The Schlage Encode lock immediately relocks itself upon entry of a valid user code.

After unboxing, installing, and factory resetting my Schlage Encode BE489WB, it continues to operate improperly as such:

  • Keypad entry of a valid user code causes the lock to light the green home led with electronic deadbolt retraction (opens)
  • Almost immediately after that, the lock flashes the red lock led three times and electrically extends the deadbolt (locks)
  • The deadbolt is then difficult to open using the inside thumb lever, and the key will not go into the keyhole (no way to open the door then!?); however, once manually forced opened using the thumb lever, the deadbolt is free, and the key can be inserted and turned.
  • The lock does reject incorrect codes.
  • The lock, now, can only be operated with the key.

Problem: The lock immediately relocks itself (with three front panel locked red led flashes) upon entry of a valid factory user code.

Question: How do I correct or further troubleshoot this problem?

The Schlage Encode lock immediately relocks itself upon entry of a valid user code. 1

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This appears to be a mechanical issue. The Encode should not automatically relock after entering a valid code. There are a few potential issues that could be causing this behavior.

  1. Replace the batteries: led three times often means Battery is critical and must be replaced. Use new, high-quality batteries. Low-quality or old batteries may not provide enough power for the lock to function properly, even if they are technically “new.”
  2. Clean the bolt: If it has become soiled, it can interfere with the mechanism’s ability to extend or retract it properly, leading the system to register an error and relock itself. Clean the bolt and the area around it carefully, using a mild cleaner if necessary. Be careful not to introduce excess moisture into the lock mechanism, which could cause additional issues.
  3. Adjust bolt/frame alignment: If the bolt/frame alignment is off, it can create friction or resistance that prevents the lock from functioning properly. You may need to adjust the strike plate or the hole in the door frame where the bolt extends. This could involve repositioning the strike plate slightly or enlarging the hole. If you’re uncomfortable doing this yourself, you may wish to hire a professional.
  4. Interference: Check for any obstruction or friction in the lock and door mechanism. Ensure the bolt can extend and retract smoothly when manually operated with the door open. If the lock is having trouble extending or retracting the bolt, it may be causing the lock to ‘jam.’
  5. Reset and recalibrate: After the bolt is clean and the frame alignment is adjusted, reset the lock and let it repeat its calibration process. This process allows the lock to “learn” the specifics of your door, such as how far it needs to extend or retract the bolt.
  6. Wrong Handing: The first thing to verify is that the lock was correctly handed during installation. Handing is the lock’s process to learn whether the door is a left-hand or right-hand swing. If incorrect, the lock may extend when it should be retracting and vice versa. You can reset the handing by removing the batteries, waiting 10 seconds, and replacing them. The lock will go through the handing process automatically.
  7. Faulty internal mechanism: If none of the above steps works, it could be a mechanical or electrical issue in the lock itself. In such a case, contact Schlage’s customer support for further help.
  8. Reset to factory settings: A factory reset can sometimes resolve unexpected behaviors. To do this, remove the battery cover and batteries. Then, press and hold the Schlage button on the front of the lock; insert the batteries while holding the button until the lock beeps and the Schlage button lights green. However, you mentioned that you’ve already done a factory reset.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, your lock could have a defect. If that’s the case, you should contact Schlage’s customer support for assistance or consider getting a replacement if the lock is still under warranty.

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