What is an RFID Lock and how do hotel door locks work

The RFID lock for hotels are more and more popular and import for modern hotels in all over the world, but do you really to know what is RFID lock, exactly what they can do and how to choose a more suitable RFID lock for your new hotels according to a different type of RFID hotel locks? In this article, you will know all the useful and important information about the hotel RFID locks. Here are some points you will know:

  • What is the RFID Lock?
  • What types of hotel door RFID lock?
  • What Advantages and Disadvantages of Door RFID Locks have?
  • How does hotel door RFID lock work?
  • Why do hotels use RFID door locks?
  • How to choose the right door lock for your hotels?
  • What’s the price of hotel door locks?
  • How to maintain the hotel smart RFID lock?
  • How to repair electronic hotel door locks?

What is an RFID lock?

An RFID lock also called the electronic hotel lock or smart card lock, A, is the digital lock taking on the radio frequency card as the key. With the RFID modern technology, the RFID card can be contactless to open the lock while the old-style contactable card requires physical contact with a visitor. It is such a technology that the use of the hotel key card RFID lock is convenient as well as risk-free. With the technological development in the area of electron tools, the RF card can open the lock without batteries or get in touch.

What is RFID lock - What is an RFID Lock and how do hotel door locks work

ACS RFID Hotel Locks Series

What types of RFID lock for hotel door?

1. RFID card hotel door lock
The RFID card hotel door lock is an external panel that integrates the card reading device, the handle and the lock cylinder on the outside of the door, and is authorized to be opened by using an access card (such as a magnetic stripe card, an IC card, an electronic key fob, a proximity card, etc.), which is a kind of security. Reliable, energy-efficient, technologically advanced, flexible and convenient to operate, easy to manage multi-function intelligent door locks.

2, RFID Keypad, password hotel lock
The electronic RFID Keypad hotel lock is an electronic product that utilizes a digital button keypad device, a handle, and a lock cylinder on the outside of the door to open the lock by inputting a password authorization, thereby controlling the closing of the mechanical switch and completing the unlocking and locking tasks.

3. RFID biometric hotel lock
The RFID biometric hotel lock is a panel that uses the outside of the door to integrating human biometric features (such as fingerprints, palms, faces, etc.) to identify the device, the handle and the lock cylinder, and the lock that is authorized to be opened by the biometric features of the human body. To achieve an emergency opening, biometric identification is based on the identification of each individual’s unique biometrics and identity authentication. His main content is biometrics and biometric systems.

What types of RFID hotel door lock - What is an RFID Lock and how do hotel door locks work

RFID card hotel door locks series                                      RFID Keypad hotel locks series                                    RFID biometric hotel locks series

What’s the advantages and disadvantages of RFID door locks.

RFID door locks have ended up being popular amongst property owners, hoteliers recently. Although these locks were initially developed for use in automobiles with remote entrance systems, they have been effectively changed for use in homes as well as a hotel too.

There are a lot of reasons to take into consideration consisting of a smart card door locks in your home as well as the resort. Nonetheless, there are likewise some risks related to this sort of system, so it’s essential to consider all the pros and cons before you set up one in your home and also the hotel. See to it you recognize sufficient of the entire key card door lock system. Then you’ll know the model which appropriates for your circumstance.

Whats the advantages and disadvantages of RFID door locks - What is an RFID Lock and how do hotel door locks work


1. Among the primary benefits of an RFID door lock is not needing to lug a vital with you. You’ll no more require to bother with shedding your key or fidgeting at the door to get it open. It additionally implies that you won’t need to save an extra key somewhere on your residential property, as many homeowners and also hoteliers presently do. Since the majority of lawbreakers are utilized to browsing to locate a spare key, eliminating the need for one will certainly help make your home more secure.

2. With the hotel RFID door lock system, RFID cards of the RFID lock can be reliable or inadequate in the real-time procedure. At the same time, the validity of the RFID card is under control since the legitimate duration of the RFID card can also be set.

3. You can provide access to your house for others at your discretion when you are using RFID door locks. You will certainly not need to make duplicates of a key or leave keys for canine walkers, housekeepers, or house guests to enter to your home. Instead, you’ll merely need to tell those people the appropriate code to access. It has a large capacity which can store many of users and systems. Additionally, you can remove any individual or code that had included the lock.

