Bluetooth Smart Lock for Apartment and Hotel

Every Bluetooth smart lock for an apartment or hotel will need to install the APP management system and requires a gateway to cooperate with WIFI to achieve networking. It is also widely used in serviced apartments, AIR B & B houses, and rental houses.


The Bluetooth smart lock's most significant advantage is that it can remotely perform a series of remote management operations on the Bluetooth lock through the APP.

  • When the administrator receives the customer’s booked property information, he can send key details, hotel room information, etc., to the guests remotely through the mobile phone's management system.
  • Hotel guests receive the electronic key or password sent by the administrator. When they arrive at the room, they can turn on the Bluetooth or password to open the door.
  • Each time they open the door, they will generate a record of the door opening, including the user’s nickname, key, password attributes, and door opening time. Staff, you can view the first records in real-time.
  • After checking out, you can delete the authorization password remotely at any time.

What are Bluetooth smart locks for apartments?

The Bluetooth smart lock for apartment is a smart lock that can open the apartment lock through the mobile APP after the lock is connected to the mobile phone's Bluetooth.

Corresponding mobile apps generally accompany Bluetooth smart door locks.

The application of Bluetooth function in smart locks is efficient and extensive. Connecting smart locks with mobile phones through Bluetooth can realize the setting and management of smart locks and realize mobile APP Bluetooth unlocking.

The Door opening type of Bluetooth smart lock for apartment

In most cases, the door opening methods supported by the Bluetooth smart lock for apartment lock are Bluetooth unlock, Bluetooth key unlock, password unlocks, IC card unlocks, WIFI unlock.

Bluetooth unlock

After the mobile phone Bluetooth and the lock are paired, the mobile phone and the lock can be quickly unlocked using Bluetooth within a certain range.

Bluetooth key unlock

After the Bluetooth smart door lock for apartment door connecting with the apartment manager's app for the first time, guests in other apartments can no longer use the APP to manage the apartment lock.

The apartment manager can remotely generate and share a Bluetooth key to the apartment customers through the app. On the customer’s mobile APP, the apartment guest can use the Bluetooth key to open the door after connecting the Bluetooth of the mobile phone to the apartment lock.

Through the smart lock's Bluetooth function, users can send temporary Bluetooth keys more flexibly, allowing friends to enter conveniently in time, even if they are not at home. The user can set the name of the Bluetooth key, the number of times it can be used, the key's validity period, the number of users (single/multiple), and remarks.

Each Bluetooth key provides a delete key, which can delete or disable keys that are in use or have been invalid, which is very convenient. At the same time, the use of permission settings can be more detailed settings for the key.

In terms of the number of users, each key can choose single and multiplayer modes suitable for multi-scene use. It is worth mentioning that multiple Bluetooth electronic keys can be created at the same time as required.

After sharing the Bluetooth electronic key with friends, the sharer can still view and manage each key's information in the key list menu. In the sharer key list, you can see in detail the number of times each key has been used, the expiration date, and the unlocking records of all users.

Password unlock

The apartment manager can generate a password through the mobile phone APP and send it to the customer's mobile phone via WhatsApp, ems FB message, etc., and then the customer can use this password to open the smart locks for apartment buildings. No need to use WIFI or the internet.

The administrator can produce different types of passwords to meet the needs of different customers. Support single-use, permanent use, limited time use, and recycle use.

According to different personnel, the password setting can be more diversified. In the key usage options, you can set the number of opening times at will. If it is only a friend who is visiting temporarily, you can set it once;

If it is a friend who frequently visits in a short period of time, you can set it several times or uncheck the option of limiting the number of times.

IC card unlock

The administrator can make the corresponding room's IC card for customers to use through the mobile app.

Note that Bluetooth must be turned on when making an IC card, and the phone and lock must be within range. IC card supports limited time, words, and permanent use.

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