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ACSLocks offers full RFID hotel lock systems products like RFID hotel locks, card encoders, room cards, hotel lock system software, hotel elevator control panels, and hotel energy-saving switches.

Your Reliable RFID Hotel Lock Supplier in China

If you are looking for RFID hotel locks for your hotel door, ACSLocks will be one of your most reliable RFID hotel lock system companies in China.

Whether you want to replace your old hotel lock with new RFID hotel locks, buy RFID hotel door locks for your new hotel, or custom hotel lock RFID cards, ACSLocks can always provide the most suitable solution.

Just send us your detailed requirements and get an instant quote.

ACSLocks RFID Hotel Locks

ACSLocks offer different types of cheap RFID hotel locks to meet your custom and different hotel lock project. You can get Mifare RFID hotel locks, Temic RFID hotel locks, and more.

ACSlocks can also offer RFID hotel locks in different materials, such as SUS 304 Stainless Steel RFID hotel locks and Zinc Alloy RFID hotel locks.

ACSlocks offer a Mifare RFID hotel lock system for mid-to-high-end hotels or large-scale intelligent hotels.

Electronic Commercial Key Card Door Lock for Hotels Room SL-HA5

ACSLocks offer Temic RFID hotel door lock system for economy hotels and other small hotels

Electronic 1623656726-Electronic RFID Entry Key Card Lock for Hotel Doors Security SL-HA2 (3)RFID Entry Key Card Lock for Hotel Doors Security SL-HA2 (3)

You can choose Titanium-aluminium alloy or Zinc Alloy RFID hotel locks for your ordinary indoor hotels.

RFID Hotel Door Locks System | Smart RFID Hotel Lock 2023 2

You can choose SUS 304 Stainless Steel RFID hotel locks for hotels in harsh environments like seasides, islands, etc.

RFID Hotel Door Locks System | Smart RFID Hotel Lock 2023 3

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Why Choose ACSLocks?

RFID Hotel Lock System Software

ACSlocks offer free RFID hotel lock system software with a free registration code, configuration, and operation guide video. Make sure you can configure and operate software well.

Free RFID Hotel Lock Sample

ACSLcoks would love to offer free RFID hotel lock samples for your test. You can install our RFID hotel locks well to ensure our hotel locks are suitable for your hotel doors.

Customized Service

No matter whether you want to add your logo on the hotel lock or add company information in the hotel lock system software. ACSLocks will Help you do and expand your business!

Preferential Treatment Policy

Become our installer partners and provide smart door lock installation services. As our potential partners with reasonable prices to let target customers can purchase them locally.

FAQs About Our RFID Hotel Locks

Yes, of course, we will offer hotel lock system management software.

You can use our hotel lock system software for free!

Yes, ShineACS Locks will offer a registration code for each of our key card encoders to make it work with hotel lock system management software.

Most importantly, our registration code is free for life; you will need to worry about the expired registration code.

Yes, if you have any customization requirements about hotel locks, please let us know earlier.

Customization service will include printing the logo on the hotel lock surface, lock handle direction, packing box customization, hotel key card design/printing, and hotel lock system management software customization.

The customization cost will depend on what you need exactly. For more information, please get in touch with us directly.

Yes, you can get a hotel key card design service if you need it.

But also you can send us your hotel key card design temple, and then we will print it for you.

Please note that customization of hotel key card design/printing service will greatly increase the cost.

First, ShineACS Locks will offer a hotel door lock installation manual and video guide to help you install hotel door locks step by step.

Second, if you still can not install hotel locks by yourself. We will offer you our hotel lock installation service partner; you can contact them and ask them to install hotel door locks for you. The installation cost will depend on our partner.

Although ShineACS Locks generally provide hotel lock installation manuals or installation videos, lock and door measuring, opening, assembling, and debugging for an inexperienced person is difficult.

It is still a relatively complicated task. Therefore, we suggest you directly find an installer that provides installation services locally or finds a hotel lock supplier that can offer installation services locally.

The hotel door lock installation cost is about 60-100$ per hotel lock.

Generally, you will get two years warranty for our RFID hotel locks. You can check the following warranty rules:

  1. Artificial damage will not be in warranty rules.
  2. The customer needs to show the correct SN with a video when the goods are damaged. If it is a firmware problem, we will try to solve it by sending customers firmware or remote control. If it is a hardware plate, customers need to send the broken parts back to my company, and then we will send the replacement parts to you in your next order; if you need them urgently, we will send you asap.
  3. My company will pay all charges in warranty rules; customers need to follow my company’s rules when the goods or replace replacement sent back.
  4. All support will be free during the warranty time, and we will support after the warranty time, but hardware replacement will be charged, and firmware problems will always be free.
  5. More details will be discussed in the future on both sides.

Mifare hotel lock—– Use Mifare cards. The frequency is 13.56Mhz.

