Schlage Lock Not Working? Professional Troubleshooting Guide

Schlage Lock Not Working? Professional Troubleshooting Guide

Need help with the Schlage lock not working? In this article, We will go over some common Schlage lock problems you might encounter, how to resolve them, and help you get your Schlage keypad lock working correctly.

Last Updated on October 16, 2023 by Vincent Zhu

If you’ve encountered Schlage keypad door lock troubleshooting, we are here to help. Below, we’ve outlined some common Schlage keypad lock issues and solutions. We hope this information lets you resolve your problem and enjoy your Schlage keypad locks!

If your Schlage keypad lock is completely inoperable, you can consider replacing another smart lock that can secure your home better and remotely via mobile app; check our TTlock smart lock.

Please Note: For most Schlage locks, if you find that your Schlage lock is not working properly, you can first try resetting your lock, which will solve most Schlage lock problems.

To reset Schlage locks:

  • Disconnecting the battery, pressing the Schlage button, and releasing.
  • Reconnect the battery within 10 seconds, then hold the Schlage button until it’s green and the lock beeps.

If your Schlage locks are still not working, read on for more common Schlage lock problems and how to fix them.

The Schlage keypad lock is not working.

Schlage keypad lock not working

If the Schlage keypad lock is not working, there are a few easy fixes you can try.

  • First, make sure that your battery is fully charged and that it’s installed correctly. If they aren’t, remove them and reinstall them with fresh alkaline batteries (not rechargeable).
  • If this doesn’t solve your problem, replace all four AA batteries with new ones (not rechargeables).
  • Try removing and reinstalling the battery if it’s not working after this first step.
  • You can also check to see if any of the buttons on the keypad are jammed or broken inside.
  • If none of these methods fix your Schlage auto-lock, you must take it apart and replace some internal parts yourself! Or contact Customer Service for further assistance at no charge within one year from the product’s purchase date.

If you can not solve the problem with the above steps, upgrading or replacing your existing home locks may be time. Explore our premium keyless door locks for convenience and peace of mind. Say goodbye to lock-related hassle and hello to a modern security solution.

The Schlage keypad lock is not working when cold.

Schlage keypad lock not working when cold

  • The keypad doesn’t work: First, try pressing the physical buttons on your deadbolt lock one by one at a time. If you find one that works, but others don’t, you may have found your problem (for example, maybe it’s just stuck). If all buttons still don’t work after trying this approach, then it’s possible that the circuit board inside has been damaged and needs replacement.
  • It doesn’t work when cold: This issue happens because cold weather makes metal expand and contract more quickly than other materials (such as plastic), making it easier for remote connections between parts within your Schlage keypad lock system to break down.

Schlage locks the wrong code too many times.

Schlage locked the wrong code too many times

  • If you have tried entering multiple codes in a row without success, check that all batteries are installed correctly (they should be facing up).
  • Also, ensure the battery contacts are clean and free from debris that could prevent them from contacting each other.
  • If you’ve been entering the wrong code repeatedly without getting anywhere, someone has probably tried to gain access through another electronic device like an iPad or iPhone. If so, all you need to do is change the code on the Schlage lock! It will keep intruders from hacking into your system without having any negative repercussions!

The Schlage keypad lock keeps spinning.

Schlage keypad lock keeps spinning

The Schlage keypad lock keeps spinning. This can happen when you try to enter your code on a new Schlage deadbolt, or it’s not programmed correctly. If you’re having this issue, follow these steps:

  • Remove any old batteries from the lock and test them with new ones. If that doesn’t fix it, reset your programming by holding both outside buttons for 30 seconds. Then, re-enter your code and test again.
  • If your Schlage wireless deadbolt doesn’t open or close even though any code or fob did not activate it, there could be an issue with the motor inside.

Schlage keypad lock not working after battery change

Schlage keypad lock battery change

Sometimes, batteries will malfunction after being changed and need replacement before they work correctly. This can cause opening or closing doors issues because they weren’t appropriately replaced before installation!

When installing anything electronic like this one today, we need professional advice from someone who knows what type of battery should go into each part.

For more information about the Schlage keypad locks not working after the battery change, please check this article: Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change, What To Do? 

The Schlage keypad deadbolt is not working.

Schlage keypad deadbolt not working

If you’re having trouble with your Schlage Keypad Deadbolt, there are a few things you can try before calling a locksmith:

  • Make sure your deadbolt is not spinning inside the door. If it is, you may need to lubricate the lock. Look for the directions in your manual and follow them carefully to avoid damaging your keypad lock.
  • Ensure batteries are installed correctly on both sides of the unit (including any external battery pack). If installed incorrectly, this could cause issues with opening and closing your home’s doors or deadbolts, even if everything else seems fine!

The Schlage keypad is not lighting up.

If your Schlage lock keypad is not lighting up, you can check the following things:

  • Check Schlage lock batteries and ensure they have enough power, or you can replace them with a new battery.
  • Check whether the Lock Override is enabled or not. Schlage Lock Override can be used to disable the keypad. When engaged, the Schlage keypad is not lighting up. If you find the lock override is engaged and you want to use the keypad again, disable the lock override:
    • To Disable lock override:
    • Remove the inside cover.
    • Disconnect and remove the battery.
    • Use a small flathead screwdriver to rotate the lock override slot to NORMAL.
    • Re-tuck wires so they will not be crimped. Replace the cover.
  • Check and reseat the connection between the keypad and battery for loose connections.

