Commercial Electronic Keyless Door Lock Unlock with Phone SL-D06

We are introducing our keyless door lock unlock with phone SL-D06, a modern and robust solution that elevates your home security to new heights. Embrace cutting-edge technology to fortify your home’s entry points while enjoying the convenience of advanced access control methods.

The keyless door lock unlock with phone enhances your home security. Combining state-of-the-art electronic features with traditional deadbolt reliability, this lock guarantees peace of mind and effortless access control for your family.

In this model, you can choose the version that suits you according to your needs:

  • Code + Mechanical Key
  • Code + Mechanical Key + Mobile App
  • Code + Mechanical Key+ Fingerprint
  • Code + Mechanical Key+ Fingerprint + Mobile App
  1. Keyless Convenience: Bid farewell to traditional keys. Our electronic deadbolt lock offers keyless convenience through various modern access methods.
  2. Secure Code Entry: Program personalized access codes for family members, friends, and guests. Grant entry with ease while maintaining security.
  3. Responsive Touchscreen: Enjoy an intuitive interface that ensures smooth code input and easy navigation through the lock’s settings.
  4. Tamper Alerts: Stay informed with tamper alerts that trigger if multiple incorrect codes are entered, deterring unauthorized access attempts.
  5. Backup Key Access: While embracing modernity, retain the option of mechanical key access as a backup solution.
  6. Battery Efficiency: Experience extended battery life, ensuring the lock is operational when needed. Low battery alerts keep you prepared.
  7. Sleek Aesthetics: Aesthetically pleasing design complements your home’s style, seamlessly integrating technology and elegance.
  8. Quick Installation: Effortless installation ensures you can upgrade your home security easily.
  9. Remote Access (Optional): Select models offer remote access capabilities, enabling you to control and monitor your lock via a smartphone app.
  10. Auto-Lock Feature: Set your lock to automatically engage after a specified period, ensuring your home is always secure.
  11. Guest Access: Generate temporary codes for guests, service providers, or house sitters, enhancing convenience and security.
  12. Anti-Pick Shielding: Advanced technology thwarts picking and bumping attempts, bolstering your lock’s resistance against intrusion.

Function comparison of different configurations and models:

Commercial Electronic Keyless Door Lock Unlock with Phone SL-D06 12 Commercial Electronic Keyless Door Lock Unlock with Phone SL-D06 13

Model NumberSL-D06
Unlocking methods:Mobile app, password, fingerprint, and mechanical key;
Door TypeWood door
User capacityThe total number of password fingerprint groups: 60 groups (10 groups of administrators, 40 groups of ordinary users, ten groups of temporary users;
MaterialAluminum Alloy+ABS+Silicone
Power Supply4xAA Battery
Emergency SupplyUSB-Type-C
Deadbolt60/70 mm Retractable Adjustable Latch
PackingNeutral Color Box + Pearl Cotton
Door Thickness35-50mm
Inner Box218*157*85mm
Outside Box500*460*280mm
net weight0.76Kgs
Working Voltage6V
Alarm Voltage4.8V
Packaging DetailsPackage type: Box packing Qty/Ctn:20sets G.W/Ctn:21.3kgs
Factory price poly bag +box +carton or according to your requirement

You can choose different types of handles for added security. PLEASE NOTE: Additional safety handles will increase the price.

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Commercial Electronic Keyless Door Lock Unlock with Phone SL-D06 15

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