Schlage BE365 Troubleshooting: Detail Troubleshooting Guide

Schlage BE365 Troubleshooting: Detailed Troubleshooting Guide

This article will introduce the most common Schlage BE365 problems and everything you need to know about Schlage BE365 Troubleshooting.

Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by Vincent Zhu

Schlage be365 is an electronic keypad deadbolt lock for your home, but it can be frustrating when you run into issues. This can be especially true with the Schlage Be365 Troubleshooting guide, which can help you fix common problems with this lock.

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Why is the Schlage be365 lock not working?

Why is the Schlage be365 lock not working

If you’re experiencing issues with your Schlage Be365 lock, there are a few reasons you can do to troubleshoot the problem. These include:

  • Schlage Be365 lock battery die. Ensure the batteries are fully inserted, fully charged, and appropriately aligned. The batteries should be replaced every few years, so ensure they’re not dead or low on power.
  • Wrong configurations: You must ensure the Schlage Be365 lock is configured correctly for your door and its locking system.
  • You Are Using invalid code: Confirm what code is being used by ensuring it matches what was programmed into the system before installing it.
  • Cam Arm problem. Ensure no obstructions prevent your cam arm from opening completely when using your code on the Schlage Be365 lock. In some cases, dirt or grime can get between the metal parts of your lock and prevent them from working correctly.
  • Test your system to see if other locks work correctly or not. If additional locks in your system work, but this one does not, then it’s most likely an issue with this particular lock rather than a problem with your entire security system.
  • Schlage be365 components, such as cracks or scratches on its exterior case or faceplate, are damaged. If so, consider the replacement of damaged parts as well as other possible causes of failure, such as incorrect Schlage lock installation or malfunctioning power source (battery).

Common Schlage be365 problems and troubleshooting

Schlage be365 won’t engage the turn and spins outside

If the door lock has a problem confronting the turn, it’s probably because of a defect with the device. The Schlage Be365 may have been damaged during shipping or delivery and needs to be returned for repairs.

  • Check if any other locks are affected by this problem. If they aren’t, maybe it’s just the Schlage Be365 that needs repairing. In that case, you should contact customer support ASAP so they can send another one immediately!
  • Suppose other locks do experience this problem, too, then. In that case, something may be wrong with them, not just one specific model.
  • If everything else seems OK, but nothing happens when trying to turn on/off lights, then most likely there’s something wrong with your power supply.

Forgot Schlage be365 digit programming code or Programming Code Not Working

Forgot Schlage be365 digit programming code

You must reset your lock if you forget your Schlage Be365 programming code and can not add a new user or program it.

Please check this article to learn how to reset the Schlage Be365 lock: How to Reset Schlage Keypad Lock Without Programming Code?

If your Schlage programming code is not working, you can check this article to know more: Schlage Programming Code Not Working: What Need To Do? 

Schlage be365 deadbolt stuck in the locked position

If your Schlage Be365 deadbolt is stuck in the locked position, you must manually override the lock to get it open. This can be accomplished by rotating your key 180 degrees counterclockwise and inserting it into the lock. Use as much force as necessary to turn it until you hear a click.

Schlage be365 lock is working backward.

Schlage be365 lock working backward

If you have a Schlage BE365 deadbolt working backward, here is what you need to do:

  • Remove the battery from your Schlage BE365 lock.
  • Next, remove all the screws on the inside of your door, then remove those same screws on each side of your deadbolt unit (about 12 total).
  • Once those screws are removed, place your flathead screwdriver between the faceplate and latch assembly and gently pry them apart.
  • This should be separated into two pieces: one with a battery compartment cover and one without.
  • On top of these two pieces is an electrical plug connecting both parts; pull this plug out so that you can see clearly inside both parts at once—this will help as we go through our troubleshooting process below!

Schlage be365 lock not working after battery change

If you’re having trouble with your Schlage Be365 lock after changing the battery, there could be several things.

  • First, you must check that your lock isn’t locked or stuck in the locked position.
  • Make sure you are using the correct battery and install it correctly.

If your Schlage BE365 keypad locks are still not working after the battery change, please check this article: Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change, What To Do? 

The Schlage be365 keypad is not working.

Schlage be365 keypad not working

The Schlage keypad is essential to your Schlage Be365 because it allows you to enter your passcode and unlock or lock your door. You can solve this problem several times if this button stops working correctly.

  • Ensure the batteries are correctly installed and have sufficient charge.
  • Check whether the debris was caught between it and its case—this can cause issues when pressing down on either side.
  • If no debris is present and nothing seems amiss visually with the button (such as cracks), try resetting its circuit board by holding both sides simultaneously until they click back into place.
  • Reset your lock if it’s stopped working for no apparent reason.
  • Finally, if none of these options seem viable for whatever reason, then contact us to assist!

If you have more Schlage lock problems and need troubleshooting, please visit this article: Schlage Keypad Lock Troubleshooting: Step by Step Guide. 

If you can not solve the problem with the above steps, upgrading or replacing your existing home locks may be time. Try our premium keyless door locks for convenience and peace of mind without any changes when installation.

Schlage BE365 Programming

Schlage BE365 Programming includes a lot of operations, such as adding user code, deleting user code, changing programming code, deleting all user code, etc.

But all of the above operations will need to know the Schlage BE365 default program code now; let’s try to understand where it is:

Schlage be365 Button Signals

Schlage be365 Button Signals

When you try to lock, unlock, or program your Schlage BE365 Lock,  the “Schlage Button” will show three different color signals to help you know whether your operation has succeeded.

