Kwikset Smart Lock Not Working? Expert Troubleshooting Guide

Kwikset Smart Lock Not Working? Expert Troubleshooting Guide

This article will introduce why your Kwikset smart lock not working and how to troubleshoot Kwikset smart lock problems to help your Kwikset smart locks back to work.

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Is your Kwikset smart lock not working? If you’re having trouble with your Kwikset Smart Lock, don’t worry! You’re not alone. ShineACS Locks have gone through a lot of questions about how to troubleshoot Kwikset smart lock problems.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the most common issues and solutions we’ve seen pop up over time. Let’s start by discussing why your lock may not work correctly; then, we’ll understand what to do when it isn’t.

Kwikset smart lock problems

Kwikset smart lock problems

Why is my Kwikset smart lock not working? 

The Kwikset Smart Lock is a door lock that allows users to program the lock to unlock, lock, or re-lock their doors using the touchscreen and Z-wave technology. However, many users have reported that the Kwikset smart lock is not working, and it’s one of the most common issues with this device.

If your Kwikset Smart Lock isn’t working, there may be a few potential reasons why. Some of Kwikset’s smart lock problems can be fixed quickly by trying different steps to correct their problem.

Why is my Kwikset smart lock not working

Here are some common Kwikset smart lock problems:

  • Kwikset Smart Lock is not connecting to your phone/device. If you have tried everything and cannot click your Kwikset Smart Lock, restart your phone and the lock itself. This can solve many issues with pairing up devices.
  • Kwikset Smart Lock isn’t responding when pairing it with Bluetooth or HomeKit in iOS 11 or newer iPhones that support HomeKit functionality.
  • Kwikset Smart Lock Not Pairing
  • Kwikset Smart Lock Not Responding
  • Kwikset smart lock not working after battery change
  • Kwikset smart lock touch screen not working
  • Kwikset smart lock deadbolt is not working
  • Kwikset smart lock is not locking
  • Kwikset smart lock keypad is not working
  • Kwikset smart lock key is not working
  • Kwikset smart lock app not working
  • Kwikset smart lock buttons are not working
  • Kwikset smart lock not lighting up

If you have the above Kwikset smart lock problems and the lock isn’t working, You can try to troubleshoot it with the following three steps first:

  • First, make sure the batteries are in correctly. If they’re not, try changing them out with new ones and see if that fixes the issue. If this works, there was an issue with your old batteries (which should be replaced immediately).
  • Next, check to see if your phone’s Bluetooth connection works correctly by going into its settings menu and looking at the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth section of your device’s options list. If one of those options says “off,” turn them back on and try connecting again.
  • Finally, make sure that your internet connection is strong enough for this type of app to run correctly; if so many people in a household are using Wi-Fi at once—especially if they’re streaming videos or playing games online—it may be causing some interference with transmission speeds as well as crashing apps like Kwikset Smart Locks due to too much activity co-occurring within proximity.

Please note that ShineACS Locks is just writing the Kwikset smart lock troubleshooting article and providing possible handling suggestions, not offering after-sales service. If you can’t finally solve your problem with our article content, please contact the Official aftermarket.

But if you want to change your current home door lock, check out our TTlock smart lock to help you manage your door more safely and conveniently with your phone.

Kwikset Smart Lock Not Responding

Kwikset Smart Lock Not Responding

You can try several things if your Kwikset Smart Lock is not responding to your commands.

  • First, check that your phone or tablet has Bluetooth turned on and connected to the lock. You must reset the connection if it doesn’t pair with the lock.
  • Go into settings on your device (the location will vary depending on your operating system).
  • Find Bluetooth and make sure it’s turned on. Also, make sure that no other devices are nearby interfering with your signal.
  • Click “Forget This Device” and try pairing again from scratch if necessary.

Kwikset lock keeps trying to lock.

If the lock is stuck in the unlocked position, it will keep trying to lock.

  • Check whether the deadbolt can slide smoothly into the doorframe when you turn on Kwikset locks. If not, remove and reinstall it with a Philips screwdriver until it inserts smoothly. If it doesn’t, you may need to replace your current deadbolt with a new one.
  • The battery may be depleted or low on power, so try to remove it from Kwikset smart lock and then return new AA batteries after one minute.
  • Try to turn off the auto-lock function and set it to default settings.
  • If this does not work, you need to recalibrate your Kwikset lock.

If this does not work, try factory resetting your Kwikset smart lock and returning it to normal functioning mode.

