Sifely Smart Lock Troubleshooting: Detailed Solving Guide

Sifely Smart Lock Troubleshooting: Detailed Solving Guide

This Sifely Smart Lock Troubleshooting article will review some common sifely smart lock issues and troubleshooting tips to fix them when they come up!

Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by Vincent Zhu

Upgrading Your Door Locks Now

Sifely Smart Lock Troubleshooting: Detailed Solving Guide 3

Upgrade your door locks if you can not solve the problem with our troubleshooting guide.

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Upgrading Your Door Locks Now

Sifely smart locks are a popular choice for securing your home. These internet-enabled intelligent keyless door locks connect to your phone and allow you to control access through the app, but they can also be integrated with Siri and Alexa.

While there are many benefits to using Sifely smart locks, a few problems may arise during installing or using this product.

In this article, I’ll review some common sifely smart lock issues and troubleshooting tips so you know how to fix them when they arise!

Common sifely smart lock problems and troubleshooting

Sifely smart lock is not working

Sifely smart lock is not working

If your Sifely smart lock is not working, it could be any of the following:

  • The batteries are dead. If this is the case, remove them from the battery compartment and replace them with new ones.
  • The power supply is another issue that is not connected to your device. Check all connections and ensure everything is plugged in properly before reattempting to use your lock.
  • You have more than one Sifely smart lock on your account, and you’re trying to operate one remotely by mistake (this happens when people try to use their phone as a key).
  • Verify the connection to your network and the internet. If you can’t connect, please check your internet connection status.
  • The sifely smart lock may have a problem with its hardware or firmware; we recommend you send it back to us for diagnosis before using another troubleshooting method.

Please note that ShineACS Locks is just writing the Sifely smart lock troubleshooting article and providing possible handling suggestions, not offering after-sales service. If you can’t finally solve your problem with our article content, please get in touch with the Official aftermarket.

If you can not solve the problem with the above steps, upgrading or replacing your existing home locks may be time. Explore our premium keyless door locks for convenience and peace of mind. Say goodbye to lock-related hassle and hello to a modern security solution.

Sifely Smart Lock is not connecting to the app.

Sifely Smart Lock is not connecting to the app

You might have problems connecting the Sifely smart lock to your phone or app. Here are some possible reasons and solutions:

  • First, you must check that your mobile device and the lock are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If that doesn’t work, try restarting both devices and check for a problem with your internet connection or router settings.
  • Make sure that you have already paired your mobile device with the lock. It should be connected via Bluetooth; you can see your lock in the app. You can check by going to Settings > Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Ensure you have downloaded the latest firmware for your sifely smart lock from our website. You might need to do this if it was recently installed to work properly with our app.
  • You may not have installed the official Sifely app. You can get it in the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Amazon App Store.

The sifely smart lock is not pairing.

Sifely smart lock is not pairing

If your Sifely smart lock is not pairing with your phone, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Reboot your phone: If you can pair your device in the app but cannot connect on subsequent attempts, try rebooting both devices and reconnecting.
  • Check the battery level of both devices: Your phone may have run out of battery or entered sleep mode while trying to pair with Sifely; either way, it won’t communicate with your lock until you resolve these issues.
  • Check your internet connection. Make sure your Wi-Fi is connected and you have a strong signal. If you still have issues, connect the lock to a different network.
  • Check if any updates are available for your Wi-Fi Connected Light Bulb or Remote Control App on your smartphone or tablet device.
  • Ensure that the correct devices are in their correct states for pairing: if any of them are not in the correct state, repeat this step until they are all in the correct states.

Sifely smart lock is not connecting to the gateway

Sifely smart lock is not connecting to the gateway

If your Sifely smart lock is not connecting to the gateway, a few things could be wrong.

