Keypad Bluetooth Smart Lock With App For Apartment Door SL-BD2 Specification:

  1. Lock types: Bluetooth Smart Lock SL-BD2
  2. The product contains: front panel*1/rear panel*1/lock body*1/accessory bag*1/card*3/key*2/instructions*1
  3. Unlocking method: APP Ble unlocking, aging password, magnetic card, NFC card, key unlocking
  4. Ble distance: within 5 meters of Ble
  5. Card distance: 0-3cm
  6. Card capacity: 200 cards
  7. Password capacity: unlimited Password length: 6-8 bits/support 16-bit false password Password times: lock the password and alarm after 5 consecutive errors
  8. Standby time: 13 months (calculated based on 15 switches per day)
  9. Ambient temperature: -25 degrees -55 degrees
  10. Applicable door thickness: 38-120MM
  11. Cylinder level: C level
  12. Low battery alarm: low battery indicator prompt
  13. Safety function: lift and lock, lock inside the house
  14. Provide neutral APP (supported languages include): Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Malay, and more languages will be added in the future
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