Bluetooth Small Electronic Cabinet Locks with Without Handles SL-C118

Bluetooth Small Electronic Cabinet Locks with Without Handles is a unique design cabinet lock; it can connect with a mobile phone and is controlled by a mobile app.

Functions and Features:

  • Unlocking method: Mifare card, touch keypad, Bluetooth.
  • Single-card-unlocking and double-card-unlocking modes are available for choice.
  • Power supply: 4pieces of AA 1.5v Alkaline Batteries
  • If the voltage is lower than 4.8V, the lock will alarm whenever unlocked by the Mifare card.
  • Batteries life span: more than 15 months
  • External power interface(Audio interface)
  • Gear engagement ensures safe and reliable operation.
  • Wristband for carrying the TM card: convenient, waterproof, heat-resistant, etch-proof.


  • Operating temperature: -30℃~80℃
  • Antistatic behavior: >15,000V, information can be saved though in strong static
  • Static Power Consumption: <5μA
  • Dynamic Power Consumption: about 200mA
  • Low voltage alarm: 4.8V
  • Relative humidity: <95%


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