Salto Lock Troubleshooting: Comprehensive Step-by-step Guide

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If you are using the electronic hotel locks system from Salto, I am sure you will face some problems with Salto locks.

Also, we have encountered many customers who have consulted us about SALTO locks troubleshooting and replacing or upgrading old SALTO locks.

So, this article will help you with necessary Salto locks troubleshooting.

What Hotels use SALTO locks?

While you won’t be able to name specific SALTO lock models, you will almost certainly have encountered them while traveling or just going about your daily life.

SALTO locks are everywhere. If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel and wondered why your room keycard didn’t have to be inserted into the door to open it, the chances are that the lock on that door was a SALTO lock.

What Hotels use SALTO locks

If you’ve ever visited an office building and noticed that everyone used keycards instead of keys, there is a strong likelihood that one of the main reasons for this switch was their use of SALTO locks.

Have you ever lived in an apartment building with electronic (keycard) access control? If so, there is a good chance your building used SALTO locks!

Why Are SALTO Locks So Popular?

If you’re wondering why SALTO locks are so prevalent in access control, it’s because of the numerous benefits these locks offer. It doesn’t matter if you need to secure storage rooms for your staff or your house; SALTO is one of the top brands for security.

Why Are SALTO locks So Popular

They have led innovation in smart locking solutions for over 20 years. Here are some reasons why SALTO is a popular choice:

  • High security and safety
  • Flexible and scalable design
  • Easy to integrate with other systems
  • User-friendly and easy installation
  • Cost-effective

What does SALTO lock Parts List Include?

SALTO lock Parts List

  • SALTO lock body includes a latch, deadbolt, and lever handle to operate the bolt.
  • SALTO lock lever handle: the lever handle is connected to the latch and bolt mechanism.
  • SALTO lock cylinder: this removable cylinder can be used with a key or programmed with a credential.
  • SALTO lock escutcheon: some models include an escutcheon cover for a more finished look on the outside of the door; this is unnecessary for the operation, and not all models have it.
  • SALTO lock backplate: again, not necessary, but it sometimes provides a more finished look on the inside of the door.
  • SALTO lock mounting plate: holds all components together while allowing room for access to screws.
  • SALTO lock strike: mounted on door frame; receives latch when the door is closed and deadbolt when locked.
  • SALTO lock spindle: connects lever handle mechanism to latch and deadbolt.

What does the SALTO hotel lock system Include?

The SALTO hotel lock system is a standalone locking solution. The system comprises the following elements:

  • SALTO LOCK encoder. This is where you can create and delete all SALTO keys. This can be done manually with a keyboard or automatically with the IKP software

SALTO LOCK encoder

  • SALTO PPD. With this portable key card encoder/programmer, you can read out/write all the data from/to your cards.


  • SALTO software. Salto Hotel door lock system software for writing key cards and updating network locks via an encoder or programming device (PPD). It also lets you manage information about your doors, cards, and users.
  • SALTO lock. A battery-operated lock that does not need wiring can easily be installed on any door type.
  • SALTO key cards. Cards to operate these electronic locks.

Most Common Used SALTO lock Models.

  • SALTO Pro Access – a door-mounted lock that includes an integrated reader and a handle. This is the most common version of the SALTO lock and is generally the first choice for businesses. It has various finishes, including chrome, black, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.
  • SALTO XS4 One is a door-mounted RFID hotel door lock with an integrated reader, handle, and cylinder. The XS4 One can be used as a standalone or networked lock. It’s aesthetically pleasing and is almost entirely customizable to meet your needs.


  • SALTO XS4 2.0 – a wall-mounted or freestanding lock with an integrated reader, cylinder, and monitor. The XS4 2.0 provides users with increased access control options via its custom-designable features, including adding additional door functionality or locking options such as deadbolts and latch bolts; it also has anti-panic features like egress locks that allow you to set up safe exits in case of an emergency.
  • SALTO XS4 Mini – a door-mounted lock that includes an integrated reader and cylinder.
  • SALTO XS4 Wall Reader – wall-mounted or freestanding with only an embedded 13.56 MHz contactless MIFARE card reader functionality.