4, The RFID card door lock can be readied to be unlocked immediately in emergency scenarios. For instance, all the RFID card locks can be opened automatically at the time of the fire.

5. With the system in position, you can additionally inform exactly when and also just how people attempted to access your home. This gives you an excellent idea of exactly how secure your house is. Much more, you can check the open door documents with the lock document card. It’s come to be a smart house guard more than a door lock.

6, For house usage, RFID locks for home is not used to replace the mechanical lock due to the cost as well as the conventional concept. As the implementation of the Internet of Points and also the Internet Plus, it can be thought that there are much more family members willing to use the RFID lock of the RFID access control system. Besides, it should be kept in mind that the active RFID is much safer with more excellent prices while the passive RFID card can is straightforward to be replicated with reduced protection and also much less price.

With the assistance of the wireless interaction modern technology, the card of the RFID lock functions when the whole RFID card itself is completely sealed as well as has no metallic call s subjected airborne. Besides, the card, the secret of the RFID lock, is likewise practical under numerous functioning problems.


While there are numerous benefits to consisting of an RFID door lock system in your home, there are additionally some significant downsides to take into consideration as well.

1, While RFID hotel key card systems are typically secure and created to notify cops or other authorities if incorrect codes are gone into way too many times, it is, however, feasible that a burglar might have the ability to gain access to your home with this system by guessing or hacking the code.

2, Equally as you can forget your keys as well as be locked out of your residence, you can additionally neglect the passcode to access your RFID card door lock system and also be locked out. While it is much safer to make use of entirely random code and also prevent noticeable options like birthdays or necessary, repetitive numbers, this can posture a problem if you have a challenging time remembering things. So clients require to set a code that very easy to bear in mind, however hard to break.

3. The final disadvantage of RFID hotel key locks is that electrically-powered systems may not function appropriately in the case of a power failure. This can leave your door completely secured throughout the crash, or it may cause the door not locking correctly and also remaining open. Thankfully, most systems have battery backup systems as a foolproof. There is a low power alarm in RFID hotel door locks. The clients require to change the batteries in time. Then you’ll never satisfy this trouble.

There is no ideal product. However, people will undoubtedly keep most likely to limitless near best. RFID door locks will end up being much smarter, convenient as well as more secure.

How do hotel door locks work?

Magnetic stripe cards have a magnetic layer or a strip which consists of minimal info for the individual. Commonly, the individual gain access to number is the most recognizable details. Employees at the resort work desk will imprint the user details at check-in and also usually established a time frame for its usage up until check out. The door lock is activated once the magnetic strip is read and validated by the hotel door card visitor. As a general policy, the motion is finished by swiping the card through the magnetic visitor.

RFID or closeness cards do not need the swiping movement. They make use of superhigh frequency to make it possible for accessibility from a set short range (consequently: closeness cards). RFID cards belong to the team of contactless cards. If you get a closeness card, you will undoubtedly need to touch the RFID viewers to unlock the door virtually.

Smart cards are also contactless cards. They make use of microchips to store information as well as although they are much more expensive, they are the standard choice in today’s hotels.

An additional option to hotel crucial cards is the NFC modern technology integrated into smartphones. Resort guests get a code from the hotel management as well as have the ability to access their spaces by either bringing the NFC phone attribute near the NFC reader or keying the system as a passcode. This technique is reasonably brand-new and also much less frequent.

How do hotel door locks work - What is an RFID Lock and how do hotel door locks work

The hotel door RFID Locks working step

Why do hotels use RFID door locks?

Well, there are still numerous New hotels will select the magstripe card door locks instead of RFID types.

Especially in North America and also center eastern. The vital cards go out quick in a resort. The resort is very active, and even customers regularly take away cards when separation. ( In Asia most hotels call for customer return card when leave otherwise there will be an added cost for the card).In this situation, the Magstripe card will certainly conserve a lot of money for the resort. It is a lot less expensive than RFID( concerning only 1/4 in rate).

Today, the low cost in the card is the only reason that still some resorts pick the old lock (magstripe card door lock).To answer your concern, in innovation, smart RFID card door locks is a lot more advanced than magstripe card door lock. Significant 11 reasons.

