Intelligent Door Lock for Hotel, Home, Airbnb ,and Apartments

An intelligent door lock refers to a lock that is improved from the traditional mechanical lock. It is more intelligent and simplified in terms of user safety, identification, and management. Intelligent door locks use non-mechanical keys as a proven technology for user identification IDs, such as:

  • Magnetic card; RF card (non-contact type, high security, plastic material, convenient configuration, and low cost).
  • Fingerprint, iris recognition access control (biometrics, high security, no loss, and damage; inconvenient configuration, high cost).
  • TM card (contact type, high security, stainless steel, very convenient to carry and configure, low price).
  • Temic Card. Mifare Card. Digital Keypad. Bluetooth.

Intelligent door locks are widely used in hotel rooms, homes, Airbnb, apartments, Cabinets, banks, government departments (focus on security), school dormitories, residential quarters, villas (focus on convenient management).

Keyless Hotel Smart Lock

Keyless Hotel Smart Lock is one type of intelligent door lock used for hotel rooms and hotel management systems. It is authorized to be opened using an access card (such as a TM card, Temic card, and Mifare card). This is a multi-functional keyless intelligent door lock that is commonly used in various high-end hotel security systems worldwide. It has reliability, energy saving, advanced technology, flexibility, convenient operation, and easy management features.

Intelligent Fingerprint Door Lock for Home

Intelligent Fingerprint Door Lock is a kind of lock that using fingerprint as the identification method.

Due to the fingerprint’s uniqueness, it is more and more widely used in places with high-strength security environments such as homes and modern offices. It can bring more intelligence and anti-theft to these areas. Simultaneously, due to its rich, intelligent functions and multiple types of unlocking methods, such as remote control, keyless, networking, and other functions, it brings many conveniences and safe to modern family life.

Bluetooth House Lock for Airbnb and Apartment

Bluetooth House Lock for  Airbnb and Apartments will need to install the APP management system and requires a gateway to cooperate with WIFI to achieve networking. It is also widely used in serviced apartments and rental houses.

The most significant advantage of the BlueTooth electronic door locks with remote control is that it can remotely perform a series of remote management operations on the Bluetooth lock through the APP. When the house administrator receives the customer’s booked property information, he can send key details, hotel room information, etc., to the guests remotely through the mobile phone’s management system.

Hotel intelligent door lock and Elevator control

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