Kwikset smart lock not working after battery change

Kwikset smart lock not working after battery change

If your Kwikset smart lock is not working after the battery change, please check the following fix ways:

  • Make sure you are using the correct batteries. Almost all Kwikset smart lock uses four AA alkaline batteries, such as Kwikset Halo, Kwikset Aura, Kwikset Kevo, Kwikset powerboat, and most Kwikset SmartCode series, all use four AA alkaline batteries. But primarily, Kwikset SmartCode 917 and Kwikset SmartCode 955 use one 9V Battery.
  • Make sure you have installed batteries for Kwikset smart lock correctly. When installing four AA alkaline batteries for Kwikset smart locks, ensure they are inserted with positive ends facing up. When installing a 9V Battery for Kwikset SmartCode 917 and 955, ensure the battery has connected to the connectors well.
  • Ensure the battery connector or battery terminals are clean and have no debris. If they are dirty or have debris, try to clean them with a soft cloth and WD-40.
  • Ensure no loose connections or broken wires are in your Kwikset smart lock battery compartment. Ensure there are no frayed ends or loose connections before reconnecting them to restore power to your keypad door lock system.
  • Make sure you don’t use old batteries and new batteries together. Mixing old and new batteries for your Kwikset smart lock will cause problems. You will have to replace all old batteries with totally new batteries.

Kwikset smart lock touch screen is not working.

Kwikset smart lock touch screen not working

If the touch screen on your Kwikset smart lock is not working and you do not have the keypad, or if it is not responding after changing batteries, try the following steps:

  • The health of the battery. If you haven’t replaced your Kwikset key fob battery in a while and it’s low, that could be why it’s not working correctly. Remove the back cover of the remote and replace it with new batteries (AAA).
  • Be sure there is no debris in between or around where you place your finger to unlock or lock your door.
  • If touching your finger directly on top of a button but sliding down doesn’t work, you may need to reset it by holding down all three buttons simultaneously (power/lock/unlock) for 20 seconds until all lights flash off again. This will clear any previous settings from memory, so when finished, re-enter them again through our app.
  • Check that you’re using the right app. Many users have experienced issues associated with different versions of their smartphone apps over time. Ensure you’re running on version 1.0 or higher for Android devices and version 1.0 or higher for iPhones/iPads/iPhones (iOS 10 or higher). If not, update your app immediately by checking for an update through Google Play Store or Apple App Store, respectively—or download our latest version from directly!
  • Connectivity issues between locks and remotes can cause intermittent problems where sometimes they’ll connect correctly. Still, other times they won’t because Wi-Fi isn’t available at certain distances depending on surrounding obstructions like walls or furniture blocking the signal between them, so make sure there aren’t any large objects blocking off communication lines between remote control devices (often called “fob”) with its corresponding lock(s) before continuing troubleshooting steps below.

Kwikset smart lock is not working locked out.

Kwikset smart lock not working locked out

If your Kwikset Smart Lock is not working and you’re locked out, try these steps to see if the problem can be resolved.

  • Check the batteries in your lock: If you have a Kwikset Smart Lock with batteries, ensure they’re fully charged before attempting to unlock your door.
  • Check that the door is shut: Sometimes, we open our doors without remembering to turn off a light or something else that might prevent us from closing it before turning on the smart lock app or using Siri/Alexa voice commands for unlocking (if applicable). This would also cause issues with communicating between the lock itself and other connected devices you may have used with it, such as an additional keypad or other smart home devices like lights or fans that voice commands may control through Siri/Alexa integration on some models of KWIKSET locksets (such as when using Apple HomeKit technology). So check this part carefully too!
  • Check that no one else has access codes set up in their smartphone apps since someone could be trying to use them right now, which will prevent you from working correctly, so removing those codes should fix this issue. However, there are still more things we need to look at before assuming anything about why something might not work.

Kwikset smart lock deadbolt is not working

If your Kwikset SmartCode deadbolts have problems and won’t open, please check this article to learn more about how to troubleshoot your problems: Kwikset SmartCode Deadbolt Troubleshooting Guide.

The Kwikset halo smart lock is not working.

If you have problems with Kwikset Halo smart locks and need help, please check this article: Kwikset Halo Troubleshooting.

Kwikset smart lock is not locking.

Kwikset smart lock not locking

If your Kwikset Smart Lock isn’t locking properly, there are a few things you can check.

