What Hotel Electronic Lock System Components and Usefulness of Each Component?

The hotel electronic lock system is the basic security lock system that smart hotel management must-have. A complete hotel guest electronic lock system consists of multiple parts of hardware, such as hotel locks, card issuers, guest room cards, hotel lock management software, and Energy saving switch.

In addition to opening the door of the hotel room, guests need to insert the card to take the power switch after entering the door to start the power of all electrical appliances. If you are a newly established restaurant or hotel, then this article will help you clearly understand the necessary product components of the hotel electronic lock system and their respective functions, so that you can well know which products your hotel needs.

1. Hotel lock

Hotel locks are part of a series of electronic locks. They have different requirements from home electric door locks. Household electric door locks require multiple doors opening methods to coexist for easy opening; hotel electric door locks require a single Or a smaller way to open the door, which is conducive to the realization of management.

Currently, the vast majority of hotel locks on the market are TEMIC hotel locks and MIFARE hotel locks. For how to choose the right hotel lock, please refer to this article:   3 Best Types of Electronic Door Locks for Hotel Rooms and Apartments, How to Choose?

2. Hotel Electronic Lock System Management Software

The primary function of the hotel lock management system is to realize the operation and management of the hotel’s front desk. Including a series of functional activities such as booking, check-in, room renewal, room exchange, key card loss, check-out, etc.. It can also perform various types of information query, report generation, and Print.

Hotel Door Lock System Management Software 1 - What Hotel Electronic Lock System Components and Usefulness of Each Component?

ShineACS Hotel lock System Management Software

The hotel lock management system consists of a computer, a smart card reader, and management software. Responsible for issuing various functions IC card, hotel room management, check-in guest information management, and above information query statistics.

3.Hotel lock card encoder/issuer.

It is mainly used for issuing guest door open cards in hotel electronic lock system. It adopts logical, intelligent control to ensure that the smart card read and write prescribed procedures complete operations. It releases and cancels all cards, and has an automatic identification function, which plays a dual role of confidentiality and system software.

4.Smart room card

That is, the induction card is a door opening card that is used when issued to guests. The induction is accurate, the frequency is stable, the capacity is large, the security is high, and the protection is reliable. The inductive reading method, no contact friction, durable. Standard room cards are Temic Customer Card and Mifare Room Card.

Temic customer card is mainly used for the simple operation of opening guest room door. In contrast, the Mifare guest room card can be used for elevator floor control, integrated use of bar, restaurant, gym, and parking lot based on opening guest room door.

5. Door opening record (data) extractor

The door opening data extractor is equipped to extract hotel door opening data. It can extract 225 pieces of data each time. One-click operation is convenient and straightforward. No professional training is needed. The door opening data extractor uses multiple leak-proof designs to prevent data loss or leakage. Microwave induction technology can extract all kinds of data in the lock memory without touching.

6. Hotel Elevator control panel and card reader module

The hotel elevator control panel is specially developed for the matching of hotel electronic lock system. It is used for hotel elevator floor button control. You can directly use the Mifare card issued by the hotel door lock management software.

Hotel Elevator control panel - What Hotel Electronic Lock System Components and Usefulness of Each Component?

ShineACS Hotel Elevator Control System

That is, not only does the elevator require a room card to run, but guests who have a room card can only choose to go to their room floor. This is another upgrade of the elevator card swipe method, which can better protect the safety of the guests in the hotel.

To a lesser extent, the entry of persons unrelated to the guest room floor is reduced, the noise is reduced, and a quiet environment is brought to the guest room area. Hotel elevators need to swipe cards, which also brings a certain sense of security to hotel guests. More and more hotels are also adopting this measure.

7. Energy Saving Switch for Hotel Rooms

Energy saving switch for hotel rooms is an energy-saving product specially designed for morden hotels. It can save power and energy. Make room electricity more secure.When a hotel guest enters the room, insert the door card into the select card power switch to use the lighting, TV, air conditioning, and other equipment in the place.

When the guest leaves the Hotel room, he needs to take out the door card from the guest room. The guest must pull out the card when going out of the room because the door card is needed to open the door when the guest returns to the room), the total power supply of the room can automatically power off within 15 seconds, which can save power and energy. Make room electricity more secure.

Energy Saving Switch for Hotel Rooms - What Hotel Electronic Lock System Components and Usefulness of Each Component?

ShineACS Energy saving switch

According to the different types of cards used in hotel electronic lock system, the power switch is divided into magnetic card power switch, IC card power switch, T5557 card power switch, M1 card power switch, identification room number, and time power switch, network access Electrical switch.

Energy saving switch for hotel is suitable for all kinds of star-rated hotels, motels, budget hotels, apartments, and office buildings, etc. Use it to achieve efficient power saving for hotels, can control all fixed guest room lighting and switch sockets. Other cards or paper can’t get electricity, which can effectively save energy in the guest room.

8, Hotel doorbell

The purpose of hotel doorbells is the same as ordinary doorbells. They both remind residents that someone is visiting. The difference is that hotel doorbells are mainly used by room service staff. There are three standard hotel doorbells:
Hotel doorbell without battery
The battery-free hotel doorbell does not require the use of a battery, and a finger press can generate electricity. The receiver uses a standard plug type. The reason why such a doorbell can be widely used in the hotel industry is that it does not use batteries. This means that it will never need to replace the battery for the doorbell, and its long life, so once installed, it requires almost no maintenance.
Wired hotel doorbell
The wired doorbell is also widely used in the hotel industry, because the wired doorbell has a relatively long life, requires no maintenance after installation, and has a low price. A significant feature of the wired doorbell is that it needs to cut walls and wiring during installation, which is more troublesome in hotel decoration or renovation.
Wireless hotel doorbell
The wireless hotel doorbell is also a widely used type of doorbell. It does not require wiring and is relatively easy to install. Besides, the existing wireless doorbell has a functional appearance design and is suitable for the hotel industry. It just needs to replace the battery regularly, and it needs regular maintenance by specialized personnel.

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