  • Check that your gateway has power and is connected to the internet. You can see the status of your device in the Sifely app by clicking on “My Devices” in the top right corner of your screen. If anything looks wrong, try restarting both devices: unplugging them from their power sources for 5 seconds before plugging them back in again.
  • Make sure that the gateway is on and powered on. (It should be blinking blue.) If your gateway isn’t blinking, double-check it’s plugged into power and ensure the battery door is securely closed.
  • Ensure that the gateway and lock are within range of each other—the maximum distance between them is 800 feet (250 meters).
  • Try turning off your Wi-Fi router or unplugging it for about 30 seconds before restarting both devices. This will give them time to reset their connection settings so they can find one another again easily when paired together later in the pairing process.
  • If your lock isn’t working after restarting both devices, try resetting the gateway.

Sifely smart lock does not connect to the internet

Sifely smart lock does not connect to the internet

If you’re having trouble connecting your Sifely smart lock to the network, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure your Sifely smart lock is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the app. It won’t be easy to control the lock remotely if they’re not.
  • Check for updates on both ends (the phone and lock). A recent update may have fixed some issues preventing proper communication between them, so ensure you have installed any available updates from both parties.
  • Reset your Wi-Fi router. If you have an Apple AirPort or other wireless router, resetting it can resolve many connectivity-related issues.
  • Restart your phone or tablet. Sometimes, a simple restart is all it takes for iOS and Android devices to reestablish their connection with Wi-Fi networks.

Sifely smart lock is not unlocking.

Sifely smart lock is not unlocking

When your Sifely smart lock is not opening, there are a few things you can check before calling us.

  • The first step to troubleshooting your sifely smart lock is to check if your phone’s Bluetooth setting is ON. Go into the settings app on an iPhone and choose “Bluetooth.” Turn on “Bluetooth” from the Settings -> Connected devices menu on Android phones. If this does not fix the issue, you may need to reset your device by unplugging it from power for 30 seconds before plugging it back in again.
  • Make sure that the batteries are fully charged. The batteries should be replaced every six months for the best performance and security.
  • Check that the door is not stuck in place due to debris or corrosion on any part of the locking mechanism (such as near the keyhole). If this happens, try to clean out any debris and ensure all parts of your latch move freely before trying again.
  • Make sure that you’re using the correct codes when entering your code.

Sifely smart lock keeps beeping.

Sifely smart lock keeps beeping

If you hear it beeping, you might have a problem with your sifely smart lock.

  • Your sifely smart lock will beep when it’s done pairing with the app on your phone when you press any button on the device and when there is an issue with the connection between your phone and the door.
  • If you hear this beeping sound frequently, it may be because your internet is down or other issues are occurring at that time (such as a power outage).
  • This usually happens when your sifely app isn’t connected to your locks, or you have an issue with the Wi-Fi connection. To fix this issue, try restarting your phone or router and then connecting again.
  • If this doesn’t work, check if anyone in your home is having issues accessing their Wi-Fi network or if any other devices are connected to it, such as a printer or laptop, that may be causing interference.

The sifely smart lock keeps disconnecting.

Sifely smart lock keeps disconnecting

  • If the sifely smart lock keeps disconnecting, the Bluetooth connection between your phone and the sifely smart lock may have been interrupted.
  • To reconnect, try triple-clicking on the Home button on your iPhone. This will bring up a list of all paired devices connected to Bluetooth, including any smart locks that may have disconnected recently.
  • Select your sifely smart lock from this list by tapping its name. The device should then automatically reconnect itself to your iPhone.
  • If this doesn’t work, try toggling Bluetooth off and on again. Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Toggle Off/On to do this. Try reconnecting your sifely smart lock using the steps above again.
  • If neither of these options works, try restarting your iPhone by holding down the power button until a red slider appears over it. Slide it off to shut down the device, then turn it back on when prompted.

Sifely smart lock manual

The Sifely smart lock manual will help you with the installation and programming. It will also help you with troubleshooting your Sifely smart lock:

Sifely customer service

If you’re having difficulty getting your Sifely smart lock up and running, you can try to contact them with the following Sifely customer service:

  • Sifely Website:
  • Sifely Help Center:
  • Sifely Support:
  • Sifely Support Email: [email protected]

FAQs About Sifely Smart Lock Troubleshooting

What are Sifely smart locks

Sifely smart locks are a new type of smart lock that you can connect to your phone and unlock the door with just a tap. It also allows you to share access with family members or friends, so they don’t have to ask for an invite whenever they want to come over.

