The Hotek key cards in random rooms work for Hotek locks and then they do not work

We do have a Hotel with Hotek locks and a Hotek Classic version. The key cards in random rooms work, and then they do not work. What could be the problem? Mostly, they always work with the master key card.

Due to we do have our high season, we can not exchange the locks. Could we work with your software, encoder, and cards to program our Hotek locks to solve this problem?

Please answer ASAP.

The Hotek key cards in random rooms work for Hotek locks and then they do not work. 1

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I’m not directly affiliated with Hotek, but I can provide general troubleshooting advice based on your description.

If the master key card always works, but individual room key cards are intermittently failing, here are some potential causes and solutions:

  1. Key Card Wear and Tear: Over time, key cards can degrade, especially if they’re frequently used or stored in less-than-ideal conditions (e.g., near magnets, in direct sunlight, or places with high humidity).
    • Solution: Replace older or visibly worn cards. Ensure guests are informed about best practices for card care.
  2. Encoder Issues: The device used to program the key cards (encoder) might malfunction or not correctly encode the cards.
    • Solution: Ensure the encoder is clean, well-maintained, and functioning correctly. Sometimes, a simple restart of the encoder can solve minor glitches. If you suspect the encoder is faulty, consider servicing or replacing it.
  3. Software Glitches: The software used to program the cards might have bugs or glitches causing intermittent issues.
    • Solution: Ensure that you’re using the latest version of the software. Contact the software provider or Hotek support for updates or patches.
  4. Lock Battery Levels: If the batteries in the electronic locks are low, they might not read the cards correctly.
    • Solution: Check the battery levels in the locks and replace them if they’re low. This is a common issue in electronic locks; regular maintenance can prevent such problems.
  5. Lock Wear and Tear: The internal mechanisms of the lock, especially the card reader, can wear out or become dirty over time.
    • Solution: Regularly clean and maintain the locks. Sometimes, a simple cleaning of the card slot can improve card readability.

Regarding your question about using “our software, encoder, and cards,” I am sorry that I don’t think you can use our hotel door lock system software, encode, and cards for your Hotek door locks. Almost all hotel lock systems have their encryption methods and are not compatible with each other.

But if you’re considering switching to a different system, you must ensure compatibility with your existing Hotek locks. It might be best to contact Hotek directly or consult a professional locksmith or security expert familiar with hotel lock systems.

Lastly, even in high season, the safety and security of your guests should be a top priority. If there’s a widespread issue with the locks, it’s essential to address it promptly, even if it means some temporary inconvenience.