Smart Electronic Keypad Cabinet Lock

As one of the Professional Electronic RFID Cabinet lock suppliers in China, ShineACS provide with electronic keypad cabinet lock for baby safety, kitchen and drawer more than 5 years.

Our Electronic keypad cabinet locks have been widely used in supermarkets, department stores, schools, libraries, entertainment venues, factories, institutions, hospitals, movie cities, swimming pools, beaches, subway stations, train stations, airports, and other public places.

When you go shopping with your family or friends, you will always encounter the problem that the items you carry are nowhere to be placed. At this time, the RFID Cabinet lock of the locker is essential.

(1) Small size can be easily hidden without attracting attention;
(2) The appearance design is simple and does not affect the overall beauty;
(3) No wiring is needed when using. It will not affect the use of other products;
(4) No need to change the battery frequently, very energy-saving and environmental protection;
(5) Electronic keypad cabinet locks Can protect smart lockers. When it is opened illegally, an alarm message will be issued.

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