Electronic RFID Entry Key Card Lock for Hotel Doors Security SL-HA2

  • It is forged by zinc alloy(stainless steel or copper) once, with high security and solidity.
  • An intellectual ultrathin tiny lock core makes the breakage to the door as little as possible when making holes.
  • Free handle to prevent the external stress from ruining the internal structure. The working life is long.
  • Lack of voltage indication to clew users should change batteries in time.
  • Emergency Cards or mechanical keys are used to open doors in particular situations.
  • Preserve the latest 256 records of the door opening circularly and knowing about the dynamic at any moment.
  • Ending the open functions of lost or appointed cards.
  • Indication of not closing doors. There are clocks in internal parts of locks to control the use time of key cards and prevent clients from owing charges.
  • Our software can clarify the administration classes of general managers, buildings, floors, service areas, and rooms. Authority purview is clear