The Sifely app is available for Android and iPhone devices, making it easy for anyone who wants to use it! And in fact, the Sifely app is almost the same as TTlock APP.

Sifely locks are much more secure than traditional locks since they use Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone. This means that even if someone gets past your front door, they can unlock your door without a key.

Why are Sifely smart locks popular

Sifely smart locks are popular because they are easy to use, secure and affordable.

  • Won’t it be great if you could lock or unlock your door with a touch of a button? With Sifely, you can do just that. No more searching for keys in the dark or worrying about losing them.
  • You can also give access to friends and family members without compromising on security as it has an auto-lock feature that automatically locks the door after a specific period when all users have left the premises.
  • Sifely smart locks are affordable and offer many features, making them the perfect choice for people who want to get started with home automation but don’t have much money to spend.
  • Sifely smart locks are compatible with a wide range of smart home devices and have been tested by independent experts, so you can be confident they’ll work well in your house.
  • The Sifely Smart Lock is easy to program, so there’s no need for additional tools or equipment. You can also use the app on your phone or tablet as an extra layer of security if you’re worried about someone breaking into your house when you’re away from home.

The Sifely smart lock has three models: Sifely S, Sifely X, and Sifely E.

Sifely smart lock models

Sifely S

Sifely S is a simple and secure smart lock that can be installed in less than 10 minutes. The lock has a sleek design with an elegant finish, making it aesthetically pleasing for any home. This model comes with a battery-operated deadbolt and requires no wiring or installation work, making it perfect for renters who want to upgrade their homes without hassle.

The Sifely S smart lock can be used for your home, apartment, or office. It has an electronic keypad and fingerprint sensor. It means that you can unlock your door with your finger or keypad. The Sifely S comes with an app that allows you to remotely unlock the door from anywhere in the world (as long as you have internet access).

Sifely X:

Sifely X is an electronic deadbolt lock with a motorized lock and keypad. An excellent solution for Airbnb short-term rental hosts, rental property management, and self-housing resident. Generate a passcode remotely and share them with your visitors.

Sifely X has six ways to unlock your door: Ergonomic Fingerprint Sensor, Custom Passcode, Key Card Fob, Wireless Key Fob, 2  Physical Keys, and Fully App Control. Never worry about forgetting your keys and lock yourself out.

Sifely E:

Sifely E Smart lock features IP54 waterproofing, so it’s ideal for use outdoors. This lock is best suited for apartment buildings because there’s no need for an internet connection; all programming takes place locally using Bluetooth connectivity between each unit’s lock and smartphone app.

Sifely E Smart lock is easy to install in minutes. No extra drills are needed. No locksmith is needed. Powered by 4 AA batteries, the battery life is guaranteed to be over one year.

The Sifely smart lock system includes the following:

Sifely Smart Lock

Sifely Smart Lock Troubleshooting: Detailed Solving Guide 4

Sifely smart lock— wireless, battery-operated, mechanical deadbolt that uses Bluetooth to communicate with the Sifely gateway. It can be used on most residential doors and is less expensive than many other brands of smart locks.

The Sifely smart lock can be used on most residential doors and is less expensive than many other brands of smart locks. The Safely app allows you to set up passcodes, monitor who has access to your home, and even control the lock remotely when you’re not there.

Sifely App

The Sifely mobile app (TTlock app, available for iOS and Android) allows you to use your phone or mobile device as a key fob for unlocking and locking the door. It also lets you manage all of your settings, including who has access to your home at any given time, what room they have access to, whether or not they have 24/7 access or just during specific times, etcetera…

Sifely gateway

Sifely gateway

Sifely gateway will allow you to connect to your Wi-Fi and control your Sifely lock remotely.

You can plug the Sifely gateway into an outlet or wire in with Ethernet, enabling communication between the app and the locks. You can also use it to connect other devices, like a thermostat or light switch that doesn’t have Wi-Fi capabilities built-in (or if you want more control over how often they send information).

