How to Rekey A Kwikset Lock? Precise Step by Step Guide

How to Rekey A Kwikset Lock? Precise Step by Step Guide

We’ll discuss how to rekey a Kwikset lock so that you can feel more secure in your home and not have to worry about replacing all your locks.

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Kwikset locks are one of the most popular brands on the market. They offer high-quality intelligent door locks and are easy to use, but their popularity also means burglars often target them.

If you have Kwikset locks on your doors, it’s essential to ensure they’re properly secured. One way to do this is by rekeying them if some of your keys go missing or someone else gets ahold of one and uses it to enter your home without permission.

The approximate rekey a Kwikset smart lock steps are as follows:

What do you need to rekey a Kwikset smart lock?

To rekey your lock, you’ll need the following tools:

What do you need to rekey a Kwikset smart lock

A SmartKey rekey tool.

This piece does all the work, so ensure you have one before rekeying. It can be purchased online or at most hardware stores for less than $10 if you don’t already own one.

Your current key.

This is what you have to have to rekey your Kwikset lock.

The new key.

A new Kwikset key of the same type as your existing lock. The new key will be used to turn to unlock the door once it’s been rekeyed.

How to rekey a kwikset lock with Smartkey?

Here are kwikset smartkey rekey instructions:

Step 1: Prepare your lock and door.

How to Rekey A Kwikset Lock? Precise Step by Step Guide 1

  • If you have a Kwikset deadbolt, Kwikset knob, or lever, ensure it is in the locked potion.

How to Rekey A Kwikset Lock? Precise Step by Step Guide 2

  • Ensure your door cannot close independently or you have another way to open it.
  • If you have Kwikset electronic or Kwikset smart locks and auto-Lock is enabled, please remove the battery pack before rekeying your lock.

Step 2: Insert the current key.

Insert your existing key that can open your lock. Rotate the key 90 degrees clockwise.

Insert the current key

Step 3: Insert the SmartKey tool fully and firmly into the SmartKey hole.

You may feel the tool click inside the lock.

Insert the SmartKey tool fully and firmly into the SmartKey hole

Step 4: Remove the SmartKey tool, then remove your current key.

Step 5: Insert the new key you wish to use with your lock.

Insert the new key you wish to use with your lock

  • Make sure your new Kwikset key is FULLY inserted. The edge of the key touches the indent in the cylinder face.
  • Without pushing or pulling the key, rotate it 180 degrees counter-clockwise. Then rotate the key 180 degrees clockwise.
  • Pull the key to ensure it will NOT come out in this position. Rotate the key 90 degrees counter-clockwise back to the starting position.

Step 6: Remove your new key.

You have successfully rekeyed your lock.

Step 7: Test the old key.

Insert your old key and test it to ensure it no longer operates. If the old key still works, you must call Kwikset consumer service.

Please note: Almost all Kwikset SmartKey locks can use these rekey instructions whether you are trying to rekey a Kwikset deadbolt lock, lever lock, or other entry locks.

If you still have trouble rekeying a Kwikset lock, please check this official rekey video:

How to Rekey Lock in 4 Easy-to-Follow Steps

How to rekey a Kwikset lock without a key?

What if you don’t have the current key and want to rekey your Kwikset lock? Can I rekey a Kwikset lock without the original key?

The answer is yes; you can rekey your Kwikset Smart Key lock without the original key.

The only way to rekey your Kwikset locks without a key is to pick it open. This can be done with a hook pick or a bump key, but it’s not difficult if you follow the proper procedure.

If you’re uncomfortable doing this yourself, you may want to hire a locksmith for assistance.

The easiest way to rekey a Kwikset SmartKey lock is by using the original keys. But rekeying a lock without the original key is more complex and expensive.

You may wonder how to rekey a Kwikset lock without the original key; here is Kwikset SmartKey rekey instructions youtube video about how to rekey a Kwikset lock without the original key:

How to rekey a Kwikset lock without the original key

Kwikset SmartKey rekey failed.

As with anything, your Kwikset SmartKey rekeys may fail if the rekeying process is not carefully executed. Such as, Kwikset smart key tool will not insert.

