Energy Saver Key Card Power Switch for Hotel Room SL-ES001

This hotel room energy saver key card power switch is designed specifically for energy saving and safety of hotels and guesthouses.

After installation of key card power switch, as soon as guests check-in insert card into the power-saving switch at the side of interior door, the power is available for the electrical equipment in the room (lighting, air conditioner, television, etc.) can be used.

When guests leave the room, the guests take out the door card (guests must pull the card out, because they have to use it to open the door after return), key card power switch shall be off automatically after delay about 15 seconds to ensure energy saving and safety.


30A power relay

30A power relay, Max 6600W, completely satisfied Global hotel request.

High-grade Bulletproof glue
G2KS energy saving switch uses high-grade imported PC material, impact resistance, fire retardant, and never fade.

Lots of colors to choose
Different panel color choice to meet your hotel decorate style request, such as magnetic white, silver, champagne gold, including panel words and logo printed.

Related Products
OEM is also available for the install mounting box and card content design and print.

Used in different areas
Suitable for hotels, apartment, motel, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, leisure centres and offices etc.

Energy saving

Power-saving economic analysis for  hotel key card power switch is designed : (according to the electrical configuration of the standard rooms):

split-style air-conditioner 1000WTV 120WTable lamp 40Wright and left bedside lamps 25W * 2Mirror front lamp 20WFloor lamp 25WPassage lamp 25W
Total Power: 1000W + 120 W + 40W + 25W * 2 + 20W + 25W + 25W = 1280W = (1.28KW)
Based on calculation according to the above power statistics, supposing 120 hotel rooms available, 1.0 USD per kilowatt, average power-saving for two hours per day in each room, then after using GTD card-in power-saving switch, the hotels can annually save electricity: 1.28 kilowatts x 120 rooms x 2 hours / per day × 365 days × 1.0 USD / kWh = 112,128 USD.


  • Operating voltage: 50/60Hz 80-260VAC (other voltages can be customized, such as 12V DC, 110V AC)
  • Maximum load current: 30A
  • Maximum load power: 6000W
  • Quiescent operating power: 1W
  • Delay power-off time :10- 20 seconds
  • Non-working condition: light blue
  • Service life: When relay contacts 220V in the full load, life expectancy greater than 10 million
  • Operating temperature: -10°c – 60°c
  • Working humidity: 10-95% RH
  • Overall dimensions: W86mm * H86mm * D40mm
  • Case Material: Imported fire retardant PC plastic
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