3 Best Types of Electronic Door Locks for Hotel Rooms and Apartments, How to Choose?

In recent years, the commonly used and best types of electronic door locks for hotel rooms and apartments are TEMIC card hotel lock, Mifare card hotel locks, and Bluetooth Smart Lock. All kinds of door locks for hotel rooms are also used widely in the apartment, Airbnb, and rental houses. But many people don’t know how to choose the suitable right locks for hotel rooms or apartments and don’t know how to manage all locks Effectively.

In this article, I will introduce all three types of door locks for hotel rooms in detail. After comparing their characteristics, advantages of key card locks, and disadvantages, and using technology, I hope to help our customers be exact when buying hotel lock systems. Know how to choose which type of hotel lock for their new hotel project.

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1, TEMIC key card locks for hotel Rooms

TEMIC key card door locks for hotel rooms use TEMIC technology and uses TEMIC cards as door opening methods.
TEMIC card is a low-cost, readable, and writable radio frequency IC card. The card only has encryption control for write operations. A kind of RF card, working frequency 125kHz, can be encrypted, 224 bits can read and write EEPROM, divided into seven blocks of 32 bits each, unique 64-bit serial number.


  • Because radio waves complete the power supply to the card and the reading and writing operations, it is convenient to use with no contact with the reader. It overcomes the shortcomings of contact IC cards, such as fear of water, dust, and damage.
  • The system has high stability, long service life, and easy to use.
  • The cost of the Temic card and reading module is relatively low.
  • TEMIC card reader is cheaper than a MIFARE1 card reader, so most hotels adopt it.
  • It uses widely in intelligent RFID based hotel door lock systems. Applicable to mid-range hotels, apartments, government agencies, guest houses, etc.

TEMIC key card locks for hotels Rooms - 3 Best Types of Electronic Door Locks for Hotel Rooms and Apartments, How to Choose?

ShineACS TEMIC Key Card Hotel locks

2, Mifare RFID Based Door Locks for Hotel Rooms

MIFARE card locks for hotel rooms is currently the world’s most used. It has the most mature technology, the most stable performance, and the most significant memory capacity of an inductive smart IC card. Working frequency: 13.56 MHz, 1 Kbyte EEPROM, divided into 16 areas, four blocks per region, 16 bytes per block, two keys per sector (per application), support for multi-application scenarios of critical classification; each card has a unique 32-bit serial number.

  • Good anti-counterfeiting, high confidentiality, large capacity, 16 partitions are independently encrypted.
  • The data of each zone runs independently without affecting each other, easy to operate.
  • High security: data stream encrypted transmission, three mutual authentications, two-way Verification mechanism.
  • One Hotel key card can be used at the same time for hotel check-in, bus payment, small payment, and access control and attendance.
  • It is suitable for enterprises, hotels, campuses, smart communities, and various multi-system integration occasions that require the implementation of a card.
  • It is also ideal for financial institutions and other places that need high system security.
  • MIFARE card is generally suitable for star hotels or units that require card functions due to its high security, large capacity, independent encryption of 16 partitions, and independent operation of data in each area.
  • MIFARE card is widely used in the Mifare key card door locks for hotel rooms. Suitable for mid-to-high-end hotels or large-scale intelligent hotels that need to implement the “One Card System” function truly

Mifare RFID Based Door Locks for Hotel Rooms - 3 Best Types of Electronic Door Locks for Hotel Rooms and Apartments, How to Choose?

ShineACS Mifare RFID Based Hotel Door Locks for Hotel Rooms

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3, Bluetooth Smart Door Locks for Apartment and Hotel Rooms

Every Bluetooth smart lock for apartment or hotel rooms will need to install the APP management system and requires a gateway to cooperate with WIFI to achieve networking. It is also widely used in serviced apartments, AIR B & B house, and rental houses.


The most significant advantage of the BlueTooth electronic door locks with remote control is that it can remotely perform a series of remote management operations on the Bluetooth lock through the APP.

  • When the administrator receives the customer’s booked property information, he can send key details, hotel room information, etc. to the guests remotely through the management system by mobile phone.
  • Hotel guests receive the electronic key or password sent by the administrator. When they arrive at the room, they can turn on the Bluetooth or password to open the door.
  • Each time they open the door, they will generate a record of the door opening, including the user’s nickname, key, password attributes, and door opening time. Staff, you can view the first records in real-time.
  • After checking out, you can delete the authorization password remotely at any time.

Bluetooth Smart Door Locks for Apartment and Hotel Rooms - 3 Best Types of Electronic Door Locks for Hotel Rooms and Apartments, How to Choose?

ShineACS Bluetooth Smart Door Locks

4, Ultimate Recommendations for choosing locks for hotel Rooms and apartments

After comparing several electronic door locks commonly used in hotels and apartments currently on the market, I hope that you can choose the right hotel lock type according to your situation when you choose hotel locks.

Also, taking into account factors such as price, technology, service life, safety, etc., our recommendations are:

  • New hotel project: Choose the Mifare card locks for hotel rooms.
  • Old hotel project: If your hotel’s TEMIC, TM hotel lock has been used for a long time, then if it needs to be replaced, it is recommended to use the MIFARE hotel lock.
  • Apartment Hotel: The location of the hotel room is not in the same area. We recommended using the Bluetooth APP hotel lock. Bluetooth APP hotel lock facilitates remote management and door opening.
  • Rental house: Also, for remote and unified management, it is recommended to use the Bluetooth APP hotel lock.