Why do hotels use RFID door locks - What is an RFID Lock and how do hotel door locks work

  • RFID SMART card is not quickly influenced by the environment, such as electromagnetic fields, water, rubbing. The data saved in the card is far safer. Hotel magstripe card will certainly shed information conveniently.
  • RFID card has no get in touch with when dealing with the door lock. So there is no physical rubbing. The chip of RFID provides typically over 100,000 times read/write life.
  • Due to the fact that there is no contact when functioning, the RFID viewers inside lock have no issue of dirty. ( Magstripe card door lock is called for tidy the reader after a period of utilizing). Low maintenance cost is essential for resorts.
  • The RFID chip can put into several objects likes card, keyfob, RFID wrist, as well as 13.56 MHz RFID compatible with NFC criterion, which provides more feasible.
  • All the above can not be discovered in magstripe card door locks.
  • It allows the hotel to obtain an analytic data of consumer behavior as well as the log-in and out of time in the area.
  • RFID Tags can likewise be utilized to gain access to/ launch a particular function of electronics in spaces. Substantial cost savings in electrical power expense: An usual energy-saving gadget I’ve never seen in the UNITED STATE
  • Unlike tricks, RFID card is challenging to duplicate. Any attempt to meddle will altogether disable the chip.
  • Less complicated to keep a card in pocketbook than a trick.
  • The RFID modern technology is widely used in access control systems to allow entry of authentic and authorized employees only. The adhering to some points to comprehend the functions.
  • The member of staff needs a barcode on existing gain access to control or ID card.
  • It is more safe and secure instead of the many other doors.
  • Easy to carry in a budget rather than any secret.
  • RFID locks have been established with high battery life consideration.

How to choose the right RFID door lock for your hotels?

So, we take a look at the various hotel door lock alternatives available to your hotel, so you can choose which is most excellent for your portfolio– as well as your guests.

From the current market point of view, there are various types of intelligent electronic door locks for hotels, such as magnetic card locks, IC card locks, TM card locks, proximity card locks password locks and fingerprint locks. The hotel can choose its characteristics according to its positioning.

If the door lock issuance system is not Perfect, the guest card issued cannot open the door smoothly, will bring the feeling of “not smooth” to the guests, the returning customers will be reduced, and directly lead to the decline of economic benefits; if the lock core is defective, the guests cannot be closed in the room.

Why are there many hotels that have installed electronic door locks for less than one or two years, and have to replace them again? The loss of operation caused by improper selection has far exceeded the investment in purchasing high-quality, brand-guaranteed electronic door locks. For them, the earlier the change, the smaller the loss. How to choose the right electric door lock from the overall perspective, to bring the most significant benefit and security to your hotel? From the perspective of the hotel, there are several factors to consider.

1, Choose according to the type of RF card

At present, there are electronic hotel door locks on the market with IC card, TM card, Temic card, Mifare card, and magnetic card. At the end, which type of card lock is the most suitable for your hotel, the hotel only needs to combine its characteristics, regarding the following comparison table, you can choose the electronic door lock that is most suitable for you.

Type of card hotel lock - What is an RFID Lock and how do hotel door locks work

Different type of RF Hotel Card Locks

2, According to the natural geographical environment of the hotel and its positioning to make choices

The nature of the hotel is different, and the type of electronic door lock is changed. Due to the humid environment, heavy salt and strong corrosiveness, the seaside hotel can consider installing the door lock that has been treated with nanotechnology, and the circuit board in the door lock is required to be protected from moisture and corrosion. The clutch motor part is necessary to be modularly closed and in poor condition. In the environment, the only way to ensure the hotel door lock has a long service life.

3, Choose According to the system function of the electronic door lock

The primary features of the electronic hotel door lock itself mainly include the safety, stability, overall service life, and hotel management functions of the door lock.

Safety: The user should inspect the structural design of the lock. Because the door lock is not safe, the design of its mechanical structure plays a critical role. Especially the lock core technology and clutch motor technology are the most important.

Stability: Imagine that you can’t open the door when you should open the door. When you should close the door, you can’t close the door. The consequences of using this kind of door lock are unimaginable. Several main factors affect the stability of the electronic lock,

  • The security of the mechanical structure, especially the mechanical structure of the lock cylinder and the clutch structure.
  • The balance of the working state of the motor, mainly to check whether the engine for the door lock is used.
  • The stability and anti-interference of the logic circuit part, primarily to check whether there is protection circuit design.