  • Orange: Programming mode
  • Green: A correct user code was entered, or the programming process is complete
  • Red: An incorrect user code was entered; there was an error in programming; low batteries; red blinking indicates critically low battery

Schlage BE365 default program code

Schlage BE365 default program code

When you get a new Schlage BE365 lock and are ready to program it, you must first check the default programming code. The default programming code is located at the back of the keypad (also, you can also find it on your Schlage BE365 user manual.

How to program Schlage BE365?

To program your Schlage BE365, please see the following steps:

Please note all programming operations, the first step and step 2, are the same:

Step 1: Enter your programming code and wait for the “Schlage Button,” which shows three orange Lights +3 beeps.

Step 2: Press the “Schlage Button” until the “Schlage Button” turns blue.

Step 3: Adding user code:

  • Press “1” on the Schlage keypad and wait for the “Schlage Button” to show 3 Orange Lights +3 Beeps,
  • Enter your new user code (four digital numbers). then wait for the “Schlage Button” to show 3 Orange Lights +3 Beeps,
  • Enter the same unique user code again.

Step 3:Delete user code: 

  • Press “2” and wait for Schlage Button 3 Orange Lights +3 Beeps,
  • Enter the Unwanted user code (four numbers). Wait for  Schlage Button 3 Orange Lights +3 Beeps,
  • Enter the Same Unwanted user code

Step 4:Success! Now the “Schlage Button” shows 1 Green Light + Long Beep.

How to Change the Default Programming Code on Schlage be365?

  • Enter your programming code and wait for the “Schlage Button,” which shows three orange Lights +3 beeps.
  • Press the “Schlage Button” until the “Schlage Button” turns blue.
  • Press “3” and wait for Schlage Button 3 Orange Lights +3 Beeps,
  • Enter the New Programming Code(six-digit numbers), then wait for the “Schlage Button” to show 3 Orange Lights +3 Beeps
  • Enter the same new programming code again. 
  • Success! Now the “Schlage Button” shows 1 Green Light + Long Beep.

For more about changing the code on Schlage Lock, please check this article: How To Change Code On Schlage Lock? Step-by-Step Guide.

Schlage be365 locking and unlocking

  • Schlage be365 locking: Press the Schlage Button, and 2. Rotate the thumb and turn away from the hinges. And hold the lock or unlock button.

Schlage be365 locking

  • Schlage be365 unlocking: Enter a correct user code into the keypad and then rotate the thumb to turn toward the hinges.

Schlage be365 batteries change.

Schlage be365 batteries change

Replace the battery for your Schlage BE365 is necessary when your lock stops working, or the battery dies. Here are the Schlage BE365 battery changing steps:

  1. Use a screwdriver to remove two screws from the bottom of the lock and lift off the cover plate.
  2. Remove the inside cover.
  3. Remove old batteries by pulling them out;
  4. install new Lithium batteries in their place.
  5. Replace the cover plate and tighten the screws using a Phillips screwdriver
  6. to test your Schlage BE365 lock!

Schlage be365 Key Override

If your Schlage BE365 battery dies, or you forget your user code, but you have backup keys beside. Now, you can try to use key override for emergencies.

Schlage be365 Key Override

However, to ensure that you don’t forget about using this feature and accidentally lock yourself out of your house.

  • Insert the key into the cylinder.
  • Rotate the key 90° toward the hinges.
  • Push the key and cylinder into the thumb turn.
  • Rotate the thumb-turn 90° toward the hinges.

Schlage be365 lock Override

If the keypad of the Schlage BE365 Lock has broken and you don’t want to use the keypad to unlock anymore, now you can use lock override to turn off the keypad.

But please note: After the Schlage BE365 lock override, you must use a key to unlock the Schlage lock.

Schlage be365 lock Override

If you want to override the lock manually, here is what you need to do:

  1. Remove the inside cover
  2. Disconnect and remove the battery.
  3. Use a small flathead screwdriver to rotate the lock override slot to lockout.
  4. Re-tuck wires so they will not be crimped.
  5. Replace the cover.

Schlage be365 factory reset

If you have forgotten the access code to your Schlage Be365, please check this article to know how to reset Schlage Be365: How to Reset a Keypad Door Lock? The Precise Reset Steps

Schlage be365 manual

If you have more questions about Schlage Be365 operation problems and troubleshooting requests, please check this Schlage Be365 user manual:


Schlage BE365 is an adorable lock with many features that can make your life easier if used properly.

However, if you don’t know how to use them, it will only cause problems instead of solving them! We hope this article has helped you troubleshoot any issues with your Schlage BE365 door lock so you can enjoy all its benefits without any problems.

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Schlage BE365 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Schlage be365 lock

Schlage Be365 is a battery-powered smart lock with a keypad for residential homes. It’s easy to use, works with most door types, and has a modern design. The Schlage Be365 is easy to install and gives you complete control over who has access to your home.

You can also change the default code on your Schlage be365 without damaging anything if you forget it, have been locked out by mistake, or even if someone else changes it.

Schlage be365 parts

The main Schlage Be365 components include the following parts:

  • Schlage Be365 Battery: The Schlage BE365 battery is a lithium battery installed into the inside lock case. This battery powers all functions on your lock, including automatic keypad entry, locking, and unlocking.
  • Schlage Be365 Cylinder: The cylinder is an internal component of your Schlage Be365 that allows you to use keys to open the door in emergencies. Especially when you forget your code and the battery is dead, you will have to use the key to insert the cylinder to open the door.
  • Schlage Button: Schlage Button is the most operation button for your Schlage Be365 lock; almost all lock operations need to enter the Schlage button first.
  • Schlage keypad: The Schlage keypad is mainly used to enter your door code to open or program your lock.
  • The Schlage Be365 outside thumbturn: Used to open the lock after entering the correct code or to lock the lock after the Schlage button has been pressed.
  • The Schlage Be365 inside thumbturn: Used to lock or unlock the lock from inside.


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