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Explore our advanced keyless door lock commercial products designed to elevate security and convenience in commercial spaces. Catering to international wholesale and retail clients, our smart locks combine cutting-edge technology with robust security features

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Welcome to ShineACS Locks, the premier top-tier keyless keypad door lock commercial solutions provider.

At ShineACS Locks, we understand the significance of security in commercial environments. Our keypad door locks are designed to fortify your properties with advanced access control.

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional keys as our solutions bring unmatched convenience to your fingertips. Seamlessly integrating cutting-edge smart technology, our locks empower you with remote management, multi-user access, and compatibility with existing systems.

Best ShineACS Keyless Door Lock Commercial for Sale

ShineACS Locks offers several types of keyless entry door locks for businesses with competitive wholesale keypad door lock prices, each with its own features, benefits, and technology to meet different requirements.

Price: 25$-35$

Price: 26$-36$

Price: 26$-37$

Price: 24$-33$


Keyless Door Lock Installation Service

ShineACS Locks offers professional keyless door lock installation services. We are committed to providing top-of-the-line keyless door locks and ensuring flawless installation. Our Installation Service Offers:

  • User Manual: We provide a comprehensive user manual that guides you through each step of the installation process. Clear instructions and diagrams ensure a smooth setup.
  • Installation Videos: Our installation videos offer visual guidance, clearly demonstrating the installation procedure. These videos are designed to enhance your understanding and confidence.
  • Partner Installation Services: If you prefer professional assistance, we have partnered with experienced installation service providers who are well-versed in our products. They offer a seamless installation experience, ensuring your keyless door locks are set up correctly and efficiently.

To learn more about our installation options, contact us today. Your security journey begins with ShineACS Locks.

Keypad Electronic Door Lock With Multiple Codes for Business SL- D04 Installation Video

Unlock Success with ShineACS Locks Wholesale Keyless Door Lock Commercial Solutions

Partnering with us for wholesale keyless door lock commercial solutions opens the door to a range of advantages that will enhance your business and satisfy your clients. Discover the benefits of choosing us as your trusted wholesale provider.

Competitive Wholesale Pricing

Experience substantial cost savings with our competitive wholesale keypad door lock price. Our strategic partnerships and efficient supply chain management allow us to offer attractive pricing, maximizing your profit margins.

Extensive Product Portfolio

Choose from a diverse array of keyless door lock commercial solutions tailored to various needs and preferences. Our comprehensive range ensures that you can cater to a wide range of customers and industries.

Customization for Your Market

We understand that different markets have unique demands. Collaborate with us to customize keyless door locks that align with your market’s preferences, ensuring you meet your customers’ specific requirements.

Dedicated Wholesale Support

Our wholesale partners receive dedicated support from a team of experts. From assistance with product selection to order fulfillment, we’re here to ensure a smooth and seamless partnership experience.

Collaborative Growth

We view our wholesale partners as collaborators in success. As you grow, we grow. Our partnership is built on mutual success, and we’re dedicated to supporting your growth and expansion.

Access to Resources

Access valuable resources such as how-to guides, troubleshooting guides, user manuals, and technical support. We provide the tools to market and sell our keyless door lock solutions effectively.

What Others Are Saying About ShineACS Commercial Keypad Door Lock

“As a security distributor, we need partners we can trust. ShineACS Locks has consistently provided us with the best commercial keypad locks. The wholesale process is smooth, and the quality of their products has helped us establish a strong reputation in our market.”

Upgrading Your Existing Door Locks with ShineACS Keyless Door Lock Solution 7
Mark SCoworking Space Owner, Canada

“We’ve been sourcing battery-operated keypad locks for our vacation rental properties, and ShineACS Locks has been our go-to supplier. The PowerGuard Plus locks have been perfect for our remote locations, offering security without needing constant power. The support team’s responsiveness has been exceptional.”

Upgrading Your Existing Door Locks with ShineACS Keyless Door Lock Solution 8
Elena R. Property Manager, Australia

“As a distributor, we’re always on the lookout for top-quality products. ShineACS keyless door locks have consistently met our expectations. The customization options and dedicated support have made our partnership truly valuable.”

Upgrading Your Existing Door Locks with ShineACS Keyless Door Lock Solution 9
Lucas T.Security Distributor, Brazil

“Our retail chain required a versatile security solution, and ShineACS commercial electronic door locks delivered. The ability to create unique codes for employees and manage access effortlessly has been a significant advantage for our business.”

Upgrading Your Existing Door Locks with ShineACS Keyless Door Lock Solution 10
Mark RRetail Store Owner, Australia

Ready to Elevate Your Commercial Security? Let’s Get Started!

At ShineACS Locks, we’re committed to providing the best keypad door lock solutions to enhance security, convenience, and efficiency in your commercial spaces. Whether you’re a retailer looking to stock our innovative products or a business owner seeking the perfect security upgrade, we’re here to help.

FAQs About ShineACS Commercial Keyless Door Lock

A keyless door lock commercial solution is an advanced access control system for commercial properties. It eliminates the need for traditional keys by allowing authorized users to enter using keypad codes, Kyes, Fingerprints, RFID cards, or smartphone apps.

Keypad door locks commercial solutions offer enhanced security, convenience, and control. They enable easy access management, reduce the risk of unauthorized entry, and often integrate with smart technology for remote access and monitoring.

Yes, ShineACS LOCKS offers customization options for keyless door lock commercial solutions. We understand that different businesses have unique needs, and we’re here to tailor our products to your specific requirements.

Absolutely. ShineACS LOCKS provides detailed installation guides and resources to assist you in setting up our keyless door lock solutions. If you require further assistance, our dedicated support team can address your questions.

Yes, many of our keyless door lock solutions are designed to integrate with existing security systems and smart technology seamlessly, such as Kwikset, Schlage, and Yale keyless door locks. This allows you to create a comprehensive and interconnected security network.

If you’re interested in wholesale options, we invite you to use our dedicated wholesale inquiry form on our website. Our team will promptly contact you to discuss your requirements and provide further information.

Yes, some of our keyless door locks have backup options like battery power. This ensures that your access control remains functional even during power outages.

Some newer systems offer mobile phone integration, allowing guests to use their smartphones to unlock doors using apps or Bluetooth technology.

Absolutely. Many of our keyless door lock solutions offer remote management capabilities. You can control and monitor access using a smartphone app or online platform, providing convenience and security, especially for larger properties.

Yes, our keyless door lock commercial solutions are designed to withstand various environmental conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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