What is Elevator Access Control System for Hotel Security?

The intelligent hotel elevator access control system is used to control the elevator.

When the passenger enters the Hotel, the front desk attendant will issue the elevator IC card. Only when the visitor swipes the card on the elevator can the elevator be used, effectively preventing the elevator.

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What is an elevator control system for hotels?

The idle passengers take the hotel elevator to improve the safety and security of the Hotel.

The elevator access control system is a hotel elevator, guest, and room door control technology for some hotels and resorts.

It installs system devices similar to “access control” on the original hotel elevator.

What are the types of elevator access control systems for hotels?

What is Elevator Access Control System for Hotel Security? 2

1, IC card hotel elevator access control system

The IC card-swiping elevator access control system uses the IC card for the elevator and room door.

The elevator IC card is a card that can be read and written, and the IC card chip has a password module that can write the Password inside and read the card information after the password verification.

The security of the card has been dramatically enhanced.

2, ID card Hotel elevator access control system

The IC card replaces the ID card in the Hotel elevator and door control system because the ID card used by the ID card swiping elevator control system is less secure than the IC card, and the ID card is a read-only chip card.

The information inside the chip is written only in advance—the sexual serial number.

3, Long-distance elevator access control system

The remote elevator and door card swipe system can record the swipe information function, the remote real-time record swipe information function, and the remote control open elevator button permission function.

What are the compositions of a hotel elevator access control system?

1. Contactless IC card

Generally, it is used the Philips Mifare-1S50 card. The information storage capacity is ample.

The encryption is proper (three password protection, no one is imitation). The card reading distance is far (convenient to carry the card in the lady’s bag.

No need to take out), the card style is rich and diverse, such as card type, button type, essential chain Type, etc.; its data has been stored for more than ten years.

2, Elevator card reader

installed on the elevator operation panel in the elevator. The card reader communicates with the IC card through the RF signal and provides energy to the chip.

3, Elevator control panel:

It is the primary and core control module of a hotel elevator and door control system. It is installed on the top of the lift with a power supply box and is used to receive, identify, and process the card reader’s IC card information and control the elevator call button.

4, Card Encoder

It needs to connect to the computer via a USB interface, and the management software writes information such as the card’s authority to the IC card.

5, Hotel elevator control Management software:

Install system management software, the center of system management and information processing.

The system management software has powerful data manipulation functions for card issuing, writing, initializing, modifying, updating, viewing, and printing.

What is Elevator Access Control System for Hotel Security? 3

What functions of the Hotel elevator control system have?

Before we know the functions of a hotel elevator control system, we should know what kind of cards.

  • Room Card: The Hotel’s central station will authorize the designated floor and door lock permission for the guest’s exclusive use.
  • Employee card: Dedicated to the hotel staff, the hotel back-office uniformly authorizes all floor permissions, and the employee card opens the sector used by the access control system.
  • Master card: dedicated to property management personnel, the hotel background unified authorization for all floor permissions.

1. Hotel guests take the elevator.

There are two ways to do this:

Single floor room card: (i.e., only open a particular floor, suitable for guests who do not need to go to other levels).

After the guest card is effectively sensed on the elevator control panel’s elevator card reader, the system directly registers the floor where the guest lives; without pressing the floor button manually, the elevator now reaches that level.

Multiple floor room cards: (i.e., the right to open various floors or all floors, suitable for guests who need to go to other levels).

After the guest card is effectively sensed on the elevator card reader of the elevator control panel In 4 seconds,

You need to select the corresponding floor button to reach the floor manually. If there is no card or illegal card, the elevator cannot directly use the elevator to get to the controlled floor (except the general level).

2. Employees taking the elevator

The service personnel can hold the card in the bin within the operating range and then select the corresponding floor to reach the level.

3. Using a Password to take the elevator

Suppose the hotel managers or employees forget to bring the card. In that case, he can also enter the designated floor by entering the specified floor number or Password on the elevator card reader.

(Note: Each layer can be set according to hotel management personnel’s needs with a different password. The Password can be set and modified only by the Hotel itself, without passing the manufacturer.)

4. The Reception function

Hotel reception staff can open and close the IC card function of any controlled floor through the reception card, but the same reception card must be used to complete the opening and closing logical sequence.

After the zero points are opened, the system automatically restores the floor.

5, VIP function

Hotel managers can activate and deactivate the driver’s function through the reception card (provided the elevator must have a driver function and a switch interface).

Still, the same reception card must be used to complete the startup and shutdown logic sequence.

State transition function

1, Fire-fighting linkage:

Since the IC card elevator access control system for hotels can realize the connection with the elevator fire signal after the fire-fighting alert is activated, the elevator is automatically controlled by the IC card system to ensure the elevator’s emergency use in an emergency.

2, Manual conversion:

The IC card elevator access control system can be manually switched from the IC card’s steady state to the independent state (i.e., accessible elevator mode).

3, Automatic detection:

When the system detects faults affecting the IC card elevator access control system’s regular operation, it automatically leaves the elevator’s control to ensure the hotel passengers’ safety.

4, Emergency:

The system has a self-test function and can be converted to an independent state in a fire alarm or fault.

5, Offline operation:

The hotel elevator and door control systems can reach two independent operation modes, offline and networking, achieving the automatic conversion operation mode.

