Fingerprint Commercial Keyless Entry Door Lock with App SL-D07

Upgrade your home security with our advanced commercial keyless entry door lock with app SL-D07. This cutting-edge lock redefines convenience and protection, offering multiple unlocking methods, advanced features, and a sleek design.

You can unlock your door effortlessly through a mobile app, password, fingerprint, or mechanical key. Whether you’re at home or away, our smart deadbolt ensures peace of mind and complete control over access to your space.

In this model, you can choose the version that suits you according to your needs:

  • Code + Mechanical Key
  • Code + Mechanical Key + Mobile App
  • Code + Mechanical Key+ Fingerprint
  • Code + Mechanical Key+ Fingerprint + Mobile App

Experience security and convenience with our state-of-the-art commercial keyless entry door lock with app SL–D07. Designed to cater to your modern lifestyle, this cutting-edge lock boasts an array of advanced features that redefine home security. Here’s what sets our smart deadbolt apart:

  1. Versatile Unlocking Methods: Unlock your door using your mobile app, a personalized password, your unique fingerprint, or a traditional mechanical key. Enjoy the freedom to choose the method that suits your preference.
  2. Silicone Password Button with Indicator Light: Our innovative silicone password button with a built-in indicator light ensures accurate password entry, even in low light conditions. The indicator light provides visual feedback for successful unlocks.
  3. Buzzer Prompt: Stay informed about every lock and unlock activity with the built-in buzzer prompt. Receive real-time audio feedback that confirms your actions.
  4. Virtual Password Function: Set up virtual passwords for temporary access, enhancing security for short-term visitors without compromising your main password.
  5. Ample User Capacity: With a capacity for up to 60 user profiles, our smart deadbolt accommodates various access needs. This includes ten administrator groups, 40 regular users, and ten temporary users.
  6. Premium Build Materials: Crafted with durability, the front shell is made from robust aluminum alloy, while the rear shell features high-quality ABS material.
  7. Delayed Automatic Locking: Customize your security routine with the delayed automatic locking function. You have control over the locking time, adapting the lock to your schedule.
  8. Multiple Modes: Tailor the lock’s behavior to your needs. Choose from normal open mode, temporary password mode, vacation mode for extended absence, and silent mode for discreet access.
  9. Self-Inspection Function: Our lock features a self-inspection function that aids in correcting the left and right door opening direction, ensuring seamless operation.
  10. Low Battery Alarm: Stay ahead of battery replacement with the low battery alarm, which notifies you when it’s time to change the four AAA dry batteries that power the lock.
  11. Abnormal Opening Detection: The error correction function automatically activates when an abnormal door opening is detected, bolstering security and maintaining control.
  12. USB Emergency Power Supply: Our lock has you covered in power emergencies. Utilize the USB emergency power supply with the convenient Type-C interface to power the lock temporarily.

Function comparison of different configurations and models: 

Fingerprint Commercial Keyless Entry Door Lock with App SL-D07 11

Fingerprint Commercial Keyless Entry Door Lock with App SL-D07 12

Model NumberSL-D07
Unlocking methods:Mobile app, password, fingerprint, and mechanical key;
Door TypeWood door
User capacityThe total number of password fingerprint groups: 60 groups (10 groups of administrators, 40 groups of ordinary users, ten groups of temporary users;
MaterialAluminum Alloy+ABS+Silicone
Power Supply4xAA Battery
Emergency SupplyUSB-Type-C
Deadbolt60/70 mm Retractable Adjustable Latch
PackingNeutral Color Box + Pearl Cotton
Door Thickness35-50mm
Inner Box218*157*85mm
Outside Box500*460*280mm
net weight0.76Kgs
Working Voltage6V
Alarm Voltage4.8V
Packaging DetailsPackage type:Box packing Qty/Ctn:20sets G.W/Ctn:21.3kgs 
Factory price poly bag +box +carton or according to your requirement

You can choose different types of handles for added security. PLEASE NOTE: Additional safety handles will increase the price.

Fingerprint Commercial Keyless Entry Door Lock with App SL-D07 13 Fingerprint Commercial Keyless Entry Door Lock with App SL-D07 14 Fingerprint Commercial Keyless Entry Door Lock with App SL-D07 15

Fingerprint Commercial Keyless Entry Door Lock with App SL-D07 16

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