TTlock Troubleshooting: Here Are Everything You Need To Know

TTlock Troubleshooting: Here Are Everything You Need To Know

This article we will introduce some common ttlock troubleshooting problems and hope it will help you solve your TTlock problems effortlessly!

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TTlock is an intelligent door lock brand that provides high-quality products and top-notch customer service. TTlock smart locks can be used for hotels(check our TThotel lock system), private homes, Airbnb properties, commercial properties, etc. The TTlock app allows you to grant access to your home to family members, guests, landlords, handypersons, and other personnel.

Whether you’re having trouble with the hardware or connecting it to your phone through the app (or both!), we’re here to help you troubleshoot quickly.

What is TTlock?

TTlock smart lock is an intelligent lock that connects to your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth. It has a mobile app allows you to control the door lock remotely. It can lock and unlock doors with the phone, monitor who comes and goes from your home, control access for guests via an app, and more.

What is TTlock

It’s important to note that TTlock is not just an ordinary door lock; it’s also connected, wireless, and has some intelligent features. This makes it different from traditional locks and gives users more flexibility in functionality.

For more information about TTlock, you can check this article: TTlock: Everything About Usage and And ‘How To’ Guide.

And this article, we will focus on TTlock troubleshooting.

Why is TTlock so popular?

Why is TTlock so popular

  • The TTlock app is secure and easy to use, making it a popular choice for those looking for an affordable way to protect their valuables.
  • The TTlock app is also very reliable, so you won’t have any connectivity problems or get stuck in the middle of an important transaction because of an unreliable device.
  • The TTlock has a simple design that makes it easy to install. It can be installed in a matter of minutes, and once installed, it will work seamlessly with your smartphone or tablet.
  • The TTlock software is also free and comes with high-quality customer support services that ensure you’re always connected when needed.
  • Using the TTlock door lock system for a hotel can bring your hotel a tremendous mobile and contactless check-in experience.

TTlock parts

Generally, A TTlock system includes the following components:

TTlock systems include

  • Keypad: This is the main component of the TT LOCK system. The keypad is used to enter your code and unlock your door. It also has an LCD screen that displays information on various things happening with your lock system.
  • Lock mortise: This is where you will put your lock cylinder, latch, or deadbolt from the exterior side of your door frame. The lock mortise can be horizontal or vertical, depending on what kind of door you have and how big it is.
  • Lock Handle refers to any handle on most interior doors, such as entryways inside homes/apartments, etc. Anything that lets us open/closes something with our hands!
  • Fingerprint sensor: The sensor’s primary role is detecting your fingerprint and unlocking the bolt. Mainly appear on fingerprint door locks that support the TTlock system.
  • TTlock Main Board: The TTlock main board manages all communication between your smartphone app and your locks/doors via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This board also makes sure everything works seamlessly in sync with each other.
  • Battery: A battery is a device that supplies electric power to a circuit. The battery is the component that provides power to your lock. This means that if your battery dies out, you won’t be able to use your lock anymore.
  • Lock Panel: The lock panel is the main component of the TTLOCK system. It includes electronics, such as a mainboard, receiver (RFID) reader, etc., which controls the locking functions.

TTlock gateway troubleshooting

TTlock gateway troubleshooting

If you think that your TTlock gateway is not working, then your first step should be to check the following:

  • Is the TTlock gateway connected to the internet? If it’s not, make sure that it has a good connection. If it doesn’t appear in your list of devices, there may be a problem with its reference to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It might also be that the TTlock gateway isn’t configured correctly on your network.
  • Is the TTlock gateway connected to your router? Double-check that they are plugged in correctly and securely fastened their cables. It may also be worth running an internet speed test to see if there is anything wrong with your internet connection, as this could be causing issues with how well the device works.
  • Is there power being supplied through both ends of its cable? It may help if one end of this wire is removed and then plugged back in (by removing one or two connections). This might solve problems with faulty wiring or wrong links, meaning reconnecting will allow better functionality overall.

TTlock app troubleshooting

Here are some common TTlock app problems and troubleshooting.

TTlock app troubleshooting

The TTlock app is not working.

If your TTlock app is not working, try the following:

  • Restarting the App. If, for some reason, the app closes or crashes, restart it and then log back in to continue using it.
  • Restarting Your Phone. Sometimes, phones get overloaded and need a quick reboot to back up and run smoothly. If you haven’t renewed your cellphone in a while, try this before anything else!
  • Connecting To A Different Network/Wi-Fi With The Same User Info (Username & Password). This is especially important if you’re having issues at home or work.
  • Check to make sure that your smartphone or tablet device has enough storage space by going into Settings > Storage & iCloud Usage (for iOS devices) or Settings > Storage (for Android devices), then tap on TTlock and see if there are any available storage space on your phone or tablet.

TTlock warning that says, “The lock can’t be accessed.”

Try following these steps:

  • Ensure that your app has the latest version and that you are connected to the internet. You should also check if an update is available for your smartphone or tablet. If there is, update it before opening TTlock with the app again.
  • Check that Bluetooth is turned on and your phone is within range of the lock.
  • Please ensure that other administrators have added this TTlock to the TTlock app. If yes, please delete this TTlock by other administrators and add it again if it can be opened. If you have already deleted this setting, please create a new one.

The TTlock APP cannot remotely unlock.

The APP cannot remotely unlock

If you’re using the app and experiencing a problem with remote unlocking, there are several things to check.