Schlage encode lock is not working:

If your Schlage Encode lock is not working, please check this article to know how to solve it: Schlage Encode Troubleshooting.

Schlage Sense is not working.

If you have a Schlage Sense lock that is not working, please check this article for more: Schlage Sense Troubleshooting.

Schlage Connect is not working.

If you are using a Schlage Connect touchscreen deadbolt lock and it is not working correctly, please visit this article to learn more: Schlage Connect Troubleshooting.

Schlage Programming Code Not Working

If your Schlage programming code not working, you can check this article to know more: Schlage Programming Code Not Working: What Need To Do? 

Schlage Turn Lock Feature Not Working

The Schlage turn lock feature allows you to remotely lock your door and check the status of your door from anywhere. But if your Schlage Turns to Lock feature not working, please check this article to learn how to fix this problem: Schlage Turn Lock Feature Not Working, Why and How to Fix? 

Schlage Lock Not Locking From Outside

Sometimes, your Schlage lock is not locking from the outside; this is a widespread problem. If you are facing this problem, please check this article to learn how to fix this problem: Schlage Lock Not Locking From Outside; Why and What To Do? 

Schlage BE365 troubleshooting

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Schlage FE595 troubleshooting

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Schlage locks light blinks/beeps mean and solution.

Schlage locks have many beeps and light combinations representing different problems and solutions. Let’s list these combinations of beeps and lights in different situations to illustrate the problems and solutions they represent.

Schlage keypad lock flashing green

Schlage keypad lock flashing green generally represents a valid user code entered or the Schlage lock programming process is complete. For example, when you succeed in adding a user code to your Schlage lock, the Schlage lock will flash 1 Green Light + 1 Long Beep.

But when your Schlage deadbolt can be unlocked by pushing the Schlage button without a code, your Schlage lock has 1 Green Blinking + 1 high beeping. It means your lock has been installed incorrectly and is not secure. Repeat the Schlage lock installation process. Ensure the cam and bolt positions are correct, as referenced in the installation instructions. Browse and search “Installing BE365” for a video.

The Schlage lock blinks green but won’t open.

The lock flashes green after entering my User Code, but I cannot unlock the lock. Now, you will hear one high beeping and a green light blinking. That means the Schlage Lock Override is enabled; please disable it.

Schlage Lock Override

Schlage locksblinkg Red.

Now, let’s analyze the problems and solutions represented by the flashing red light of the Schlage lock in different situations.

Why is my Schlage lock blinking red x?

There are many reasons why your Schlage lock is blinking red x

  • An incorrect user code was entered
  • There was an error in the programming
  • Low batteries
  • Red blinking indicates a critically low battery.

Also, the Schlage lock blinking red with different beeps will mean a different problem.

  • Schlage lock blinks red then green: If you see your Schlage lock blinks red then green(Schlage lock not working red X), the Schlage lock battery is low and should be replaced ASAP.
  • The solid red light on Schlage locks with two beeps, which means a valid User Code has been entered.
  • Schlage lock blinks green, then red with 1 High and 1 Low beep, which means Vacation Mode is enabled. Now, you can try to disable the Vacation Mode if you want.
  • The Schlage lock blinks Quick Red without beep, but no codes have been entered, meaning the Schlage lock Battery is dead and MUST be replaced immediately.

Schlage lock beeps twice

If your Schlage lock beeps twice with red lights, it can be one of the following problems:

  • Cannot add a new User Code: The second User Code entered did not match the first User Code. Or The User Code matches the first four digits of the existing Programming Code.
  • Cannot delete a User Code: The second user code entered did not match the first one.
  • Cannot change Programming Code: The second Programming Code entered did not match the first. Or The first four digits of the new Programming Code match an existing User Code.
  • Cannot delete all User Codes: Programming Code entered a second time is incorrect.
  • The lock will not stay in programming mode: Any key other than that was pressed immediately after programming mode was entered. Or an incorrect entry was made during the programming process.

Schlage lock blinking orange

Why is my Schlage lock blinking orange?

Schlage lock blinking orange indicates your lock is in the middle of a programming sequence. For example, when the program processes, the Schlage lock will blink 3 Orange Lights + 3 Beeps after you enter the programming code.

How to reset the Schlage keypad lock?

If you’ve forgotten your code and need to reset your keypad, here are steps to reset your Schlage keypad lock without programming code.

Schlage Lock Manual

If you’re dealing with a Schlage keypad lock, here you want to find some Schlage keypad lock user manual for your reference; here is what you need:


Here, we have provided solutions to some of the most common problems people might encounter with their Schlage keyless entry door locks.
By following all the troubleshooting tips outlined in this article, you can quickly fix almost any issue with your Schlage keypad lock that may arise.

If you’re still having trouble with your Schlage keypad lock, don’t hesitate to contact ShineACS Locks anytime.


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