Keyless Mobile Check In Hotel Door Lock with Mobile Key App SL-TH2058

The Keyless Mobile Check-In Hotel Door Lock SL-TH2058 revolutionizes the hospitality industry by offering guests a seamless and secure entry experience. Leveraging advanced technology, this door lock allows guests to use their smartphones as digital keys, eliminating the need for traditional key cards or manual check-ins.

Simply downloading the hotel’s app and completing the check-in process, guests can access their rooms with a tap or swipe on their mobile device. Enhanced with top-tier encryption and security measures, this system ensures that only authorized users can gain entry.

Additionally, the real-time monitoring feature provides hotel management with insights into room access, enhancing security and operational efficiency. Perfect for modern travelers who prioritize convenience and safety, the Keyless Mobile Check-In Hotel Door Lock is the future of hotel stays.

Features of the Keyless Mobile Check-In Hotel Door Lock SL-TH2058:

  1. Mobile Integration: Seamlessly pairs with smartphones, allowing guests to use their devices as digital keys.
  2. User-friendly App Interface: Easy-to-use mobile app interface ensures a hassle-free check-in and access experience.
  3. High-level Encryption: Incorporates advanced encryption techniques to safeguard digital keys and prevent unauthorized access.
  4. Real-time Monitoring: Hotel management can track and monitor room access, ensuring heightened security and guest safety.
  5. Emergency USB Power Supply: In the rare event of a power failure or battery depletion, the lock is equipped with an emergency USB power input, ensuring guests can always access their rooms and hotel operations remain uninterrupted.
  6. Instant Notifications: Sends real-time alerts to guests and hotel management for unauthorized access attempts.
  7. Eco-friendly: Reduces the need for plastic key cards, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly hotel operation.
  8. Multi-device Support: Compatible with a wide range of smartphones and devices, ensuring accessibility for all guests.
  9. Offline Mode: Functions even without an active internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted access.
  10. Easy Installation: Designed for quick and hassle-free installation on existing hotel door systems.
  11. Guest History Tracking: Allows hotel management to maintain a record of guest access, aiding in personalized services and enhanced security.
  12. Durable Design: Built to withstand regular use, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  13. Multi-room Access: Allows guests to access multiple rooms or facilities (like gym, spa, or conference rooms) based on their reservation details.

The Keyless Mobile Check-In Hotel Door Lock is not just a tool for access but a comprehensive solution that enhances the guest experience while ensuring top-notch security and operational efficiency for hoteliers.

Keyless Mobile Check-In Hotel Door Lock with Mobile Key App SL-TH2058 Specification:

Optional ColorsBlack, Silver
Lock MaterialAluminum Alloy
Mortise Materialzinc alloy
Power supply6V (4x AA batteries)
Battery Life13 months (based on 15 switches per day), support 5000 lockout unlocking operation
 Low voltage wormingYes
Unlock methodMobile App, RFID card, key Optional
ApplicationHotel, Airbnb, apartment, etc.
Applicable Door Thickness35-70mm
Lock Out ModelLock Password After 5 Consecutive Errors and Alarm
Backup unlock mechanismMechanical Key, USB emergency power interface
Suitable Door TypeWooden doors, anti-theft doors, stainless steel doors, fire doors, interior doors, etc.
Opening directionleft inside, right inside, left outside, right outside Adjustable
Card type:Mifare
Card CapacityTotal 200 Pcs
Card reading distanceless than 3CM
Password length:6-12 digits (virtual password is supported)
Optional Mortise22*240(60*72)mm
Light Alert Safety FunctionLock up, Lock inside
Mortise Grade LevelC-level true plug core copper lock cylinder
Products includeFront Panel*1/Rear Panel*1/Lock*1/Accessory Package*1/Card*3/Key*2/Specification*1
Working Temperature-20℃-50℃
Working Humidity20%-70%
Dimension (L*W)225x70x30mm
Warranty:One year

Less Than 50 units: in 3 days.

50-200 units: in 7 days.

200-500 units: in 10 days.

One Carton: 10 units

Single Unit Weight: 3.0KG

Single Packing Size: 37x17x12.5cm/unit

Carton Size: 51x38x42.5cm.

Carton Weight: 30.0KG.

1, Express Shipping:

  • Suggested quantity: less than 50 sets.
  • Delivery Time:  3-7 days.
  • Shipping Cost: $15-$25/kg.

2, Air Shipping:

  • Suggested quantity: 50-200 sets.
  • Delivery Time:  7-15 days.
  • Shipping Cost: $6-$10/kg.

3, Sea Shipping:

  • Suggested quantity: more than 200 sets.
  • Delivery Time: 25-45 days.
  • Shipping Cost: $3-$6/kg.

4, European Rail Shipping:

  • Suggested quantity: When you are in Europe and more than 200 sets.
  • Delivery Time: 15-25 days.
  • Shipping Cost: $5-$10/kg.

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