The battery on the Sifely smart lock is an AA battery, and it can last up to one year. But at some point, you may need to replace this battery. Replacing the sifely smart lock battery is not difficult—you need a screwdriver and a few minutes of spare time. The steps are:

Sifely smart lock battery replacement

  • Remove any screws holding down your old battery (typically three). Never use pliers or another tool that could damage the plastic cover that protects your lock’s inside!
  • Insert fresh batteries into their designated slots according to how they were oriented before removal (typically red positive side facing up). Be careful not to let any metal touch other metal parts inside!
  • Replace any screws removed earlier by tightening them firmly into place with a Phillips head screwdriver (typically four)

Sifely deadbolt keyless door lock installation is easy and should take about 20 minutes to complete. The lock works on standard doors (1-1/4 or 2-inch thick) with a deadbolt hole and a knob hole. You will need the following:

  • a drill
  • a screwdriver
  • some tape

Then please check the following Sifely lock installation video for your reference:

 Sifely S setup and installation

 Sifely E setup and installation

 Sifely X setup and installation

Sifely Gateway is the brain of your smart lock system. It’s a hub that connects your lock to your home Wi-Fi network, communicating with it and sending instructions to unlock or lock the door when you request it from the Sifely app on your smartphone or tablet.

Make sure you have already set up the sifely smart lock. If you haven’t yet, please follow the steps below:

  • Download and install the sifely app on your phone (iOS or Android) by searching “Sifely smart lock” from google play and the Apple app store.
  • Open the sifely app and sign in using either Facebook or Google account information on your device (you can also log out at any time).
  • Active the app and press the “setting” button.
  • Select “Gateway” and then select G2.
  • Plug in the gateway and power it on while the light flashes alternately in red and blue.
  • Add gateway
  • Select the network and fill in the right Wi-Fi password.
  • Complete the Sifely gateway setup.

Please check this video to learn more about the Sifely gateway setup:

Sifely Gateway Installation Video

If you have some problems and can not make your Sifely smart lock back to work, you can try to reset your smart lock:

  • Please ensure you have added your Sifely smart lock to the Sifely lock APP.
  • Open the Sifely lock APP.
  • Choose the lock you want to reset.
  • Press the setting button
  • Find the “Reset button” and press it.
  • Turn the “Reset button” on. Then you can press the reset button on the backside of the Sifely smart lock to reset this lock.

Yes, Sifely lock can work with Alexa; this allows you to lock or unlock the door using your voice and ask questions about what’s happening with your lock.

How to connect Sifely lock to Alexa?

To connect your Sifely Lock to Alexa, follow these steps:

  • Download the Sifely app from [link to sifely app page] on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Once you’ve downloaded and opened the app, select “Set up” from the main menu of your device’s screen.
  • Select ‘Connect new device’ from within this app section, then select ‘Alexa’ as your smart home device type for it to work with Amazon Echo speakers (otherwise, you’ll need a Google Home).
  • If you have an iPhone or iPad, then download Siri Shortcuts and create a shortcut that calls out “Alexa”;
  • If you have an Android phone, go into Settings > Connected devices & accessories > Assistant apps > Assistant Apps by Google Play Services and enable Google Assistant there, too; otherwise, use any other compatible voice assistant software like Cortana or Voicebot.

Here is a video about how to connect your Sifely lock to Alexa with the Sifely Lock app(TT LOCK):

How to use Alexa to control your door lock.

Yes, Sifely works with Google Home. The app can be used to control your door lock using voice commands.

To know how to connect your Sifely lock with Google Home, please check this user manual: How to Connect Sifely Lock to Google Home.

The Sifely Ekey is a Bluetooth key created by the Sifely app. The administrator can send keys to others. Meanwhile, he can increase the key management that is about to expire.

The Sifely Ekey can be divided into:

  • Time-limited Ekey: The Ekey is valid for the specified time
  • Permanent Ekey: The Ekey can be used permanently.
  • One-time Ekey: the Ekey will be automatically deleted once used.


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