Bluetooth Smart Lock for Apartment and Hotel

Every bluetooth smart lock for apartment or hotel will need to install the APP management system and requires a gateway to cooperate with WIFI to achieve networking. It is also widely used in serviced apartments, AIR B & B house, and rental houses.


The most significant advantage of the bluetooth smart lock is that it can remotely perform a series of remote management operations on the Bluetooth lock through the APP.

  • When the administrator receives the information of the customer’s booked property, he can send key details, hotel room information, etc. to the guests remotely through the management system by mobile phone.
  • Hotel guests receive the electronic key or password sent by the administrator. When they arrive at the room, they can turn on the Bluetooth or password to open the door.
  • Each time they open the door, they will generate a record of the door opening, including the user’s nickname, key, password attributes, and door opening time. Staff, you can view the first records in real-time.
  • After checking out, you can delete the authorization password remotely at any time.

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