SALTO XS4 Wall Reader

  • SALTO XS4 GEO is a battery-powered compact cylindrical electronic escutcheon with Bluetooth technology in the SALTO Wireless Network (SWN).

What Do SALTO lock led lights Mean, and How to Solve them?

Generally, Salto lock led lights have four colors: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, and Yellow.

SALTO lock led lights Mean

1, Solid Red LED with multiple beeping tones:

Lights mean Invalid access.

Possible reasons:

  • Maybe the user doesn’t have access to the door or Zone.
  • The user card has not been updated or performed correctly.


  • Read the key card and check if it has access to the door during the current time frame.
  • If access permissions are correct and the key has been updated, update the lock using the PPD.
  • The unit is not communicating correctly with the server.
  • Card Expired.

2, the LED flashes five times, along with multiple beeping tones

Lights mean Key rejection due to Privacy-Deadbolt being engaged.

Possible reasons: The user does not have permission to override the deadbolt.


3, Solid Green LED with a single beep

Lights mean: Door is unlocked
Possible reasons:

  • Valid key used
  • Opened with the PPD
  • Opened remotely from the network

Troubleshooting: Turn the lever to open the door.

4, Red LED and beep occur between 6 – 20 seconds AFTER the door has been unlocked

Lights mean: Door is re-locking.

Troubleshooting: Present the card again to open the door.

5, Red LED flashes four times, followed by a 1-green flash and beeping tones.

Lights mean Low Batteries.


  • It is necessary to replace the battery and update the lock.
  • The lock is a warning the hotel door lock battery is very low. Please inform maintenance to change the batteries and update the lock using the PPD.

6, Fast blinking Orange/Yellow LED

Reading process. This occurs with slow RFID keycards

The data exchange process is occurring. Keep the card on the reader until the led turns green or red.

7, Flashing Blue LED

The key is being updated. DO NOT REMOVE THE KEY FROM THE READER until the LED stops flashing.

8, 3 intervals of orange/yellow LED followed by 1-Red LED flash

Lights mean: Card not correctly read:(key removed before the reading process has adequately been finished).


  • Try again, keeping the card on the reader
  • Please place the card against the reader until the LED stops flashing.

9, Very short Red LED blink

Lights mean: Card removed too fast before the reading process is completed.


  • Place the card on the reader until the LED stops flashing.
  • Try to reaccess the door.

10, Delayed or Slow Red LED

Lights mean Not an authorized Salto card format.


  • Possible aftermarket key card or from a third-party vendor not certified by Salto.
  • Contact Salto technical support

11, Immediate Blue flashing LED followed by Red LED

Lights meaning: Card has not been appropriately read (key removed before the reading process has been adequately finished).

Troubleshooting: Keep the card on the reader until the LED stops flashing.

12, Red LED and continuous beep:

Lights meaning: Door left is ajar, now please close the door.

13, After the standard signal, one solid blue LED is accompanied by a long tone.

Lights meaning: There has been a format change to the user’s profile; the format change for the user’s card can’t be updated at the wall reader/hotspot.

Troubleshooting: The card must be updated from a Salto Workstation using the encoder (login and press the F9 key).

Common SALTO lock Faults and troubleshooting

The following are common faults and troubleshooting for a SALTO lock:

No reaction from the lock when presenting the card

Possible Reason: Dead batteries OR Low battery life.

Troubleshooting: Open the door with the PPD using the emergency opening menu and replace the battery. Update the lock with the PPD after replacing the batteries.

Salto Locks is not opening.

Possible Reason: Access denied

Troubleshooting: If the door will not open, but the light flashes red, you may attempt to access an area where you do not have the correct access rights.

Consult with your administrator or facilities manager to check and see if your access has been revoked or if there’s another problem with your access rights.

Salto Lock Keypad does not work.

Possible Reason: Low Battery or The keypad is not programmed.


  • The lock’s keypad requires a constant power source to function. Should this power source drop below 3 volts, it is unlikely that this lock will work properly and may result in a non-functioning keypad.
  • To avoid this issue, regularly replacing batteries – every three years should suffice.
  • Contact SALTO for reprogramming instructions or reprogram using Locksmith tools.