Check the batteries in your Kwikset smart lock. The device will not perform correctly if the batteries are low or dead. To replace batteries on a Kwikset Smart Lock, follow these steps:

  • Remove screws from the back of the door handle and remove the cover plate (if applicable) to access the battery compartment
  • Replace with two AA alkaline batteries (not included). Insert them into slots, so the + side faces up when installed in the product.

If that doesn’t work, check for updates to your device and Kwikset SmartKey’s software update feature. If an update is available for either part of your system, download it and restart both devices before trying again.

Next, check for bugs within your smart lock’s operating system by opening its application store in your phone’s settings menu (or “app store”). Search through reviews of apps similar to yours until you find one with a rating of 3 stars or lower (one star being the lowest).

Download this app onto another device—it may be too old or incompatible with yours—and attempt to launch it on this new device.

Kwikset smart lock keypad is not working

Kwikset smart lock keypad not working

If your Kwikset Smart Keypad is not responding to your commands, it may be an issue with the connection.

To diagnose this problem, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Check that you have a steady green light on the back of the lockbox. If there is no green light or it only flashes intermittently and then turns off, you may be experiencing connectivity issues. First, check that nothing is blocking the signal between your device and the lockbox (i.e., walls or furniture). Ensure that both pieces are close together before proceeding with further troubleshooting steps described below.
  • Step 2: Next, enter programming mode by holding down both buttons until they flash white and red alternately for 6 seconds; release when complete (this process can take up to 10 seconds). You will hear two beeps once you finish successfully entering programming mode!
  • Step 3: Check if it’s plugged in and charging. If your smart lock isn’t set correctly, it won’t work. Plug in another device that uses the same charger and sees if it charges correctly.
  • Step 4: Ensure that the power outlet or surge protector works correctly. Sometimes there are power outlets or surge protectors that might cause issues with your smart lock not responding correctly to your commands. If other devices don’t charge when you plug them into this outlet or surge protector, this may be where your issue lies!
  • Step 5: The Kwikset Smart Lock keypad has stopped lighting up when you tap the buttons or use it for other functions, such as unlocking your door with a code or getting into Home Mode to check in on your home remotely with an app like Wink or Apple HomeKit.
  • Step 6: Your Kwikset Smart Lock keypad may malfunction if you notice that its buttons don’t light up anymore, even though they were previously lit when first installed (or when they were working correctly).

Kwikset smart lock key is not working.

Kwikset smart lock key not working.

If your Kwikset smart lock key isn’t working, there are a few things that you should check before you give up on it.

  • First, ensure you are turning the key in the right direction. If your lock is an older model, then it may be possible that you have put the key upside down or back to front. You can check which way around your Kwikset smart lock key goes by looking at where the numbers on the handle face; if they say “top,” then this means that it’s upside down and needs to be turned over so that they read “bottom.”
  • Next, ensure that when turning your Kwikset smart lock key all through 360 degrees, nothing stops it from rotating further than this point when opening or closing a door or drawer. You should also be aware of any difference between how far each direction turns within its rotation (e.g., some keys will turn clockwise but not counterclockwise).
  • Remember whether there is resistance when turning certain parts of your door handle rather than just feeling smooth movement; for example – this could mean something isn’t quite right with either part inside itself!
  • Rekey your Kwikset lock: You can try to rekey your Kwikset smart lock and make a new key to work with the current lock.

Suppose your Kwikset smart lock key isn’t turning. If the key doesn’t bend easily or stops at a certain point, spray a few drops of lubricant on the lock cylinder.

Kwikset smart lock code is not working.

If your Kwikset smart lock code is not working, There are a few things to check.

  • Check the User Code. Ensure you have entered the correct user code for the lock and that it is not under an invalid access limit exceeded (i.e., you haven’t entered over three invalid codes in a row).
  • Please make sure the lock is in its correct mode. If you are trying to unlock or lock a door with an electronic keypad, make sure that this function has been enabled on your smart lock first by navigating through Settings>Lock Controls>Setup Options > eKeypad mode in the app and turn it on (or off).
  • Check whether or not your smart home system is connected to other smart locks—perhaps an old unit you have somewhere else? If you have any other locks connected to your system, ensure they are not interfering with your smart lock.

