Smart Hotel Room Efficiency Energy Saver Key Card Switch SL-ES004

This smart hotel energy saver key card switch is designed specifically for energy saving and safety of hotels, apartments, and guesthouses.

The energy-saving key card switch offers an energy-saving solution for the rooms of hotels, apartments, and any other suitable place.

When a guest is in the room, insert the card into the energy saver key card switch, and the power comes.

But when he is not in the room, power is not supplied. Another function is to keep the keycard for guests to find it easily.

Before using the instrument, be sure to read through the instructions contained in this manual carefully.

Please keep all information for future reference.


  • LED indicator, lighting indicator, keep pace with modern hotel and convenient to customer for night operation.
  • Delay shutdown, when people leave ,taking out the card from energy saver key card switch, the main power will be automatic off in 15 seconds, it is convenient and safe.
  • Easy use, energy saving, this card swith can save energy, the light will turn on when you insert the card , and it will turn off when you take off the card.
  • Wide usage scope, suitable for decoration of home, office building, starred hotel, hospital, warehouse and so on.

Technical Specification:

 Product Parameter Description
 Working voltage AC 180V~250V(110V required customize)
 Working current <100 mA
 Electric current MAX 40A
 Working Tempreature 32 F~158 F(0 C~70 C)
 Working Humidity 15~85%RH
 Color white
 Size 86×86×48mm(29mm bury in wall) 
 Delay 15sec

Energy saving

Power-saving economic analysis for energy saver key card switch is designed : (according to the electrical configuration of the standard rooms):

split-style air-conditioner 1000WTV 120WTable lamp 40Wright and left bedside lamps 25W * 2Mirror front lamp 20WFloor lamp 25WPassage lamp 25W
Total Power: 1000W + 120 W + 40W + 25W * 2 + 20W + 25W + 25W = 1280W = (1.28KW)
Based on calculation according to the above power statistics, supposing 120 hotel rooms available, 1.0 USD per kilowatt, average power-saving for two hours per day in each room, then after using GTD card-in power-saving switch, the hotels can annually save electricity: 1.28 kilowatts x 120 rooms x 2 hours / per day × 365 days × 1.0 USD / kWh = 112,128 USD.
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