Electronic Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

As one of the biometric fingerprint cabinet lock manufacturers in China, ShineACS provide smart biometric fingerprint cabinet door locks for cupboard, file cabinet, display cases, showcase, and storage doors.

Fingerprint cabinet locks are the primary type of electronic biometric cabinet locks in the market.

The safety, convenience, and fashion characteristics of fingerprint electronic cabinet locks have attracted consumers’ attention from all walks of life. At present, fingerprint locks for cabinets are divided into semiconductor fingerprint heads and optical fingerprint heads.

The lock recognition rate of semiconductor fingerprint cabinets is high, the speed is fast, the volume is small, and it is safe; the optical fingerprint head technology is more mature, and the scratch resistance and stain resistance are slightly better.

Password and fingerprint unlocking cabinet locks are based on uniqueness. Both digital passwords and fingerprints have unique characteristics. Only when the requirements are met can the cabinet lock be unlocked

  • Wide application range, easy to install on most wood boards, can be installed in the following cabinets: wardrobes, shoe cabinets, office cabinets, cash registers, drawers, safes, and concealed furniture.
  • Dual power supply solution, there is a Micro USB interface; if the battery is dead, you can plug in the power supply to power the cabinet lock. Micro USB is used with an Android mobile phone charger or power bank.
  • Low power consumption, the battery life is more than one year, and it will automatically remind when the battery power is low.
  • It is convenient to manage employees. The fingerprint system will not let anyone open the door, and only employees with a given fingerprint set can identify it.
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