If you run Kwikset SmartKey rekey failed, Please check the following troubleshooting tips:

  • You will have to keep your door always open, and the lock is in a locked potion
  • Ensure you have inserted your Kwikset SmartKey tool and the new keys entirely for the process to work correctly; only turn the functioning key ¼ turn.
  • Ensure you insert the current working key when rekeying; if the existing key is not inserted, the lock could jam, and neither the old nor the new key will work.
  • You must own the Kwikset SmartKey rekey tool and the current working key simultaneously; both are imperative to rekey a lock successfully.
  • Ensure you use the right Kwikset new key, such as a factory-cut or code-cut key.

You can visit the Kwikset website for more Kwikset services and rekey videos.

Please note that ShineACS Locks is just writing the Kwikset lock rekeying article and providing possible handling suggestions, not offering after-sales service. If you can’t finally solve your problem with our article content, please get in touch with the Official aftermarket.

For more Kwikset SmartKey rekeys problems and troubleshooting, please check this article:

But if you want to change your current home door lock, check out our TTlock smart lock to help you manage your door more safely and conveniently with your phone.

Kwikset rekey manual

If you want to learn more about how to rekey a Kwikset lockset, you can check and learn this Kwikset rekey manual pdf.


With any luck, this article has answered how to rekey a Kwikset smart key lock. As mentioned, rekeying protects your home from intruders and thieves.

If you need any more, please get in touch with ShineACS Locks at any time.

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FAQs About How to Rekey A Kwikset Lock

What is the Kwikset smart key

Kwikset SmartKey Re-Key Technology is a process of making a new key in the same lock. With the use of SmartKey Security, you can rekey the lock in seconds.

The best part is that you don’t need to require special tools, remove the cylinder from your door or any other part of the lock, or destroy it.

This means you can rekey your locks without needing to replace them with new ones! And it can be done at home by anyone with access to the lock and its current key.

It’s also simple enough for anyone in the family to change their keys if needed–no need for an expensive locksmith or replacement locks!

How does Kwikset smart key work

Kwikset SmartKey lock allows you to rekey your locks in seconds without additional tools or hardware. This makes it easier to change the key if you lose one or accidentally leave the door unlocked when leaving the house.

It has enabled homeowners and businesses to easily change their locks without calling a locksmith or hiring an expensive professional service provider.

The SmartKey technology works on most residential doors so that you can use it for your front, patio, back, or even storage rooms if necessary!

Rekeying a Kwikset lock is a means of changing the key without replacing the entire lock. There are several reasons if you have a lock and wish to rekey it.

  • You want to change the keys on your locks but don’t want to change the locks.
  • Someone lost their key and didn’t have another one that works with the current lock.
  • The tenants changed: You have a tenant who has moved out, and you do not want your old tenants who still have their keys to be able to enter.
  • You want to use the same key for multiple locks around your house or business (e.g., if you have multiple doors that open with a single key). Rekeying the same key for multiple locks will save you time and money since it’s not necessary for an entirely new set of hardware.
  • If someone loaned out their key but never got it back.
  • Moving to a new house: You’ve moved into a new home, and the previous owners still have a key that works with the lock; now, you want to change and make new keys.

Kwikset SmartKey is a rekeying door lock system that allows homeowners to rekey their locks quickly and easily. This system lets you change the key on your Kwikset lock with some easy steps and minimal effort or cost.

What Kwikset locks support SmartKey (2)

You can use this Kwikset SmartKey technology to rekey a variety of Kwikset products, including:

  • Kwikset knobs
  • Kwikset deadbolts
  • Kwikset levers
  • Kwikset handlesets
  • Kwikset electronic locks
  • Kwikset smart locks

Kwikset Smart Key Technology is a patented, easy-to-use locking system that allows you to rekey your Kwikset door lock in seconds. It’s ideal for renters, real estate agents, and homeowners who want to change the locks quickly before an open house or moving in.

You can also use it when you need to give someone access while you’re away on vacation or business travel.

Kwikset locks come with various keyways, so you’ll need to ensure you get the right one.

For example, Kwikset KW1 and Kwikset SC1 keys have flat tops and can’t be used on certain models requiring a rounded head.

You can rekey your lock as many times as you want. All you need is the Smartkey Security tool with unlimited keys.


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