TEMIC RFID Card Door Lock For Hotel Rooms

TEMIC RFID electronic hotel door lock system uses TEMIC technology and TEMIC cards as door opening methods.

TEMIC card is a low-cost, readable, and writable radio frequency IC card. The card only has encryption control for write operations.

A kind of RF card with working frequency 125kHz can be encrypted; 224 bits can read and write EEPROM, divided into seven blocks of 32 bits each, unique 64-bit serial number.


  • Because radio waves complete the power supply to the card and the reading and writing operations, it is convenient to use with no contact with the reader. It overcomes the shortcomings of contact IC cards, such as fear of water, dust, and damage.
  • The system has high stability, long service life, and is easy to use.
  • The Temic RFID hotel key card locks cost is relatively low.
  • A TEMIC card reader is cheaper than a MIFARE1 card reader, so most hotels adopt it.
  • It is widely used in hotel intelligent door lock systems. Applicable to mid-range hotels, apartments, government agencies, guest houses, etc.
Smart RFID Security Key Card Hotel Guest Room Locks SL-HL8015

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