Electronic RFID Cabinet Lock

As one of the Professional Electronic RFID cabinet lock suppliers in China, ShineACS provide invisibly hidden electronic cabinet door locks for drawers, cupboards,  kitchen, display cases, showcase, and storage doors.

RFID cabinet lock is an advanced smart lock product, which can write the usage authority, time and opening range of the corresponding card when the card is issued to the customer.

The RFID electronic cabinet lock is an indispensable security electronic lock for hotels, guesthouses, leisure centers, golf centers, homes or businesses.

Electronic RFID cabinet locks can be used for cabinets, drawers, lockers, storage boxes, supermarkets, sauna clubs, gyms, swimming pools, libraries, factories and offices.

Many companies use hidden RFID cabinet locks to improve business efficiency because they track cardholders and record their activities through smart card systems.


1. RFID cabinet lock can provide good security protection for your personal belongings while protecting your privacy. It can also improve children’s safety at home and prevent your children from opening drawers or cabinet doors at will.

2, RFID cabinet drawer lock can be easily installed inside furniture drawers or cabinet doors invisible to the naked eye. It is very suitable for hidden compartments or stores display, and it can be unlocked with the included user card.

3, The RFID card can easily access the sensor through up to 1.5 inches of hardwood or glass.

4, AAA power supply, the usable battery life is up to 50,000 cycles. If the battery life begins to shorten, a low-voltage alarm will indicate that battery replacement is necessary. Because the battery will consume all power, causing the lock to fail to lock, ensuring that you will never be locked;

5, Each RFID keyless cabinet lock is equipped with a spring release device, which can automatically open drawers, cabinets, etc., and is easy to install.

6. Security data. You can read the data on the RFID card only when using special equipment. This function can ensure the security of data recorded on the chip.

7, Weatherproof. Because there is no exposed card slot, invisible RFID cabinet lock hardware is usually weatherproof.

8, Multiple unlock modes: (1) User card unlock; (2) User card + management card unlock

Note: The cabinet or drawer door’s thickness should not exceed 1.5 inches because this is the RFID card’s maximum reading distance. Please mark the position of the RFID cabinet lock reader. You can swipe the card on the reader, the lock can recognize it.

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