Temic hotel lock—– Use Temic card, frequency 125Khz.

Generally, the Mifare hotel lock is better than the Temic hotel lock. For more differences between both, please check this article:

Mifare Hotel Locks VS Temic Hotel Locks, How to Choose?

Hotel door lock replacement is a more complicated job, but we will offer you complete instructions to help you better complete the work.

Please visit our “Hotel Lock System Configuration Guide” page and offer us your old hotel lock and door information; we will let you know how to replace your old hotel lock step by step.

Generally, ShineACS Locks offer 3 types of hotel locks, Mifare card hotel locks, TEMIC card hotel locks, and Bluetooth Smart Lock. All kinds of hotel room door locks are also widely used in hotels, apartments, Airbnb, and rental houses.

Our recommendations are:

  • New hotel project: Choose the Mifare card locks for hotel rooms.
  • Old hotel project: If your hotel’s TEMIC, TM hotel lock has been used for a long time, then if it needs to be replaced, it is recommended to use the MIFARE hotel lock.
  • Apartment Hotel and Rental house: The hotel room’s location is not in the same area. We recommended using the Bluetooth APP hotel lock. Bluetooth APP hotel lock facilitates remote management and door opening.

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Elevate your business by becoming a Hotel RFID Lock Distributor!

Our high-quality RFID lock systems will set you apart from competitors, offering your clients the ultimate guest experience and streamlined hotel operations.

As our distributor, you’ll receive comprehensive training, ongoing technical support, customized options, and competitive pricing to maximize and elevate your business.

Something important you need to know:

What Does A Complete RFID Hotel Lock System Include?

A complete RFID hotel door lock system includes RFID hotel locks, hotel key card encoders, hotel lock system software, and room cards.

You can also choose other supplementary products for your hotel rooms, such as key card energy-saving switches, hotel elevator control systems, door displays, and other additional products.

1, Hotel key card encoder

The hotel key card encoder must simultaneously work with the PC and hotel lock system management software. It is mainly used to provide the corresponding room card to the hotel guests when they check in.

For more information, please check this page: Hotel key card encoder

2, Hotel lock system software

The hotel lock system management software’s primary function is to realize the hotel’s front desk operation and management, including a series of functional activities such as hotel lock management, issuing room cards, booking, check-in, room renewal, room exchange, and key card loss check-out, etc.

You can check and download hotel lock system software from here: hotel lock system management software

3, Hotel key cards

The hotel key cards are mainly used to open the related hotel room door and can be used for hotel elevators and key card energy-saving switches.

For more information about hotel key cards, please visit: What Are Hotel Key Cards And How Do Hotel Key Cards Work? 

4, Hotel key card energy-saving switch

The key card energy-saving switches are mainly used for saving hotel room power after inserting the key card.

You can check more details about our energy-saving switch: What is Key Card Hotel Energy Saving Switch?

5, Hotel elevator control system

The hotel elevator control system is mainly used to control the use of elevators by hotel guests; only after they swipe the room card on the hotel elevator card reader can they use the hotel elevator.

For more information about the ShineACS hotel elevator control system, visit this page: Elevator control system for hotel security. 

What Locks do Hotels use?

The most commonly used locks in hotels are RFID hotel lock systems.

Of course, except for RFID hotel looks used for hotel room doors, you can choose Bluetooth hotel locks for your hotel and Airbnb hotel door.

Also, special locks provide extra security to hotel rooms, such as portable hotel door locks, hotel door bar locks, hotel door lock latches, and hotel chain locks.

They can also utilize the regular key if you don’t have the hotel door lock card key or have forgotten the code.

For more information about what locks hotels use, please visit this article: What Locks Do Hotels Use? 9 Most Commonly Used Locks in Hotels. 

Hotel Door Lock Installation

It’s a simple process when you have all the hotel door lock parts.

ShineACS Locks will offer accurate hotel door lock installation drawings, installation video instructions, and installation manuals.

For more information about the hotel door lock installation video, please visit our ShineACS video center.

If you can’t install it yourself, we can also provide installation partners in your local area to provide you with door-to-door hotel lock installation services.

How To Program Hotel Door Lock?

ShineACS Locks designed hotel lock system software used to program hotel door locks. First, you can check this video:

Also, we offer a hotel lock system software user manual to help you program hotel door locks step by step.

You can visit our hotel lock system software page to learn how to program hotel door locks and download software.

How does an RFID hotel lock work?

An RFID hotel lock system uses radio frequency technology for keyless entry. Guests receive an RFID card or key fob programmed with a unique identification code.

When they place the card or fob near the door lock reader, it sends the code to the central management software for verification. If the code is valid, the door lock disengages, allowing access to the room.

If you want to know more about the RFID hotel door lock system and how it works, you can visit our buyer guide center to learn more about the hotel door lock system and how it works.