Salto Door latches are not turning

Possible Reason: The batteries are low.

Troubleshooting: Unlock the outside knob and replace the batteries.

The key will not work in the Salto lock.

Possible Reason: The key has been deactivated by programming.

Troubleshooting: Have the lock repaired by a certified locksmith or SALTO dealer, or activate the key using the SALTO programming tool (LAC). This problem can also be caused by a malfunctioning keypad circuit board that may need replacement.

The electronic lock may need repairing or replacing (requires programming).

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SALTO PPD troubleshooting

What is a Salto PPD?

The Salto PPD is a portable programming device that communicates data between the Salto lock and the PC on which we have designed a locking plan using the SALTO RW software. It is a battery-powered device that can unlock doors in an emergency.

What do Salto PPD can do?

Salto PPD can do the following:

  • Diagnostic – Allows you to run diagnostics on your Salto locks, giving information about its current status or errors.
  • Update Salto Locks: Salto PPD can update locks, so if you have existing Salto locks and want to change their configuration, you can do that with the PPD. It can also show the doors requiring an update or automatically update the Salto locks connected to the PPD.
  • Collect audit trail: Collect the audit trail events from one or several doors and let you view the audit trail in the computer display.
  • Emergency opening: If there’s an emergency where someone needs to open a door without an authorized smart card. Generally, it is used to open a Salto lock with dead batteries.
  • Initialize – only use the first time you downloaded data from the PPD to the Salto locks. Initializing each set of furniture in a system transfers the name given to each door in the locking plan of the software. It also transfers all data concerning users, time zones, calendars, automatic opening periods, and the time and date.

Salto PPD manual

If you need more help with the Salto PPD, please check the following Salto PPD manual:

Salto PPD driver

If you are looking for the right driver and download for your Salto PPD or want to know how you can update Salto PPD firmware, please check the following page:

Salto emergency opening

If your Salto locks can not open and have run out of batteries, you can use the Salto PPD emergency opening function.

To do a Salto emergency opening:

  1. In the RW Access software on the PC, put an X in the ALLOW EMERGENCY OPENING option in the ACTIONS TO DO box.
  2. Download data from the PC to the PPD.
  3. Take the PPD and go to the blocked door.
  4. Turn the PPD on and select the EMERGENCY OPENING option.
  5.  Press the OK key and see the CONNECT TO LOCK message displayed.
  6. Connect the special card cable to the PPD and insert the card in the reader with the golden contacts facing the chip side on the Smart Electronic Furniture.
  7. Wait for 3 or 4 seconds, and the PPD will give you the message: DOOR OPENED (If the door belongs to the locking system)
  8. Replace the batteries in the Electronic Furniture and update it (via the PPD) with the current locking plan. Although the Electronic Furniture memory is non-volatile and keeps the locking plan information, the lock may have lost the date and time data.

Salto ppd is not connecting.

If you’re having trouble with Salto PPD, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot:

  • Check the batteries. Make sure the batteries are installed correctly and that they are not out of power. If you need to replace them, we recommend using AA alkaline batteries.
  • Check connections. Please check all your connections again to ensure they’re tight and secure.
  • Update Salto PPD firmware on your device is up-to-date by downloading the latest version from our website and installing it using Windows Update.

Salto ppd firmware update

The firmware is the software that runs on your Salto PPD device. It can be updated regularly to improve functionality and fix bugs, so installing the latest version is a good idea.

To update and download the Salto PPD firmware, please visit: to download the latest available update of your Salto Access Management software.

SALTO lock support

The SALTO tech support team offers telephone assistance 24/7, 365 days a year. Our team of seasoned industry professionals is available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your lock system.

We know that can be frustrating, and we’re here to help you get back up and running quickly and smoothly.SALTO lock support is available 24/7 with several options:

Support Online:

Contact your nearest SALTO office:

Social Media: and


SALTO Lock Repair

Find a Local Locksmith:

The best person to look after your lock is, in fact, a professional locksmith. This is the best way to find the right person to get a lock repaired without any hassle and within the minimum possible time.

SALTO lock Repair

A local locksmith would be happy to repair your lock, regardless of where you bought it. There are other benefits of hiring a local locksmith, as they will come to your home or office and fix it as soon as possible and charge an affordable price for their services.