  • The battery is dead.
  • You can try removing and re-installing the battery if the battery is not installed correctly. If this does not work, you must replace your TTlock batteries with new ones compatible with your system’s brand/model number.
  • Check whether there is an issue with the battery of either one of them. If there isn’t any problem with either of them, try making sure that both devices are connected by turning off their power-saving mode for about 10 seconds before trying again.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the TTlock application. Please install it from our support site or Google Play Store if you don’t.
  • Verify whether or not you have internet connectivity on the phone you’re trying to unlock remotely (including Wi-Fi). If so, make sure that both devices share the same network. Suppose they don’t share the same network. There is no data transfer between them unless Bluetooth connectivity is enabled for both devices (you can promote this under Settings > Appearance > Notification Panel).
  • Maybe a problem with your Wi-Fi connectivity or Bluetooth signal strength. You can try moving closer to where you installed the lock so they’re within range of each other’s signals. Check out our troubleshooting guide below if this still doesn’t fix it!
  • Check that the app is connected to your lock. Go to Settings > General > Device Management and ensure that Lockstate is listed as an application with permission to access your device. If Lockstate isn’t listed here, tap on Add Account and enter your credentials to connect it.

Other Most Common TTlock problems and troubleshooting

TTlock fingerprint not working:

TTlock fingerprint not working

  • Make sure to register your finger on the TTlock app before opening it to open the TTlocks.
  • For iOS users: Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Fingerprint > Add a Fingerprint(s) (Touch ID) > Register new fingerprints (Touch ID).
  • If this doesn’t work, ensure that your device’s screen isn’t dirty or damaged, and check for any physical damage near where you press with your fingers when unlocking TTlock’s touchscreen display so that it registers properly when trying again. Next time!

TTlock backward

  • If your TTlock is backward (you can see the words “lock” and “open” on both sides), it means that you have set the lock button in a forward-facing direction. The solution is simple: rotate the lock button to face away from you as much as possible.

TTlock can not connect with Bluetooth.

TTlock can not connect with Bluetooth

  • If your TTlock keeps disconnecting from Bluetooth or won’t connect, this could be due to interference by other devices nearby, such as microwaves or wireless routers. Try moving these devices away from where they need to be used to work correctly with each other without interference.

TTlock not working:

  • This can happen for several reasons, like if you have the wrong version of TTlock installed or your device isn’t supported. If you’re using the correct version of TTlock and your device is supported, try connecting via Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi.
  • Make sure your TTlock is set up correctly. Check that the battery is charged and that its Bluetooth connection works perfectly by pairing it with another device (phone or computer). This will also help you determine if your issue is with your lock or just pairing it with another of your devices.

TTlock passcode not working:

TTlock passcode not working

The passcode could be wrong because it was entered incorrectly or because encryption keys are out of sync due to a recent update or change in location.

To fix this issue, ensure both devices are connected through Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi; then delete the app from one device (but don’t delete it from both) and re-install it on both devices.

After resetting my password, I still can’t log in to my TTlock app account. What should I do?

If you’ve reset your password but still can’t log in to your account, there are a few things you can try:

  • Try to reset your password again.
  • Check that the email address in your profile is correct; this is especially important if you think it might have changed since you last used Lockitron (you can also check by signing in to our website).
  • Check that the phone number on the account matches where we sent text messages when setting up new locks or making changes to existing ones.
  • Make sure that the mobile network is working correctly and reachable by Lockitron.

Error diagnosis and time calibration

Error diagnosis and time calibration

If you have any other problems and have no idea about troubleshooting, please read the TTlock= manual and use the Error diagnosis and time calibration function.

Error diagnosis aims to help analyze the system problems. It needs to be done via Bluetooth beside the lock. The clock will be calibrated firstly through the gateway if there is a gateway. If there is no gateway, it needs to be calibrated by the mobile phone’s Bluetooth.

In any case, the TTlock system is still the first choice for hotels that need to manage hotel locks through mobile phones remotely; you can consider upgrading your old hotel lock system to the TTlock hotel lock system.

TTlock support

TTlock register and operation video:

TTlock support phone: 400-800-1785

TTlock support mail: [email protected]

TTlock manual

We recommend reading through our smart lock manuals to get the most out of your TTlock. It’s available for download on Android or iOS devices; you can also read it below.

How do you lock the lock on outside TTLock?

How do you lock the lock on outside TTLock

If you have a door lock that can be locked and unlocked using the outside touchpad, there are several ways to lock it.

  • Press the lock button on the outside of the lock.
  • Press the lock button on your app or remote control.
  • If you have one, use a keypad to enter your four-digit code and then press “Enter” (or whatever button is labeled “Enter).

How do I connect TTLock to WIFI?

How do I connect TTLock to WIFI

You can connect the lock to your home router through the app or the user interface on the lock. To tie it via the app, launch your TTLock and tap Connectivity. You’ll see a list of available routers in your area, so select one and follow its instructions for connecting.

If you’re using WIFI settings from another device (like an old router or phone), do not use those settings with a new TL-WR703N! You must update the firmware! If you do not have updated firmware, you cannot connect!

How to reset TTlock?

The TTlock has a reset button that can be pressed to return the lock to factory settings.

TTlock Troubleshooting: Here Are Everything You Need To Know 1

To reset your TTlock:

  • Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.
  • The lock will reset, and the indicator light will flash green.
  • The lock will automatically reconnect to the gateway.

TTlock initialization passcode

Please note: if you had deleted the TTlock from your TTlock app, and after you reset your TTlock, you will have to input the TTlock initialization passcode to finish the TTlock factory reset. And the default TTlock initialization passcode is 000#


We hope that this TTlock troubleshooting article was helpful. If nothing seems to be working, your safest bet is to see a locksmith (or call one).

After all, they’re the experts handling problems with locks and can help you figure out what’s wrong and how to solve it without causing further damage.

For more information about how to use TTlock, please check this article:TTlock: Everything About Usage and And ‘How To’ Guide.

We only touched upon some of the most common issues people encounter with their TTlock—if other TTlock troubleshooting questions need answers, please get in touch with us anytime, and we will do our best!

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