Electrical Hotel Room Key Card Power Energy Saving Switch SL-E002

In order to better achieve energy efficiency in hotels, the power energy saving switch uses special RFID key cards to obtain power. Only by inserting the RFID key card matching the key card switch and the power is obtained, and the same card can be used for door opening and get electricity.

When entering the rooms, the guests have to insert the room card into the energy-saving switch to turn on the illumination system. While leaving the room, the guest draws the room card; then the power supply will be shut off by the Energy Saving Switch about 15 seconds later. The delay function is very important in the Energy Saving Switch, without it, the guests have to leave the room in the dark.

The consumption of the illumination system in each room in the hotel is about 2000 watt. If the guests forget to turn off all the electric appliances when they leave the room, which will be a great waste and it’s very insecure. While their leaving, it is difficult for the waiter to know whether the lamps are turned on or not in the rooms. So we specially developed the Energy Saving Switch for the hotel to save the substantive regrettable