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Hotel door locks installation guide and video instruction.

RFID Hotel door locks installation is an excellent choice for security and convenience as part of your overall security plan.

Installing electronic RFID hotel door locks for commercial applications and some residents’ areas is significant and comforting.

The high level of both worlds makes them particularly suited for residential applications for clients who demand both.

So let’s try to talk about the hotel smart door locks installation precautions step by step:

Hotel door locks installation guide and video instruction

The preparation of the hotel door locks installation

1, Confirm the hotel door lock status: The RFID hotel locks installation conditions meet the installation requirements. For example: Is there a power supply? Is there a particular person? Whether the renovation is completed, etc.

2, Confirm the center distance: there are two kinds of center distance: 55mm and 70mm.

Note: The center distance is from the door frame to the handle rotation axis.

3, Confirm the door lock thickness: door lock thickness requirements: 38mm-55mm special needs according to individual requirements.

(The depth of the door lock is different. The lock cylinder, fixing screw length, and punching requirements of the door lock are additional. Would you please explain to the hotel locks manufacturer when ordering.)

4, Confirm the door lock’s left and right opening: the door has left and right open directions, and the corresponding door lock has gone. Directly free points, when ordering, should be stated; the installation should choose the same path as the door opening door lock.

Left open door lock definition: The person stands outside the door, the door opens inward, the hinge is on the left, and the door is left open. Right open door lock definition: Same as above, the strap is on the right side, and the right door is open.

Hotel Door Locks Installation Guide and Video Instruction 1

Drawing the installation fixed line of the hotel door locks

1, Draw the opening line: divide the door’s front, back, and sidelines according to the opening pattern provided by the factory. (See the specific figure for the particular hole drawing)

2, Draw the front opening line of the door: Determine the door lock’s installation height. The size of the handle position is 90CM from the bottom of the door. (The old entrance is modified, but the door is still the same.) According to the hole drawing, the line of punching is drawn.

3, Draw the opening line on the back of the door: Draw a line on the end of the door in the same way as above.

4, Draw the gate’s side opening line: First, draw the center of the door’s side and press the opening line on the bottom of the door for punching.

5, Draw the door frame’s opening line: After installing the lock core, open the door frame’s opening line according to the lock core (according to the whole drawing requirements).

The opening of the door frame must pay attention to the height of the corresponding lock cylinder.

Digging holes for electric door locks installation

1, Digging the front and back holes according to the drawing hole.

Note: When opening the aperture, prevent the wood fiber from generating a flash (it is best to cut the grain along the opening line with a cutter) to prevent it from being too large.

2: Digging the side hole by drawing the opening line. Note: The side door lock is one of the most important aspects of opening. Be careful to open the hole to prevent the fiber from flying and prevent the opportunity from being too large and rough.

After opening the spot, check it with the lock cylinder. If it is not suitable, correct it accordingly.

3, Digging the door frame door according to the drawing hole. Note: The door frame’s hole size must be high to prevent the virtual position and the door lock is shaken. (See the post-punch diagram for details).

The smart hotel door locks installation.

  • After opening the package, first check whether the door lock parts are complete and whether the direction is the same as the room, and use the battery to test whether the computer lock core and the circuit board are working correctly, and then start to install the door lock:
  • Install the lock cylinder: Install the lock cylinder into the door panel, and insert the connector into the inner panel. All the fixing holes meet the requirements.
  • Install the mechanical lock: Install the mechanical lock into the lock cylinder and fix it with screws to check if the mechanical key can open the door.
  • Install the front lock body: adjust the four-corner turn sleeve of the lock cylinder to the correct position (the square hole and the spring are marked on the inner cavity of the four-corner sleeve), and insert the front lock body into the door panel. Note: The circuit board cannot be hard-mounted, the circuit board is damaged, and the patch cord is broken.
  • After the lock body is installed: the same as the front lock body after the lock body is installed, the upper set screw. Note: The lock body should be parallel to the door before and after installation.
  • The left and correct distances should not be adjusted to make the handle and the horizontal direction of the lock cylinder consistent. Adjust the up and down length to keep the hold in line with the lock cylinder’s vertical movement.
  • Install the battery box: Install the battery and box in the corresponding position; connect the wire plug, and open it with the opening card.
  • Mounting side fixing plate: According to the installed lock core, the door frame hole is installed, and the plastic box and the side fixing plate are installed. Note: Adjustment of position.
  • Debugging and opening the door, the door lock’s initial configuration: the door can be opened with a door open card (all kinds of opening cards); mechanical keys can open the door.

The above is the whole process of installing the smart hotel lock. Professional matters are left to professional people, and intelligent hotel door locks installation work is still handed over to a professional installation company to do more appropriately.

You can also install your hotel door locks with the overhead door locks installation guide video instruction.

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