Keyless Digital Fingerprint Keypad Door Lock For Glass Door SL-C1019 Specification:

  1. Door types: Fingerprint keypad door lock SL-C1019
  2. Product material: 304 stainless steel
  3. Unlocking method Fingerprint, password, magnetic card, key, aging password, APP bt unlock
  4. Appearance process: plating
  5. Password length: 6-8 digits/supports 16-digit dummy password
  6. Standby time: 13 months (15 times per day)
  7. Ambient temperature: -25 degrees -55 degrees
  8. Lock tongue material: 304 stainless steel
  9. lock cylinder level: C level true plug core copper lock cylinder
  10. Door type: Broken aluminum door, aluminum alloy door, screen window door. Sliding door
  11. Lock body: Anti prying, anti pullout, anti proof, anti-theft
  12. Card capacity: 50 sheets
  13. Password capacity: unlimited
  14. Number of passwords: Lock the password and alarm after 5 consecutive mistakes
  15. Safety function: lift the locked lock inside the house
  16. System function: APP management / aging password / record query
  17. Low battery alarm: low power fingerprint light
  18. Product lock body: a variety of specifications, select by size.

Keyless Fingerprint Keypad Door Lock For Glass Door SL-F1019

Keyless Fingerprint Keypad Door Lock For Glass Door SL-F1019 Installation

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