Can I Change The Locks on My Apartment? Why And How?

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If you find the slightest issue with your smart apartment door locks, you should immediately change them. Apartment lock changes are mainly done in two ways: replacing and rekeying.

Both processes ensure that your lock is not operational with the old keys. In the replacement process, the whole setup and locking mechanism get changed. On the other hand, only the critical pattern of the lock is redesigned in rekeying.

Apartment Lock Change 10 Essential Facts You Need To Know

Rekeying is especially helpful in case of lost keys. Moving to a new house, you should get your locks changed, cleaned, and unpacked. If the last locks are stable, only rekeying them will also work.

It is crucial to change your apartment locks while moving because you never know who will have access to the old keys. Here, we will discuss all the information you should know to change your apartment locks.

Can I change the locks on my apartment?

You sign the lease contract and other legal disclosures when you shift to an apartment. The contract usually also means that you can do minimal constructional work in the apartment at your own will.

For example, a tenant can change the apartment’s locks whenever possible.

Can I Change The Locks on My Apartment? Why And How? 1

There is no restriction for an apartment lock change if you own the apartment. However, it is mandatory that you immediately provide new keys to the tenants when you change your locks as an owner.

Sometimes, owners change the lock to restrict the current tenant’s entry. These activities are illegal if your tenancy contract hasn’t dissolved or you have a legal restriction order.

Similarly, if you are a tenant and have changed the apartment locks for any reason, you must inform the landlord beforehand. After the apartment lock change, you must also hand out the new lock keys to the landlord.

Who can change the locks on the apartment?

You should contact a well-designated lock system agency or a mechanic to change apartment locks. The lock system of your home is a sensitive matter because it directly impacts your safety. So make sure that you only contact legally authorized lock system providers.

Can I Change The Locks on My Apartment? Why And How? 2

The installation processes of the locking system are sometimes covered by the end of lock system providers. However, if not, contacting your old locksmith is a feasible option. You can also ask your family and friends to find a trustworthy locksmith.

In authorization, the landlord and tenant can change apartment locks.

How can I change the apartment locks?

You can change apartment locks anytime if you own the apartment and live there. However, as a landlord, you become partially accountable to your tenants. Therefore, it would be best if you informed them last apartment lock change.

Similarly, you need to provide the keys immediately to avoid any inconvenience. When dealing with an uncooperative tenant, you must take the matter more seriously.

Consult with your landlord or tenant first if you plan on an apartment lock change. Various agencies are available in the market for the outsourcing of locking systems.

Most offer a wide range of lock systems, including video locks, face locks, thumbprints, and more. In addition, you can make online appointments with just one click.

You can choose among various locks, such as a deadbolt, mortise lock, padlock, or smart lock. A deadbolt is the most efficient and cost-effective of all.

The global digital door lock system value will be approximately $9 billion by 2022. This critical data indicates that people opt for digital locks more than regular and manual locks.

However, the cost difference between a manual and a digital lock is also remarkable.

Can I change the locks on my apartment as a landlord?

You can indeed change the locks of your apartment as a landlord. The situation can be divided into scenarios:

  • If your tenant has already left the place.
  • Or your tenant is still residing in your apartment.

You can change the locks anytime if your tenant has left the apartment. First, however, you need to ensure that there is no tenancy period left in which the tenant can return.

Can I Change The Locks on My Apartment? Why And How? 3

When the tenant is still residing in the apartment, you must inform them beforehand in the second scenario. It would help inform your tenants that you are changing the apartment locks and immediately provide them with the new keys.

You can also discuss appropriately scheduling the apartment lock change process for both parties.

Changing the lock system is no legal necessity if you welcome a new tenant. However, to ensure the safety of your apartment and the new residents, you should change apartment locks.

Can I change the locks on my apartment as a Tenant?

You are going to live in that apartment. Therefore, you have the absolute right to ensure your safety. Changing the lock system of your new apartment is utterly suitable as a tenant.

Can I Change The Locks on My Apartment? Why And How? 4

But you must ensure that you inform and discuss it with your landlord. After the apartment lock change, you must also provide critical access to your landlord.

The critical access of the landlord is helpful in case you get locked out of your apartment.

Similarly, it is also beneficial for the maintenance purpose of the apartment. The landlord has the legal right to demand the same apartment time most of the time. The legal tenancy contract terms can also be inferred in this aspect.