Kwikset smart lock app not working

Kwikset smart lock app not working

If you’re having trouble connecting the app to your lock, follow these steps:

  • Check that your phone or tablet is connected to the internet. You can do this by opening a web browser, going to any site like Google or Facebook, and seeing if it loads. If not, connect to Wi-Fi (or use data) and try again.
  • Try restarting the app by force closing it (using iOS: double-tap the home button, swipe up on the Kwikset Smart App and reopen). This will close all running apps so you can start fresh with a clean slate.
  • Ensure Bluetooth and Location Services are turned on in Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  • Try uninstalling/reinstalling the app if this still doesn’t work.
  • Make sure you have updated the firmware on your locks.
  • Resetting/unpairing both devices may resolve connection issues – remove all pairing information from Lockitron’s system by pressing “Forget Device” in settings before repairing again.
  • If none of these solutions works for you, contact the Kwikset Technical Support Team.

Kwikset’s invalid access limit exceeded

If you receive the Kwikset invalid access limit exceeded message, you have entered the wrong user code 3 consecutive times, and your Kwikset lock locks out for 60 seconds.

You must re-enter the correct user code after 60 seconds of keypad lockout.

If you forget your user code and need help returning home, please try adding a new user code or factory resetting your Kwikset lock.

The Kwikset deadbolt is not turning smoothly.

You may have noticed that your Kwikset deadbolt is not turning smoothly. Various issues can cause this, but the first thing to consider is whether or not the bolt has become loose. If it isn’t moving smoothly in its track, your Kwikset lock troubleshooting should begin there:

  • Check for damage. Is the deadbolt bent? If so, this could cause friction and make it harder for you to turn. Or maybe there’s something stuck between the bolt and its track—a key left in place after locking up last night would do this trick!
  • Another possibility is corrosion; if water has gotten into any part of your lock system (which may occur during heavy rain), rusting could result on some surfaces inside the mechanism, which would cause problems with smooth operation and proper fitting together.
  • Check to see if the deadbolt is loose. A small screw underneath the knob on top of the deadbolt can be adjusted when needed, but make sure not to overtighten it, or you could damage your door.

Kwikset smart lock buttons are not working.

Kwikset smart lock buttons not working

If you have a Kwikset Smart Lock and are having issues with buttons on the device not working correctly, here are some steps you can take:

  • Check if your Wi-Fi connection works by connecting another device, like a laptop or tablet, to the same Wi-Fi network your smart lock is linked to.
  • If you don’t have an active internet connection, try plugging an Ethernet cable into your router and smart lock so they are hardwired together. This may make all of your problems go away! Though, you won’t need this step if everything works fine when using Wi-Fi!
  • Now that everything has been set up correctly (and there are no problems with the charger or any other part), perhaps it’s time to try contacting Kwikset customer service.

The Kwikset lock is stuck in the locked position.

If your deadbolt is stuck in the locked position, check some things before you call a locksmith.

  • Make sure that the bolt hole on the jamb side is recessed enough. The bolt needs to be able to retract into this hole when you have it in an unlocked position without being too far out of alignment with the face plate. This will ensure your door can swing open and close properly and lock and unlock correctly.
  • Disassemble the deadbolt and check whether or not parts wear out and become loose or bent over time. If you notice rust or corrosion around any moving parts, grease up their moving parts with some WD-40. It’s likely a good idea to replace these pieces before they cause more damage than they already have (which could result in even more expensive repairs).
  • Grease your locks regularly to stay lubricated and smooth-running for many years!

Are you installing the deadbolt in a new door? If so, make sure that the strike plate is level. This can be done by placing a small piece of cardboard between the lock and the strike plate and then twisting them together until they’re flush.

The Kwikset keypad light is not working.

Kwikset smart lock is not lighting up

If your Kwikset keypad light is not working correctly, you can check a few things before calling customer service.

  • Check to ensure the LED option is turned on in the Kwikset App. The Status LED is set to ON by default but may have been turned off accidentally. You can also turn it back on from within the app if needed.
  • Check the batteries. The batteries in your smart lock could be dead, so check them by removing them and checking for corrosion or discoloration on the contacts. If you have a rechargeable battery pack, ensure it is also charged.
  • Check the smart lock itself for damaged or missing parts such as screws, antennas, etc., which may cause it to malfunction with its applications on your smartphone or laptop computer.
  • Check that all settings are configured correctly within both iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) operating systems so as not to hinder communication between devices via Bluetooth technology.
  • Make sure there isn’t anything blocking light coming through when pressing buttons on either side of this keypad panel near where we would typically see some numbers appearing while entering codes into one’s own home, which confuses us because they’re not seeing what they expect–and instead nothing is happening at all!
  • Finally, ensure that the cable between your keypad and its interior is connected correctly, with no disconnections between these two devices (this includes alignment issues). If this doesn’t alleviate any problems, it may be time for new batteries!

