify the card part by detecting whether the inserted card meets the preset standard. The output part gets the standard signal of the identification card part. The AC power is turned on (FireWire).

Supplement: The hotel room power switch can be 30A, 40A, etc. According to the different load requirements of the hotel room.

What’s the difference between the hotel energy-saving switch and the ordinary panel switch:

According to the principle and structure of the hotel energy-saving switch, the hotel key switch is compared with the ordinary panel switch:


  • All rely on the on-off circuit to achieve the purpose of control, and the power is all firewire.
  • The wiring method is the same; the switch controls the fire but not the zero.
  • Note: There are generally only two wires in ordinary panel switches: live wire in and live wire out, while card energy saving power switches typically have three wires: live wire in, live wire off, and zero wire.


  • The structure is different: Ordinary switches are mechanically pressed to open and press to close. The automatic identification card system controls the hotel power card switch. The focus is on control, and it has relays, rectifier modules, and small transformers.
  • Different applications: General lighting panel switches generally exist alone in the branch control of household electricity, for example, control a single light. The hotel’s critical card switch is usually installed in the hotel room’s central road control. It manages all electrical appliances in the hotel, similar to an air switch.
  • The function is different: Ordinarypower panel switches only have the switch function. The card electrical key card switch functions as weak current information identification and power-off delay and the switch function.

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