Small Touch Id Intelligent Fingerprint Lock For Sliding Door SL-F2018 Specification:

  1. Intelligent fingerprint lock SL-F2018
  2. Identification:Fingerprint + Password + Magnetic card + Electric key, Appearance , Paint + UV Lock , Core Grade, C Lock Tongue
  3. Light Alert Safety Function:Lock up, Lock inside
  4. lock cylinder level:C level true plug core copper lock cylinder
  5. Ambient temperature: -25 degrees -55 degrees
  6. Length of standby time: 13 months (based on 15 switches per day)
  7. Password length:  6-8 bits/16 bits false password
  8. Password Count:  Lock Password After 5 Consecutive Errors and Alarm
  9. Suitable Door Type: Wooden doors, anti-theft doors, stainless steel doors, fire doors, etc.
  10. Product Lock Body: Spherical lock body, Small 50 lock body, Big 50 lock body
  11. Applicable door type: Wooden door, composite door, interior door
  12. Application: commercial, home, apartment, district, etc.
  13. Unlock mode: fingerprint, password, magnetic card, key
  14. Products include Front:Panel*1/Rear,Panel*1/Lock*1/Accessory Package*1/Card*3/Key*2/Specification*1
  15. fingerprint Function:Anti-copy/anti-theft/Anti-fake film

Small Intelligent Fingerprint Lock For Sliding Door SL-F2018 Installation

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