Kwikset electronic deadbolt clicking noise.

If you’ve heard your Kwikset electronic deadbolt clicking noise, here are something you need to check:

  • If a door alignment problem is causing the lock to click, move the deadbolt back and forth until it stops rattling. For Kwikset locks with interior trim rings, you may need to unscrew the trim and adjust its position.
  • Check the strike plate (the plate on your doorframe that holds up your latch). If it’s bent or broken in any way, this could cause your lock to rattle and make a noise when you close your door.
  • Look at where your key goes into your deadbolt lock cylinder (the part of your deadbolt that turns) because sometimes dirt can get stuck in there—and no matter how hard you try to clean out this area by hand with an old toothbrush or Q-tip, sometimes it just needs replacing altogether!
  • Check whether there is obstructing movement between these parts—this could be anything from lint buildup on internal components.

How to reset Kwikset smart lock?

How to reset Kwikset smart lock

If you’re having trouble with your Kwikset Smart Lock and can’t get it to work, try these steps:

  • Locate the reset button on the back of the lock.
  • Press and hold this button for 10 seconds until you hear a beep. You may have to press or hold longer if you have an older model that doesn’t beep after 10 seconds. This is normal, so keep holding down until it beeps once!

If you want to know more about resetting the Kwikset keypad locks, please check this article: How to Reset a Keypad Door Lock? The Precise Reset Steps 

How to lock Kwikset smart lock?

You can lock your Kwikset smart lock in three ways: Lock with the Kwikset lock manual button, fingerprint, and Kwikset lock app.

  • Lock Kwikset smart locks with a fingerprint(Kwikset Halo touch): Place any finger on the fingerprint sensor to lock your door. The light bar will display the following animations, beep once, and the door will lock.
  • Lock Kwikset smart locks with lock button: Press the lock button, Kwikset button, or lock symbol once on the Kwikset smart lock front panel.
  • Lock Kwikset smart lock with the Kwikset app: Open the Kwikset app, choose the lock you want to lock, and press the lock icon.

Please note: Almost all Kwikset smart locks support auto-locking; after you unlock the Kwikset lock, the Kwikset smart lock will auto-lock in a few minutes.

How to unlock Kwikset smart lock?

You can unlock Kwikset smart lock in three ways: With a use code, a key, a fingerprint, and a Kwikset lock app.

  • Unlock Kwikset smart lock with a User Code: Enter the user code. The lock will beep twice to indicate that it is unlocked. Tip: Press the Kwikset button before entering your user code to light up the keypad at night.
  • Unlock Kwikset smart lock with a Key: To unlock using a key, turn the key clockwise to the horizontal position, then turn the lever to open the door. To remove the key, turn the key back to the vertical position.
  • Unlock Kwikset smart lock with a fingerprint(Kwikset Halo touch): Place your enrolled finger on the fingerprint sensor to unlock your door. The light bar will display animations, beep once, and unlock the door.
  • Unlock Kwikset smart lock Remotely with the App: Open the Kwikset app – Select the lock – Tap on unlock icon.

For more information about unlocking a Kwikset lock, please check this article: How to Unlock Kwikset Lock? Detailed Step-by-Step Guide.

How to fix a smart lock Kwikset?

How to fix a smart lock Kwikset

If you want to fix a Kwikset smart lock in some easy steps, please try the following steps:

  • Remove the cover.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Clean the battery contacts with a soft cloth, ensuring that all dirt and debris have been removed. The references can be found on your lock mechanism, inside, and sometimes on both sides of your deadbolt—so check them all!
  • Put the battery back in if needed, and replace the cover with a screwdriver.
  • Reset smart lock (if applicable). Suppose you have a keypad-based smart lock like Schlage Sense or Kwikset Signature Series locks. In that case, you must enter your master code before resetting it using either an app or pressing two buttons once during Kwikset deadbolt installation (an icon usually indicates this on the screen).


Hopefully, one of these solutions has helped you solve the Kwikset smart lock not working problem and get your smart lock working again. If not, there might be something sensitizing on your system.

In that case, calling in the pros at Kwikset is a good idea. They have friendly and knowledgeable support agents waiting by the phone, ready to help you troubleshoot any problems with your system.

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