One-Stop Smart RFID Hotel Card System Supplier for Hotel Management Solution

As one of the Smart RFID Hotel Card System Suppliers with more than 10 years of experience in China, our Smart RFID Hotel Card System can help your hotel and hotel guests use one card to complete all hotel security and permission operations. Keep your hotel safe!

After your hotel guests get permission from their hotel smart key cards, they can use this card to open doors, using elevators, dining, parking, etc. This key card system solution will ensure hotel customers’ safety and achieve the hotel integrated intelligent management.

What Can One-Stop Smart RFID Hotel Card System be Used for?

One-Stop Hotel Key Card System Manufacturers

Hotel Room Doors

Smart RFID hotel card system can be used for opening the right hotel door that belong to hotel guests

One-Stop Hotel Key Card System Manufacturers

Hotel Elevator Control

Smart Hotel Card System can be used for controlling the hotel guests enter elevator and into the right floor

One-Stop Hotel Key Card System Manufacturers

Energy-Saving Switch

Afer inserting the hotel card key to hotel energy-saving switch to gain and make room electricity secure

One-Stop Hotel Key Card System Manufacturers

Hotel Bars

In smart hotel card system, key cards are used for permiting roomer to dine and drink at the bars

One-Stop Hotel Key Card System Manufacturers

Hotel GYM

Hotel key card system can be used for allowing hotel guests to enter the gym to exercise and parking

Custom Smart RFID Hotel Card System Service

As a professional hotel card key system supplier, you can get kinds of OEM custom service from ShineACS Locks

Custom Management Software

Custome hotel card key system management software with your logo and related information

Custome Hotel Card Key Locks

Custome hotel card key locks with your logo and hotel inforation on the surface of locks

Custome Hotel Key Cards

Custome hotel key cards with your hotel card design on the surface of hotel key cards

Custom System Solution

Custome hotel card key system solution for your hotel in different area and application

Why Us?

  • 2 years warranty to make you use our hotel lock products and service in peace of mind.
  • Free hotel card key system management software supporting.
  • Professional hotel card key system design and purchase guidance service
  • Complete hotel card key system products line to ensure your hotel project can be completed in one stop.
  • Multiple hotel card key system solutions for hotels, appartments, and resorts etc.

Be Professional at Hotel Lock System:


What is an RFID Lock and how do hotel door locks work

The RFID lock for hotels are more and more popular and import for modern hotels in all over the world, but do you really to know what is RFID lock, exactly what they can do and how to choose a more suitable RFID lock for your new hotels according to a different type of RFID hotel locks? In this article, you will know all the useful and important information about the hotel RFID locks. Here are some points you will know:


A lot more hotels, as well as resorts, are utilizing Radio-Frequency Recognition (RFID) modern technology to boost guests’ experience during their remain. Great deals of hotels have been making use of RFID technology for resort space accessibility for the last few years. Powered by an RFID chip, the wristband will currently be able to open the resort area doors. This included benefit is making waves in the hotel as well as the leisure market with even more hotels and also hotels following the match.

RFID Hotel door locks installation guide and video instruction

RFID Hotel door locks installation as part of your overall security plan is an excellent choice for both security and convenience. Especially in Installing electronic RFID hotel door locks for commercial application, and some residents area are significant and with convenience. It’s the high level of both worlds that make them particularly suited for some residential applications for clients who demand both.

What is Hotel Lift/Elevator and Door lock Control System

The intelligent hotel elevator control system is used to control the elevator. When the passenger enters the hotel, the front desk attendant will issue the elevator IC card to the passenger. Only when the visitor swipes the card on the elevator can the elevator be used, which can effectively prevent the elevator. The idle passengers take the hotel elevator to improve the safety factor of the hotel.

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