How to change battery in Schlage FE595?

My Schlage FE595 beeps and it looks like the battery is low, but I don’t where my user manual for changing batteries. Can you help?

How to change battery in Schlage FE595? 1

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Changing the battery in a Schlage FE595 keypad entry lock is straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

Steps to Change the Battery:

  1. Open the Inside Cover:
    • On the inside part of the door, locate the cover of the Schlage FE595. This is the larger, often black, plastic portion that houses the electronics and battery.
    • Gently slide the cover upwards to remove it. This will expose the battery compartment.
  2. Remove the Old Battery:
    • Disconnect the 9V battery from its connector. You might need to wiggle the battery connector to free it gently.
  3. Install the New Battery:
    • Connect a new 9V battery to the connector. Ensure that you connect it with the correct polarity.
    • Place the battery back into the battery compartment.
  4. Replace the Inside Cover:
    • Slide the cover back down into its original position until it clicks into place.
  5. Test the Lock:
    • After replacing the battery, it’s a good idea to test the lock to ensure it’s functioning correctly. With the door open, enter one of the programmed codes to see if the lock engages and disengages smoothly.

Schlage FE595 batteries change

Note: It’s recommended to use a high-quality alkaline 9V battery for best performance. When the battery starts to run low, the Schlage FE595 typically gives a repeated beeping sound, indicating it’s time to change the battery. Always dispose of old batteries properly, following local regulations.

Remember, changing the battery won’t erase your programmed codes, so you don’t need to worry about reprogramming the lock after a battery change.

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