Intelligent Door Lock for Hotel, Home, Airbnb ,and Apartments

An intelligent door lock refers to a lock that is improved from the traditional mechanical lock. It is more thoughtful and simplified in user safety, identification, and management. Smart door locks use non-mechanical keys as a proven technology for user identification IDs, such as:

  • Magnetic card; RF card (non-contact type, high security, plastic material, convenient configuration, and low cost).
  • Fingerprint, iris recognition access control (biometrics, high security, no loss, damage, inconvenient configuration, high cost).
  • TM card (contact type, high security, stainless steel, convenient to carry and configure, low price).
  • Temic Card. Mifare Card. Digital Keypad. Bluetooth.

Intelligent door locks are widely used in hotel rooms, homes, Airbnb, apartments, Cabinets, banks, government departments (focus on security), school dormitories, residential quarters, and villas (focus on convenient management).