Pro Smart Card Encoder For Hotel Door Lock System SH-CE003

Shineacs Pro smart card encoder for hotel lock system is a card writer for smart card locks. The main function is to make temic RFID cards after connecting with the hotel lock system management software for the hotel rooms.


Pro smart card encoder SH-CE003 Spec:

System ConstructionHotel locks, computer, management software, Encoder, T5557card or energy-saving switch
Multiple functions program / manage the cards
Five levels of controlGeneral control, building control, floor control, area control and room control.
Password controlSystem password and operating password together to ensure security.
Cipher coding to key cardEach card has a different code that cannot be copied. Compulsory decoding will destroy the card automatically.
Area controlCards of different types and levels can open different locks in different locations.
Timing controlThe working clock is set inside locks to control the effective time limit of card keys.
File recordAll issued card keys have records including each opening(also mechanical key opening).
Loss reportingThe open function can be cancelled when the card is missed
Power SupplyDC6V, use of 4 pieces of No. 5 (or No. 7) AA batteries, with lack of voltage indications.
Static Power Supply1u A
Dynamic Power Supply About 200mA
Lifetime of batteryFor the allowed door open times, it normally can exceed 10, 000
Inductive Distance3-10cm

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