However, you are entirely right to change your locking system as a tenant after informing the landlord.

Will you need a locksmith to change the apartment lock?

Whether or not you need a locksmith to change the apartment will depend on different factors.

The intelligent apartment locks you install will determine if you need a locksmith.

If you change the traditional doorknob or lock, you can install it easily. Transforming a conventional door lock will not require you to contact a locksmith.

If you want to change a smart door lock, you will need the help of professionals. Technicians are readily available to change the intelligent apartment door lock.

Changing the smart apartment door lock can be a complicated process. Therefore, it is necessary to contact professionals.

A professional locksmith can provide you with sufficient guidance to help you. These locks usually need to be opened using a pin.

How much does it cost to change the locks in an apartment?

The apartment lock change process can vary depending on your type of lock. The cost to change locks apartment depends upon the quality. You can expect the price to change locks flat to lie between $80 to $300 for a lock.

Can I Change The Locks on My Apartment? Why And How? 5

Professional installation can cost up to $200. Rekeying an apartment is cheaper than replacing it. The tenant and the landlord can share the cost of changing the locked apartment.

However, it depends on personal preferences and the legal contract.

Is there any other way to avoid frequent apartment lock changes?

Of course, you can use intelligent electronic Bluetooth apartment locks to avoid frequent apartment lock changes. Using a smart apartment lock can have the following benefits:

  1. Smart Bluetooth apartment locks bring you a safer and more convenient apartment living environment without using traditional mechanical keys and eliminate the trouble of carrying keys.
  2. When a new tenant moves in, only the door code or door card of the apartment lock must be changed through the mobile app, effectively preventing the original tenant from entering the room.

Can I Change The Locks on My Apartment? Why And How? 6

  1. It’s easy to manage all apartment rooms. Using the intelligent Bluetooth apartment lock, you can easily and quickly manage multiple apartment rooms through the mobile app. At the same time, you can open the door remotely and work the apartment lock without going to each apartment room door to change the lock cylinder in person.
  2. Both Landlords and tenants will never have to worry about losing.

What should you avoid doing?

There are a few things that you should avoid doing during the apartment lock change process;

  • Do not give a lock change notice to tenants.
  • Changing the locks of the apartment without informing your tenants.
  • Changing the locks of your apartment without the permission of the landlord.
  • After changing the apartment lock, they do not provide the tenant or landlord with the key.

FAQs for apartment lock change

Let’s answer a few questions regarding the apartment lock change process.

1. Is it mandatory for a landlord to change apartment locks for the new renter?

There is no legal obligation for the landlord to change the apartment’s locks for the new tenant.

However, regarding security, the landlord should change the locks as the previous residents might have the keys to the apartment. This can be unsafe for the protection of the new tenant. So, tenants can request an apartment lock change by conversing properly with the landlord.

3. Is it compulsory to provide an apartment key to the landlord?

Yes, the landlord can ask for a key to their apartment. However, the tenant is accountable for providing complete access to the landlord for their property.

Although, during the process, the tenant’s privacy should not be hindered. Sometimes, the landlord is responsible for demanding a duplicate key at their own expense.

4. Can I make my apartment door more secure without changing the lock?

You can install a good-quality deadbolt to make your apartment door more secure without changing the lock. Replacing the strike plate is also a good option for stronger your deadbolt. You can also add hinge bolts to your apartment door lock.

In addition, adding sash jammers to your apartment helps enhance the restriction for forcibly opening the door. Finally, adding barricades and installing a door wedge is also a great way of improving your security.

5. Am I authorized to change my apartment locks to high-security locks?

You can change the locks for the high-security locks. If you are a tenant, you need to discuss this with your landlord first, and only then can you proceed further. Also, you need to provide your landlord access to the locking system.

Can I Change The Locks on My Apartment? Why And How? 7

As a landlord, you must inform your residents and immediately access them. The high-security locks are beneficial for preventing break-ins or theft.

6. Are landlords accountable for changing the door locks of the apartment?

As mentioned above, landlords are not legally compelled to change the apartments’ locks. However, in case of break-ins or theft, residents can request a change in the apartment door lock.

However, it is entirely the owner’s decision whether to change the locks. Therefore, residents and landlords should negotiate a mutual agreement to change the locks if necessary. This will avoid any disputes later. Tenants and owners can also arrange the cost of replacing the locks.

I hope this article has answered all the queries related to apartment lock change.

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