Outdoor Biometric Safe Fingerprint Sensor Lock For Home SL-FD6 Specification:

  1. Fingerprint sensor lock SL-FD6
  2. Design process: Aluminum alloy die-casting & coating & acrylic process
  3. Product size: 340*70*30MM
  4. Total weight: 5.5kg
  5. Main chip: Fingerprint sensor Support (semiconductor) fingerprint, Card Support, Password support
  6. Communication: network, WiFi (module), Interface, linkage
  7. Button: Touch the numeric keypad
  8. Clutch mode: DC
  9. Battery: Quantity 4, Nature Alkaline battery, Specification 4.5V – 6.5V, Standby time Over 10,000 hours
  10. Unlock method Fingerprint, Password, Card, Key, APP
  11. Door opening direction: support Open the door in the left inside direction, open the door in the right inside guide, Open the entrance to the left outside, Open the access to the right outside
  12. other functions: Combination unlock mode, Anti-peeping, Virtual password, Aging password
  13. Other parameters: Low-pressure alarm, About 50 times, password protection, five errors to lock the lock for 300 seconds
  14. Doorbell mode: Bell, Tamper alarm support, Password length, 6 – 8 performance,
  15. Operating power consumption
  16. Environmental requirements: Working temperature -30℃~+55℃, Storage temperature: -35℃~+60℃
  17. Safety feature: lock on, lock inside
  18. Low Power Alarm: Low Light Indication
  19. Light Alert Safety Function: Lockup, Lock inside
  20. Card capacity: 50 sheets
  21. Length of standby time: 13 months (based on 15 switches per day)
  22. Password length: 6-8 bits/16 bits false password
  23. Warranty: 2 years
  24. Password Count: Lock Password After 5 Consecutive Errors and Alarm
  25. System function: full voice broadcast/support Chinese and English handoff
  26. Suitable Door Type: Wooden doors, anti-theft doors, stainless steel doors, fire doors, compatible with 6055 locks, etc.
  27. Product Lock Body: Standard Lock Body / Round Lock Body / Overlord Lock Body
  28. Application: commercial, home, apartment, district, etc.
  29. Products include Front: Panel*1/Rear Panel*1/Lock*1/Accessory Package*1/Card*3/Key*2/Specification*1
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