How to remove Vivint door lock?

My Vivint door lock 888 has been used for many years. Please let me know how to remove the Vivint door lock from my door. I want to install a new smart door lock. Thanks.

How to remove Vivint door lock? 1

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If you want to remove a Vivint door lock 888, you’ll generally follow these steps. However, always refer to the specific user manual for your lock model to ensure you’re following the correct procedure.

  1. Ensure the Door is Unlocked: Before you start, ensure the door is unlocked to prevent complications.
  2. Access the Interior Assembly:
    • The interior side of the lock typically houses the batteries and electronic components.
    • Locate the screws on the interior assembly. These screws usually connect the interior and exterior parts of the lock.
  3. Remove the Screws:
    • Using a screwdriver (typically Phillips or flat-head, depending on your lock model), carefully remove the screws from the interior assembly.
    • Hold onto the exterior part of the lock (the side with the keypad or touch panel) to prevent it from falling when you remove the screws.
  4. Separate the Interior and Exterior Assemblies:
    • Once the screws are removed, you should be able to separate the interior and exterior parts of the lock.
    • Carefully pull apart the two sections. Wiring might connect them, so be gentle to avoid damaging these connections.
  5. Remove the Exterior Assembly:
    • With the interior assembly removed, you can now remove the exterior part of the lock from the door.
  6. Remove the Deadbolt:
    • If you also want to remove the deadbolt mechanism, open the door and locate the screws on the edge of the door that hold the deadbolt in place.
    • Remove these screws and pull out the deadbolt mechanism.
  7. Fill or Cover the Holes:
    • If you’re not installing a new lock immediately, you might want to fill the holes temporarily or cover them to protect your home.
  8. Install a New Lock:
    • If you’re replacing the Vivint lock with a new one, follow the installation instructions for the new lock.

If you encounter any issues or are unsure about any steps, it’s a good idea to consult the lock’s user manual or contact Vivint customer support. If you’re uncomfortable removing the lock, consider hiring a professional locksmith.