If you have a SALTO lock that needs repairing, seek a local locksmith or even check online for better options.

Contact After-Sale Service:

If your product has a warranty, then calling the manufacturer’s customer service center is always better than calling anyone else who might not have experience dealing with these issues.

Most companies will send someone out free of charge if there is an issue with their product under warranty, so make sure that before contacting anyone else, you call them first because they might be able to help solve the problem faster than any other company. Do!

Replace parts by yourself:

Some people may prefer replacing parts to hiring someone else, which costs money. Still, this option can be risky unless one knows precisely what they do when working with electricity.

Replacing parts on door handles takes some time and patience. Still, it isn’t impossible if done correctly, so don’t worry too much about going through this process before contacting others who offer similar services!

SALTO lock maintenance

Follow all the instructions that come with your SALTO lock when installing it.

Be careful not to slam the door if a door closer is not installed.

If necessary, use a lubricant to lubricate the lock and supporting parts of the door at least once every year (depending on how often you use doors).

The most common problem with locks is that they get stuck or don’t respond to button presses (physical or PIN). Before calling for professional help, follow these steps:

1, Check for any notifications and act accordingly – it could be low batteries or something immediately fixable by you!

2, Check if any dirt or other debris is blocking the keypad from working correctly – in this case, some microfiber cloth and the cleaning solution might do wonders!

3, If none of this solves your problem, we recommend calling for technical support as soon as possible so you don’t have to spend more time locked out than necessary! To keep your SALTOlock clean and running smoothly, consider the following hotel maintenance tips:

  • Avoid using household cleaning products. Use only a lightly damp cloth with no additional products to clean your lock.
  • Clean your lock regularly to remove dirt and dust that may have accumulated on the faceplate or electronic components of the device.
  • If your lock has been subjected to water damage, contact a locksmith immediately so they can assess the extent of any damage and repair it as soon as possible.

SALTO lock programming

Step 1: Insert the programming card into the card reader. The red light on the keypad will flash to indicate that the card is being read. After about two seconds, a short beep will sound, and the green light will flash to indicate that the programming card has been accepted.

SALTO lock programming

Step 2: Press and hold down either button one or button two. The red light will come on for about two seconds, and then both lights will go out, which indicates that you are now in programming mode.

Step 3: Type your new PIN (1-8 digits). Once you have entered your new PIN, press button one or two again to confirm your choice and lock it into the memory desired, You may wish to repeat this step to program several users’ Pred. To exit Programming Mode at any time during these steps, press.

Please check this article for more information about programming hotel key cards: How to Program Hotel Key Cards? Step-by-Step Guide

How to reset SALTO locks?

How to reset SALTO locks

Here are steps to reset Salto locks:

  • Open the door and insert your key into the cylinder.
  • Turn the key halfway so the green light flashes yellow (approximately a quarter turn).
  • Leave the key in that position for 5 seconds and then remove it.
  • Perform a master reset by leaving all keys inserted in their respective rooms for three consecutive days or at least 72 hours (this will allow you time to get your personal property out before you leave).
  • The lock is reset to factory settings and ready to accept new codes/keys from any SALTO-authorized lock programmer/dealer.

How to Replace SALTO Lock Locks?

If your SALTO lock isn’t working, accessing your premises or open doors can be difficult. Fortunately, you can troubleshoot your SALTO lock and fix most problems. To troubleshoot your SALTO lock, start with the obvious and move on to the complex issues.

How to Replace SALTO lock

Your options for replacing different parts of a SALTO lock include the following:

  • Replacing the battery (if it’s an electronic SALTO lock)
  • Replacing the whole lock (but that would be very expensive)
  • Replacing just the handle (if it’s damaged)
  • Replacing just the latch mechanism (if it’s damaged)
  • Replacing just the cylinder (this is where you insert a key to unlock a door – sometimes this gets worn down over time).

Also, ShineACS Locks is one of the most professional hotel lock system brands with extensive features and varieties. We have perfect old lock replacement solutions and suitable hotel lock replacement products to help you complete the replacement work smoothly.

If you need it, please get in touch with us.


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