When the elevator control system and the computer network fail, the system automatically converts to the independent offline mode. Affect the regular operation of the system,

6, Remote control:

The hotel elevator access control system can automatically control the elevator within a specified period (the period of safety control such as shifts and holidays) through a software setting.

The setup information can be transmitted to the IC card controller through the network or data collector.

The owner or employee can open the swing gate or use the elevator with the IC card. If there is an IC card, the lift can be operated. If there is no IC card, the elevator cannot be performed.

After the control period, the elevator automatically switches to the normal use state. Intervention.

What is Elevator Access Control System for Hotel Security? 4

With the complete application of the card-swiping elevator access control system in residential areas and the continuous development and improvement of its function, many hotels have begun using the card system.

Why is the Hotel installing an elevator access control system?

  • Prevent idle passengers from taking the hotel elevator, thus improving the Hotel’s safety to stay safe.
  • Hotel elevators are often inconvenient for outsiders to take advantage of customers.
  • The police station has security requirements for the Hotel.

Why does the Hotel need elevator control access systems?

1. The front desk service personnel face bulky passenger service. Suppose the elevator access control system and the electronic hotel door lock system use two plans.

In that case, the door lock system and the elevator control card are completed, inevitably adding a heavy workload to the service personnel.

2. It is very cumbersome for the guests. They must take two cards, brush the elevator, and open the door separately, which is easily confusing and makes for an awful experience! How can the pressure on service personnel be reduced and work efficiency improved?

Directly use the elevator control equipment provided by the hotel door lock manufacturer. When the guest room card is given, the room card can be directly sent to the designated store floor.

Finally, the front desk service personnel can reduce the workload and create a pleasant guest experience.

3. If you use the separate elevator control equipment on the market and the hotel door lock manufacturer to match, forcibly use a card, brush the elevator control, and open the door.

Due to various software barriers, realizing accurate elevator control and door lock card hotel is challenging.

To ensure the hotel guests’ safety, the elevator must be swiped to reduce non-residential guests and other idlers entering the room area.

4. More and more hotel elevators must be swiped to enter the room.

This can block many non-resident guests’ entry, reducing the possibility of unrelated people and criminal elements disturbing and harming shop guests.

It protects the in-house guests’ personal and property safety and the hotel facilities’ safety in certain aspects.

5. The Hotel’s elevator needs to be swiped with cards, giving the store guests a sense of security. This measure has been adopted by more and more hotels.

In some high-standard hotel elevators, a room card is required for the elevator to run, and guests who have a room card can only choose to go to their room floor.

Another upgrade measure for the elevator card swiping method better protects shop guests.

The safety also reduces the entry of people unrelated to the guest room floor to a certain extent, reducing noise and bringing a quiet environment to the guest room area.

If the in-house guest forgets to get the room card, he can ask the hotel staff to set up another room card or swipe the card.

What is Elevator Access Control System for Hotel Security? 5

How to choose the hotel elevator access control system?

For example, property developers, hotels, office buildings, etc. How do you choose the elevator IC card control system that suits you?

Since the elevator access control system belongs to special security equipment, its operation’s safety and stability are related to the user’s safety and the property.

Therefore, the system’s security/stability is the first when selecting the IC card elevator control product. We can choose it from the following points:

1. An Integrated hotel elevator and door lock system 

The hotel card system’s primary purpose is to facilitate customers, so it is best to use one card and integrate the hotel elevator and door lock system function. The hotel room card can enter the room or take the elevator.

2. Product/system stability

Because the IC card elevator system controls user safety, its security determines the entire elevator system’s safety.

The environment in which the IC card elevator control system is installed and operated is very harsh, including vibration, dust, and especially electromagnetic radiation (high-intensity, high-frequency radiation when the elevator starts and stops).

The ordinary access control machine is very prone to appear in this environment.

3, Product/system safety design

Will the IC card elevator access control system affect the actual electrical performance of the elevator? Ensuring that the IC card system is completely isolated and independent of the elevator’s electrical performance is best, thus guaranteeing its safety.

  • The system automatically detects the bypass function. Even a stable and reliable electronic product cannot guarantee 100% failure. The IC card system that controls the elevator must ensure that it can automatically leave control immediately after its operation is defeated. The elevator can be restored to its original state, ensuring it is not shut down due to the failure of the IC card system.
  • Fire-fighting linkage function: The elevator must have a fire-fighting capacity when it leaves the factory due to personal safety. The IC card system’s access must ensure the lift’s fire protection function can automatically start in the fire state. Otherwise, serious consequences may result.

4. Choosing the most suitable products

The IC card elevator access control system has various control modes, such as intercom linkage control mode, floor control mode, building control mode, call control mode, etc. It can select the most suitable type according to specific functional and management requirements.

The general elevator is fully operational (self-checking, fire-fighting linkage, automatic separation, intercom linkage, telephone linkage, etc.).

5, Accumulation of engineering construction experience

As a particular equipment elevator access control, its construction specifications and management have unique requirements.

Especially in the construction, installation, and commissioning stage, it is easy to damage the elevator system without long-term experience accumulation and understanding of elevator performance.

Thus, Dragon, build an intelligent life! Smooth project implementation, delivery, and use have a negative impact.

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