The overall service life: the whole service life of the electronic door lock in ten years is the necessary condition to meet the hotel’s pursuit of long-term economic benefits. In the case, some of the door locks installed in the hotel had a large area of fading or rust on the surface for less than a year. This “self-destructive image” door lock seriously affected the overall image of the hotel. It often causes a lot of post-maintenance costs for the hotel, which reduces the efficiency of the hotel operation and will cause substantial direct economic losses to the hotel. Therefore, it is imperative for the user to select an electronic lock with long overall service life.

The material of lock: and manufacturing process mainly determines the service life of the lock. Locks of different materials have different service life; on the other hand, various surface treatments have a significant influence on the life of the lock, such as locks treated with Japanese electrophoretic paint. The core has a longer service life than the general zinc-plated lock cylinder. For the seaside hotel or free hotel, the humidity is substantial, and the salt is the biggest killer. The lock required must have strong corrosion resistance. The circuit board must be treated with anti-corrosion treatment. The lock core must be surface-preserved. The surface of the lock must be subjected to nano-treatment such as anti-corrosion and anti-ultraviolet treatment. Besides, reasonable daily maintenance of the door lock can effectively extend the service life of the door lock.

Hotel lock management software function: For the hotel, the hotel lock management software should comply with the hotel’s standard management, the door lock management function not only to facilitate the guests but also to improve the overall management level of the hotel. Therefore, the electronic door lock preferably has the following perfect hotel management functions:

  • Has a hierarchical management function, after the door lock is set, different levels of opening the door card automatically take effect;
  • Time-limited features for all key cards;
  • Has a powerful and complete door opening record function; there is a mechanical key unlocking function;
  • The software system runs stably and reliably, has large data capacity and low maintenance cost, and can well solve the technical interface of the “one card” system;
  • There is a crucial mechanical emergency unlocking function; there is an emergency card escape setting function;
  • There is an automatic anti-plug alarm function;
  • Management of elevator controller management, power-saving switch management, and channel door lock management;
  • It has the function of setting ordinarily open and normally closed for the conference.
  • Extended functionality of the door lock system: including management of the hotel staff office, public access, dedicated access, and interfaces to other systems in the hotel.
  • One-card function: The same smart card can be used to expand the door lock, telephone, attendance, CCTV charging, dining, entertainment, consumption, parking, and other management functions, mainly to provide solutions for the realization of the hotel card.

system function of the electronic door lock - What is an RFID Lock and how do hotel door locks work

Hotel lock management software function

4, Make choices based on the comprehensive advantages of the company

The history of the company’s locks, technological innovation capabilities, production strength, product quality, overall service level, and brand credibility, as well as the cost-effectiveness of door lock products, etc., are a significant factor for hotel users to consider. Due to the influence of various factors mentioned above, the electronic door locks developed by various enterprises will have considerable differences. If some enterprises do not have research and development capabilities and production capacity, they only purchase parts and assemble them. Have strong technical support capabilities, let alone perfect after-sales service. The electronic door lock is a product that needs excellent after-sales service as support. Once the after-sales service can’t keep up, it is the hotel users who suffer losses.

Therefore, when selecting an electronic door lock, the hotel must examine the technical strength, production capacity, years of employment, market reputation, etc. of the company. According to the full advantages of the company, it is the best choice, not for some short-term behaviors of “cake” style. The temptation of the low price given by the company, thus ignoring the critical issues of product quality and after-sales service, which ultimately leads to better losses.

5, According to the panel material selection of the hotel lock

Everyone buys an RFID hotel lock and is always accustomed to looking at the shape, but rarely cares about the type of lock panel material. The quality of the material is directly related to the validity period of the hotel door lock. It may not be noticed when the installation is used. Unfortunate, the following explains the various characteristics of several commonly used hotel lock panel materials!

Commonly used hotel lock materials are stainless steel, zinc alloy, or surface acrylic, aluminum alloy and other materials, of which the former two are mostly!

Zinc alloy hotel lock panel:

The texture of this material is relatively soft compared to stainless steel, easy to forge and form, the fancy can be freely designed, and the production difficulty is small, so the high-end, luxurious and fashionable hotel door locks that you see are forged by zinc. However, the anti-rust ability of zinc alloy materials is inferior to that of stainless steel, and it is easily damaged by the external force of strong foreign earthquakes. Therefore, all zinc alloy materials need to be surface treated after casting, to avoid various kinds of above. Defects, but some manufacturers lack the last step to reduce costs. Long-term use of various hardware problems will surface, so everyone chooses hotel locks or find regular manufacturers or traders!

