Smart RFID Mifare Door Lock with Pin Code and Mechanical Keys SL-P8822


  • Four independent unlocking methods: Unlocking methods: Bluetooth, Combination, Card, and mechanical key 2. Password Input by Touching Key Pression
  • Microwave Induction
  • Your choice can set the lock opening modes. Use IC cards or passwords separately to open/ Only IC cards and passwords used together could open the locks.
  • The lock system sets the cards, and software is not needed. 2 management cards and 200 cards at most.
  • You can modify the passwords: one management password and 50 door-opening passwords.
  • Messy codes could be used when inputting passwords. 12 digits at most.
  • Working with an alkaline battery, low consumption, and extended use life.
  • In an indication of Lacking of Voltage, an External source can be used.
  • Bluetooth optional