Mifare RFID Based Door Lock System for Hotel Rooms

MIFARE RFID-based hotel door lock system is currently the world’s most popular technology, the most mature technology, the most stable performance, and the most significant memory capacity of an inductive smart IC card—working frequency: 13.56 MHz.


  • Good anti-counterfeiting, high confidentiality, large capacity, 16 partitions are independently encrypted.
  • One Hotel key card can be used simultaneously for hotel check-in, bus payment, small payment, access control, and attendance.
  • It is suitable for enterprises, hotels, campuses, smart communities, and various multi-system integration occasions requiring a card’s implementation.
  • It is also ideal for financial institutions and other places that need high system security.
  • MIFARE1 card is generally suitable for star hotels or units requiring card functions due to its high security, large capacity, independent encryption of 16 partitions, and independent data operation in each area.

Frequently Asked Questions

MIFARE hotel locks rooms are currently the world’s most used. It has the most mature technology, stable performance, and significant memory capacity of an inductive smart IC card.

MIFARE card is widely used in the Mifare key card door locks for hotel rooms. Suitable for mid-to-high-end hotels or large-scale intelligent hotels that truly need to implement the “One Card System” function.

Mifare cards are used in hotel locks and are widely used in all-in-one card access systems, door opening, access control, consumer systems, etc.

For example, if your hotel has restaurants, bars, gyms, etc., you can ask your hotel guests to use this Mifare room card to enter and spend.

Temic cannot be used in all-in-one card systems. It can only be used as a hotel room card to open the room door.

Mifare hotel locks are generally a little more expensive than Temic ones. But the Mifare hotel lock system will work better.

Yes, we will offer 1 or two Mifare cards when buying the Mifare hotel lock system from us for your test.

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