Zinc alloy RFID hotel lock - What is an RFID Lock and how do hotel door locks work

Check to Know Zinc alloy hotel lock

Stainless steel lock panel:

The stainless steel hotel lock panel can be said to be relatively stable, and we should understand the advantages of it. The anti-corrosion performance is absolute, and the benefit of violence is evident. Especially in the current hotel door locks, it is anti-mite, anti-drill, fireproof and anti-defense. The performance of the saw and other performance is outstanding. It is the advantages of stainless steel that make it the most challenging product to make. It is not easy to shape appearance. The freedom of design space is small. Generally, the locks you see in the hotel lock market are effortless. There are very few tricks, it’s a bit ugly, but it’s solid. For those who like low-key, you can still consider buying stainless steel, but there are many small workshops in the market to win the price competition, often using stainless steel. Instead of the real 304 stainless steel, at this time, if the user does not understand, blindly pursue low prices, then they can only let their luck worse.

Stainless steel RFID Hotel lock - What is an RFID Lock and how do hotel door locks work

Check to Know Stainless Steel Lock Panel RFID Hotel Locks

Aluminum alloy panel:

This does not advocate everyone to buy, because its texture is too soft, low strength basically can be said to be stronger than plastic. I said that everyone should understand. We also mentioned the acrylic surface in the past. It is just an ornament. It is also a metal material behind it. Generally, there are many zinc alloy materials. Instead of the entire hotel lock, it is acrylic material.

What’s the price of hotel door locks?

Its electronic hotel door lock is easy to use in our daily life, just like we take the bus, swipe the card, no need for the key, as long as the password can open the door, now the average size of the hotel is the IC card Electronic door locks, while home decoration generally uses cryptographic electronic door locks, which are largely similar in the same way. The electronic hotel door lock principle adopted is also very simple, that is, through the data storage chip installed inside. By inputting a password, sending a signal to the data device inside, starting the data stored therein, and the configured drive will open the latch. This technique involves a computer programming program.

We know that electronic hotel door locks are also classified into categories. Do you know? Now the main types are plug-in electronic door locks, password electronic door locks, fingerprints and sensor door locks. These are electronic door locks with new technology and intelligence. The price is based on the brand, Quality, material, and application aspects have created price deviations for electronic door locks. According to the understanding, the high price of electronic door locks requires USD 100 to 360, and the low price of electronic door locks require USD 30 to 80, while the popular price is about USD 50 to 60, and the ACSLocks ‘s price range of hotel door locks are from 35-75 USD.

How to maintain the RFID hotel lock?

1. Surface treatment of the hotel door lock, In order to keep the surface of the lock clean and bright, please wipe the surface of the lock with a soft and clean dry cloth regularly. Do not use water, alcohol, and chemicals to clean the surface of the lock to avoid damage or rust.
2, If the RFID hotel door lock refueling is not flexible or cannot maintain the correct position, the professional should be asked to add butter to the lock body.
3. When replacing the battery, loosen the two screws above the lock tongue, take the battery case out and replace the new one, and then put the battery box tightening screw;
4. Since the hotel door lock is in the case of power failure, the clock can only be maintained for 30 minutes, so if the battery is replaced for more than 30 minutes, please reset the clock setting card after the replacement is completed.

How to repair electronic hotel door locks?

Electronic door lock repair
1. When the legal card opens the door alarm and the green light is shining, there will be 8 short sounds of “beep”, and the hotel door lock cannot be opened. The solution at this time is to replace the battery;
2. When the system identification light error is red, there will be 4 short sound of “beep”, the door cannot be opened, because the system identification is wrong, the system card can be replaced;
3. When the machine is locked, the yellow light will appear. At this time, the door cannot be opened, and the door is opened by the emergency card.
4. When the electronic anti-lock yellow light is on, there will be 2 short sound of “beep”, unable to open the door, and unlock the lock card to open the door;
5. When the temporary termination occurs, the yellow light will be on, and there will be 3 short sound of “beep”, and the clear card will be canceled.

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